QAnon is a United States Military Intelligence operation, to awaken the citizens of the United States and by proxy, the World. The end goal is to expose the evil and corruption that have been in positions of power for decades / centuries World Wide, and return the power back to "We the People".

Q is a back channel from the government to the people. It is a bypass of the corrupt and infiltrated media propaganda machines. President Trump refers to it as "Fake News" for a reason, most of it is. They are the Enemy of the people. They have the ability and know how to fabricate news stories to fit a desired narrative. Have you ever seen the movie "Wag the Dog" or "The Manchurian Candidate". They are not so far off from the truth.

The media machine continues to attack our movement. You awake is their greatest fear.

The first post was made in October 2017 and subsequent posts went viral. Those posts were the declaration of war on the DS (Deep State), see the Qmap link at the top of page. It's a great place to become familiar with if your new.

We are nearly 4 thousand Q posts later and have logged over 8 million anon posts, nearly all of these have been archived and made searchable, for gaining context, at the Archives link ( and all notables have been archived and made available at, They have also been archived and mirrored here.

This isn't a political party movement, this is the Revolution.


The Republican, Democrat dichotomy will quickly transform into the true dichotomy of Good vs Evil. This movement is World Wide. Nothing can stop what is coming, nothing!

The world we have known is not how it seems.

  • Corrupt Politicians

  • Secret Societies

  • Treason

  • Drug and Human Trafficking

  • Elite level pedophiles

  • Blackmail

  • Brainwashing

  • False Flag Attacks

  • Satanic ceremonies

  • Intel Leaks.

All of it is here and much, much, more.

Anons (Anonymous Patriots) work together to uncover data on targets, and expose them to the public. Q just helps us focus our research. There are many types of anons. Bakers help setup the board or thread on /qresearch/ and collect notable research and up to the minute news. Anons find information and share with the /qresearch/ board, We dig through public records looking for suspicious ties and relationships to questionable people, monetary transactions and policy decisions. We flag public comms, and decipher Q's posts. 


There are many content creators (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Bloggers, etc.) Some of who choose to not be so anonymous. Discernment will be your friend. Many theories are presented within our community, it is important that you do your own research to find "THE" truth. Thats how God wants it. There are many out there that still have an agenda. There are many out there that have publicly attempted to discredit this movement that will try to piggy back off of it. Be careful who you follow. Shills will be a thing until we are able to expose each and everyone of them.


Infiltrate and Subvert

This is not a Game

Satanism on full Display in Switzerland

Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ceremony

Satanism on full display at the Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ceremony in Switzerland. Angela Merkle in attendance with other world leaders and Heads of State. Skip ahead 2 hrs mark to the overtly satanic celebration. If they behave this way in the open, imagine what they do in private. Anons know. This was the video that made everything click for me. It was my "Red Pill".

Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall


Hotdogs on clock coincide with the podesta wikileaks email dump. Oprah has ties to Harvey Weinstein, Hanks is illuminatti, sons tattoos prove it.

Masonic And Satanic symbols in the city planning of Washington D.C

This website is merely a starting point, a place to help you build your own foundation in truth. Notables do not equal endorsement. Fair warning, the rabbit hole is deep. You will hear and see many theories. I personally have attempted to make every one hold water and some of the stories do in fact hold quite a bit of water. I am not here to tell you what to think or how to feel. That is up to you. I am here to help.

You should make an attempt to learn how to use some of the tools linked on this website. My only desire is to awaken you enough that you start to see through the lies for yourself. Subscribe to the mailing list at the bottom to get updates about this site and possible future projects I have in the works..

The choice to know will be yours.

The truth shall set you free.



(Where We Go One We Go All)

While you are here have a look around. I set this site up to show you the path forward.

Learn to trust yourself!

Q has refereced many movies in. White Squall is where the motto, WWG1WGA came from



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