The Vanderbilts

The Vanderbilt family is an American family of Dutch origin who gained prominence during the Gilded Age. Their success began with the shipping and railroad empires of Cornelius Vanderbilt, and the family expanded into various other areas of industry and philanthropy. Cornelius Vanderbilt's descendants went on to build grand mansions on Fifth Avenue in New York City; luxurious "summer cottages" in Newport, Rhode Island; the palatial Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina; and various other opulent homes. (-Wiki)

Biltmore Estate In Asheville NC

Biltmore Estate Asheville NC

Gloria Vanderbilt - Anderson Cooper

Gloria Vanderbilt death was on the 17th of June...

17=Q ( There are no coincidences)


pg. 36 Vanderbilt ties to the Bush family and Hitler

CIA releasing Bush, Vanderbilt, Rothschild ties to Hitler and the Illuminati??? STOP and think about what that means for a few minutes ...

Gloria Vanderbilt and her two sons, Anderson and Carter Cooper

Brother, Carter Committed Suicide by jumping out of a window in front of his mother July 22 1988 at the age of 23

Source above is for reference use your best judgment - (numbers guy tries to explain his reasoning Carter was Sacrificed)

The 14 fish guy (John Podesta) We'll get to in another post

In the basement of the Builtmore Estate in Asheville, NC is an indoor pool.

Anons have noted the stained grout of the pool show a red discoloration and the lack of drains on the pool. As well as theorized on the ropes surrounding the pool

When you take into account the Satanic leanings displayed in the photographs of Gloria and family above, and add in some of the art work of the Podestas. you start to draw see some similariteis.

specifically the pictures of tiled walls and children.

Notice the tile seems to be that of an emptied inground pool wall. with ropes at the side to bound the victim.

some have suggested this may be Anderson himself

Again the pool and ropes.

pool wall and red shoes, why the red shoes?

Tony Podesta's Red Shoe Cult

"Symbolism will be their downfall"

Q- 184, 189, 1002, 1630, 1895, 1954, 2081, 2315,,2918, 2986

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