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>>11007316 No Spike in Florida Coronavirus Cases Despite Lack of Enforceable Mask Mandate

>>11007255 This All-Electric Robotic Combat Vehicle May Accompany Army Units into Battle

>>11007208 Trump joins 'Tucker' for first on-camera interview since COVID-19 diagnosis

>>11007205 Byron called a notable

>>11007194 Steve Scully has history of blaming 'hackers' for posts made on his Twitter account

>>11007186 2nd Debate cancelled with Q 4657

>>11007144 Charles Hurt: If the Democrats Are Really So Far Ahead, Why Are They Acting So Desperate?

>>11007063 Alleged “Right-wing” Militia Member Arrested for Plot Against Whitmer Was BLM

>>11007059 New Orleans archbishop: Priest's desecration of altar 'demonic'

>>11007025 THIS WEEK AT STATE State Michael Pompeo traveled to Japan October 9, 2020

>>11006991 , >>11007044 Dr. Birx warns of 'troubling signs' in northeast as new upticks in COVID-19

Baker change

>>11006968 Scott Morrison was sacked as Managing Director of Tourism Australia for financial fraud

>>11006870 , >>11006941 Pearl River church's altar removed, burned after priest, dominatrices allegedly had sex on it

>>11006921 Gen. Flynn: If We Don't Act, 2% of the People Are About To Control the Other 98%

>>11006906 Anon reports on Cuomo's institutionalize threads for CV+ people

>>11006888 , >>11006908 Steve Scully seems to get "hacked" an awful lot. Claiming hack

>>11006846 Google is giving data to police based on search keywords, court docs show

>>11006821 The Swamp: Debate Commission Packed With Trump Critics From Both Parties

>>11007358 #14079


>>11005988 MORE POTUS live - Interview on FOX @ 11PM EST TONIGHT ON SHANNON BREEM

>>11006253 , >>11006325, >>11006598 More possible POTUS' assassination attempts

>>11006488 China readies new law to ban companies on national security grounds

>>11006480 Democrats Outpace Republicans In Early Voting

>>11006407 Clare Bronfman Files Notice of Appeal of Her Sentence

>>11006382 A Republican congressman is accusing Harry and Markle of interfering in the US election

>>11006368 , >>11006418 #Armenia and #Azerbaijan agree to ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh from 10 October

>>11006361 ATF Reversal Could Turn Millions of Gun Owners into Felons

>>11006346 Commander at Lewis-McChord Base Hospital Is Suspended, Under Investigation

>>11006326 Facebook removes 276 fake accounts tied to right-wing group Turning Point Action

>>11006286 Daniel Jones diggz - Durham Investigation

>>11006256 Europe surpasses daily CV tally peak reached in spring, with 100,000 new infections (?)

>>11006160 Big Brother watching your social-distancing! Over 1,000 AI scanners in major UK cities

>>11006144 The Circle Is Complete: BOJ Joins Fed And ECB In Preparing Rollout Of Digital Currency

>>11006137 Planefag reports

>>11006079 September 2020 Habbenings Calendar

>>11006103 Former Commander of Naval Station Guantanamo Bay Sentenced to Prison

>>11006095 Video: Flynn's BLISTERING Motion for Sullivan's RECUSAL - Lawyer Explains

>>11006092 MORE FRAUD: New Hampshire Voters Receive Fake Ballots in the Mail with Personal Note

>>11006069 Yelp debuts 'racism alert' to freeze reviews of pages engulfed in discrimination scandals

>>11006057 Cuomo: ‘I Don’t Care’ About Your Religion — ‘You Have to Follow the Rules of the State’

>>11006046 POTUS to Rush Limbaugh: When We Are Beating the Left They Call Us Racist

>>11005980 Video: Begun, The Great Meme War Only Has

>>11005965 DOJ asks Supreme Court to reinstate death penalty for Boston Marathon bomber

>>11005963 , >>11006023, >>11005967 Q Discord channel purge: Reports continue

>>11006629 #14078


>>11005831 List of possible POTUS' assassination attempts

>>11005606 , >>11005609, >>11005736, >>11005612, >>11005644, >>11005658, >>11005686 List of possible POTUS' assassination attempts

>>11005416 , >>11005468, >>11005488, >>11005517, >>11005578, >>11005585, >>11005694 List of possible POTUS' assassination attempts

>>11005855 Video - Maria talks to Gowdy: Haspell's in big trouble

>>11005737 Durham’s Investigation Has Taken an Interest A Person Named Daniel Jones — The Implications are Uncertain At This Point

