Step by Step /Qresearch/ for new eyes

I put together a how to video back in 2018 but removed it some time ago, quality was poor. I'm thinking of making a fresh one to help new anons understand how to navigate, be safe, and find what they're looking for on the /qresearch/ boards

I did not build Qnotables to be your final destination of information, nor I am not interested in becoming a gatekeeper of information. My goal was to create an intermediary to the boards to make your journey there a little less intimidating, and to also provide you archives of files I have stumbled across there.

Step By Step Walk through

Use a trusted VPN. ttps://

Free is better than nothing. Without the /qresearch/ board functioning properly and running smoothly it leaves our movement scattered about and in the hands of Big tech censors.

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First post Contains Q's recent Drops and some important links for you to be aware of

Second Post is the Previous thread Notables. As a cautionary statement Bakers can be Deepstate shills. Anyone can be a baker, even the enemy. Use discernment and verify information and source.

There are a two other posts between these that are informational and resource links. Browse them at your leisure.

Boards max out at 751 posts. Bakers run the show. Lurk (read) for a while, (week or months even), at least until you start to understand the flow of things. Go post a practice post at the letters of gratitude thread...

Will update further when I get a chance to teach filtering replies and note taking and potentially a step by step baking class let me know what you want to see

Bakers, Note Takers, and Researchers are are in high demand, you can be one

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