>>11005703 Charged: Thomas DiMassimo, the man who rushed the stage at POTUS' campaign event on Saturday in Vandalia, Ohio

>>11005536 , >>11005542 @USMC tweet: Rainbow Gear

>>11005527 , >>11005467 Comedian and producer Byron Allen acquired the Weather Channel TV - Biden advertising

>>11005516 Hurricane Delta makes landfall in southwestern Louisiana

>>11005375 , >>11005190, >>11005453 Philippe Reines and Benghazi diggz

>>11005399 NYT Calls For UN ‘Election Intervention’, Says Biden Must ‘Appeal to the World For Help’

>>11005376 Bitcoin, The Great Reset and Systemic Failure - Whirlwind week in the cryptocurrency world

>>11005353 Clinton emails timeline

>>11005297 14th Brigade Engineer Battalion soldiers deployed to the #AugustComplex wildfire in Northern Calif

>>11005284 5 Ways Hunter Biden's Business Deals Empowered China at America's Expense

>>11005277 . >>11005309 Fresh POTUS re @SteveScully - @SteveScully has now protected his tweets

>>11005239 Left Recruits 600k Poll Workers to Ensure ‘Fair Election’

>>11005214 MSNBC’s Jason Johnson: Trump ‘Raising an Illegal White Nationalist Terrorist Army’

>>11005207 In 2019, Delaware's Dem Gov (and Biden supporter) pardoned defendant in MI Kidnap Plot

>>11005206 , >>11005310 Biden just removed his mask to cough in his hand

>>11005215 Debate Commission is Co-Founder of “Color Revolution” Org Linked to Steele Dossier & More

>>11005200 Former Sen. Bob Dole says members on the Debates Commission don’t support Trump

>>11005395 , >>11005191 POTUS tweet: Documents reveal that General Flynn was entrapped!

>>11005179 , >>11005530 Clinton emails dig: Search for 'Trafficking' brings results - Dig call

>>11006309 #14077


baker change


>>11004519 South Los Angeles: Woman Finds Discarded Ballots Near Drive-Thru ATM

>>11004522 Lafayette Man Receives Extra Misdirected Ballots For People Who Don’t Live At His Home

>>11004629 Scavino: SO AWESOME

>>11004654 Nobel Prize-Winning U.N. World Food Programme Has Record of Rape, Poisoning Scandals

>>11004653 AZ House Democratic Leader thinks THIS is a great turnout.

>>11004658 Singaporean National Sentenced to 14 Months in Prison for Acting in the United States As an Illegal Agent of Chinese Intelligence

>>11004682 Australian Yang Hengjun formally charged with espionage in China after almost two years' detainment

>>11004694 Organizers scrap next presidential debate after Trump said he wouldn't agree to virtual format

>>11004700 Pompeo is going to be on NEWSMAX in a few minutes!!

>>11004709 Anon: America for Sale!

>>11004712 Executive Office for Immigration Review: 20 New Immigration Judges

>>11004731, >>11004929 Deranged twat re removing POTUS from office

>>11004728, >>11004752, >>11004752, >>11004604, >>11004634 Report: Anons on Discord servers being obliterated; anons DIGG


>>11004839 China Ties to US Riots Exposed by Trevor Loudon

>>11004852 O’keefe to the rescue

>>11004863 Friday night escape plans cancelled? Planes grounded? ANONS DIGG

>>11004864 Tucker Carlson Explodes On Deep State Rinos

>>11004901 Moar Steve Scully twatter fuckery.

>>11004930 ANON: Daniel Jones & Gunship>Gilligans Island>Shipwreckedcrew

>>11004980 Looks like Dr. Samadi was also silenced by twitter.

>>11004947 Samuel L. Jackson joins Israeli filmmaker for a race baiting bonanza

>>11005016 Chinese Political ‘Expert’: Trump, Biden Are Old and ‘Accidents Can Happen’

>>11005620 #14076

#14975 >>11003701, >>11003801 Commission on Presidential Debates has cancelled the Oct. 15 debate >>11003706 Barack Obama and Holder doing a virtual conversation >>11003725 @Tom Steyer: Vote for action >>11003745 @WHNSC: Sunlight is indeed the best disinfectant >>11003755 Rep. James Comer asks Twitter to confirm if Steve Scully's account was actually hacked or not >>11003816 US Army testing augmented reality goggles on dogs >>11003669 New Flynn Filing.. Government Response requesting dismissal. Needs Sauce baker change >>11004158 USA vs Flynn - Gov response to motion >>11003947 CBP Seizes 1300 Lbs of Chinese Goods With ‘Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza’ Risk >>11003970 Grenell's twitter restored, tweets same image of ballots sent to dead voters, calls it election interference >>11003973, >>11003976, >>11003984, >>11003993, >>11004003, >>11004017 Benghazi Timeline >>11004029, >>11003831 Pelosis bought 5000 Crowdstrike shares worth $500K-$1M >>11004060 Resolute Reads from WH >>11004115 Missouri Supreme Court denies mail-in voting for upcoming election without requiring such votes to be notarized (huh?) >>11004185 Scientists call for independent probe of Canadian professor's research linking fluoride to lower IQ >>11004209 James O’Keefe debunks Rogan criticism, challenges him discussion of Veritas methods >>11004211 Delaware Pizza Shop Bows to BLM pressure, cancels Republican Senate Candidate Event >>11004235 Hillary Clinton Claims ‘Black Lives Matters’ Is A ‘Theological Statement’ >>11003075 Biden holds drive-in rally in Las Vegas >>11002720 Doctors dispute claims that Trump's coronavirus treatment was developed with human fetal tissue >>11004151, >>11004288 Does Putin really want to work with Biden? anons DIGG >>11004262 Canadian Judge Denies Huawei CFO’s Request for Access to Confidential Documents >>11003925 Planefags >>11004303 #14975 #14074 >>11002915 This mother fucker SEETHING. @BenRhodes >>11002945, >>11002954 POTUS and Axios Durham Report - Don't Believe Everything you read >>11002950, >>11003407 Delta Hurricane Tracking >>11002973 CLEAR and Quest Diagnostics Collaborate to Integrate COVID-19 Test Results with "Health Pass" for Safer Environments >>11003042 First Lockheed Martin F-35s loaded with ODIN hardware >>11003046 Why is lead in the water not a bigger news topic? >>11003050, >>11003177, >>11003234 Update on Q's London Traffic Cam/LMI6 pics from UK bread >>11003075 Biden holds drive-in rally in Las Vegas >>11003166 POTUS Call with Rush Today - If you fuck around with us >>11003152 Presidential Debate moderator Steve Scully (@SteveScully) deleted his account after getting caught conspiring against Trump >>11002987, >>11003273 US Attorney Bash (Zina's husband) deleted his Twatter ahead of his resignation today. >>11003342 In person voting fuckery in New Jersey >>11003138 CNN Wants W, Bush to Endorse Biden >>11003135 So Pelosi invested over 1/2 million into Crowdstrike in September. >>11003432 Mike Pompeo Says He Has Hillary Clinton’s Deleted Emails and Will Begin Releasing Them Before Election Day >>11003456, >>11003522 American-Made Spy Boat on Secret Mission Washes Up in Scotland >>11003548 #14074 #14073 >>11002132 Anon Collected Non=/COMMS/ Censored Notables Bread #14072 >>11002212 Worried' Cruz Warns GOP Could Face 'a Bloodbath of Watergate Proportions' on Election Day >>11002228 Debate Moderator Steve Scully Asks Anthony Scaramucci for Help With Trump >>11002231 Infiltration and subversion. Why is none of this notable? >>11002259 Delingpole: Doom Pixie Greta Thunberg Spurned AGAIN by Nobel Peace Prize >>11002278 Barack Obama Retweeted >>11002279 Finance fag Market Report >>11002286 Hillary Clinton Twat >>11002293, >>11002528 PF Reports >>11002357 Twitter Locks Account of Ric Grenell over Voter Fraud Warning >>11002380 Poll: 56% Americans Say They Are Better Off Now Under Trump Than Four Years Ago Under Obama-Biden >>11002378, >>11002638 Keith Olbermann: ‘Trump and His Supporters Must Be Prosecuted, Convicted and Removed From Our Society’ >>11002371 New NK Missile >>11002364 TAPPER just dropped dog COMMS >>11002414 POTUS Rally in Florida on Monday >>11002417 Pelosi’s 25th Amendment Ploy Is About Biden, Not Trump >>11002435 Harris Not Ready for Prime Time >>11002523 George Soros has made large contributions to two upstart progressive candidates >>11002539 This is a compiled list of Republicans that are fighting for the 2016 Close House Races. #VOTEREPUBLICAN >>11002640 Concerns over voting process in CA >>11002707 New DJT: Will be in Sanford, Florida on Monday for a very BIG RALLY! >>11002571 Mike Pompeo Fox News Interview >>11002782 New Catherine Herridge >>11002808 #14073 #14072 >>11001625 Mike Pompeo Says He Has Hillary Clinton’s Deleted Emails and Will Begin Releasing Them Before Election Day >>11001466 Trump Legal Adviser Jenna Ellis STOMPS ON Pelosi’s Latest Coup Attempt! >>11001463 IT STARTS: Single County in Ohio Sends ‘Wrong Absentee Ballots’ to 50,000 VOTERS Texas Man Charged In $24 Million COVID-Relief Fraud >>11002006 @ Sarah Huckabee Sanders >>11002045 #14072 #14071 >>11000656, >>11000733, >>11000889, >>11000973 planefaggin >>11000996 Enrollment Is Dropping In Public Schools Around the Country >>11000978 South Africa’s Workers Protest Against Corruption >>11000975 @USArmyReserve The 11th Military Police Brigade was one of many units participating in #OperationReadyWarrior, where Soldiers were trained, tested & evaluated on their @USArmy Warrior Tasks. >>11000956 Cyprus to Revoke Seven Golden Passports >>11000939 US regulator calls for ‘black box’ warning on breast implants >>11000923 European lawmakers call for coordinated banking industry reforms in wake of FinCEN Files >>11000908 Pinterest, Inc. Chair, CEO and co-founder sold: $13.71m Oct 6,7,8 >>11000901 Suburban Chicago Businessman Charged with Illegally Exporting Arms to Ukraine >>11000860 Russia Reinforced Large Air-Defense Base In Western Syria (Satellite Images) >>11000821 Devalued: How Many Deserving Winners Have There Been Since Nobel Peace Prize Was Created in 1901? >>11000796 Pelosi, Mnuchin fail to reach COVID-19 deal, but talks go on amid Republican doubts >>11000767 Trump Slams Gov. Whitmer: 'Rather Than Say Thank You, She Calls Me A White Supremacist' >>11000741 IBM To Split Into Two Companies In Order To Focus On Cloud Computing, AI Businesses >>11000716 Evidence Surfaces of John Durham Grand Jury – Team Following Deep State Rabbit Hole Leading to Senate Intel Committee Corruption… >>11000668 The 40 key Russia documents President Trump must still declassify >>11000657, >>11000677 Office of Justice Programs Awards $261 Million to Support Youth Mentoring, Protect Children >>11000648 Assad: Return of Golan Heights is precondition to Israel-Syria peace >>11000633 Judicial Watch Obtains Emails Revealing Obama State Department Officials and U.S. Ambassador Skeptical about Christopher Steele Reports >>11000616 Moar illegal bullshit from activist judges. >>11000604 ICYMI: Potus: I will save your a Second Amendment, Virginia. He is going to take it away. Vote Trump! >>11001240 #14071


>>10999817, >>10999825, >>10999917, >>11000073, >>11000163 planefaggin

>>11000438 Trump says he's disappointed in Barr over status of Durham probe

>>11000422 Twitter's planned October surprise is here.

>>11000417 Clinton-Appointed Judge Rules Ohio Must Allow For Multiple Ballot Drop Boxes

>>11000393 anon bun

>>11000363, >>11000467 Pompeo vid

>>11000355 Hurricane Delta shuts most U.S. offshore oil output in 15 years

>>11000337 jake tapper confirms pompeo has hillary's emails

>>11000327 Reminder: President Trump will be on my radio show at 6-6:30 PM eastern today! Don’t miss it!

>>11000289 Hillary emails arriving - bomb's away

>>11000261 AU: 'Your home is now a DANGEROUS place to be. We must embrace this NEW WORLD ORDER.'

>>11000226 Potus: Breaking News: 50,000 OHIO VOTERS getting WRONG ABSENTEE BALLOTS. Out of control. A Rigged Election!!!

>>11000190 Commander at Lewis-McChord Base Hospital Is Suspended, Under Investigation

>>11000143 NK: More missile news?

>>11000102, >>11000164 >>11000168, >>11000204 Note "Tick Tock"

>>10999979 Potus: “If you fuck around with us, if you do something bad to us, we are gonna do things to you that have never been done before.” vid

>>10999968 Canada is Crashing Right Now 🔴 SELL NOW !!! #marketcrash

>>10999948 Asshole Brennan with his "imagine" lyrics and implication that Lennon was off'd. ???????????

>>10999898 No, President Trump’s Regeneron Therapy Did Not Contain Human Embryonic Stem Cells

>>10999888, >>10999957, >>11000000 Breaking: NSA O’Brien makes good on Trump promise, releases previously redacted Russia document pdf's

>>10999881 Legitimately shocked it took until less than 30 days until the next election for Trump to say the f word purposely on a national broadcast.

>>11000474 #14070

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