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  • Hunter Becomes the Hunted

    / Anonymous 11/09/23 (Thu) 17:11:12 3079de (17) No.19889181 Comer Issues Additional Subpoenas to Hunter Biden’s Associates, Including Art Gallerist and Dem Donor Who Purchased Hunter’s Art House Oversight , Hunter’s art gallerist George Berges and Elizabeth Naftali, the Democrat donor who purchased Hunter The Republican-led Committee on Oversight issued subpoenas to: Hunter Biden’s Business Associates ◾️ Eric Schwerin ◾️ Mervyn Yan Hunter’s Art Gallerist ◾️ George Bergès Hunter’s Art Patron & Major Dem Donor

  • Hunters "Art" was sold to a Biden Appointee

    Anonymous 07/24/23 (Mon) 21:16:20 9ced3f (17) No.19236003 @disclosetv NEW - Hunter Biden's Another buyer spent $875,000 on Hunter's "artworks." Hunter Biden sold his art to a donor 'friend' who Joe Biden appointed An ethics expert said the appointment of a Hunter Biden art Naftali

  • DJT Retruths Hunter Biden Pistol Video

    Anonymous 03/07/23 (Tue) 20:50:49 ef2037 (10) No.18464778 Did y'all see this video Trump re-truthed of Hunter /109982219028088394 459 Crimes

  • Hunter Biden indicted by special counsel on felony gun charges

    Anonymous 09/14/23 (Thu) 13:33:28 936205 (38) No.19550444 Hunter Biden indicted by special counsel on Attorney David Weiss was appointed special counsel in the case last month.

  • My Son Hunter The smartest guy Joe knows...

    My Son Hunter The smartest guy Joe knows...

  • Flurry of New Hunter Biden Findings Released | Crossroads

    v=ESrRRKeJA6w Flurry of New Hunter Biden Findings Released | Crossroads Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP Hunter NEEDS to be prosecuted for his paedophilia, child abuse and child pornography His business dealings

  • Hunter Biden’s Russian business associates spared by US sanctions --- again

    Anonymous 08/13/23 (Sun) 15:03:55 435f31 (14) No.19351818 Hunter Biden’s Russian business associates sanctions --- again >Two Russian billionaires who sought out US real estate investments with first son Hunter sanctions announced Friday in response to the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine.

  • Catherine Herridge Update re: Hunter Biden Financials

    @JamesComer on Hunter Biden financials

  • Devon Archer testifies that Joe was on at least 20 of Hunter’s business calls

    >Hunter Biden's business partner Devon Archer told Congress in bombshell testimony the 'Biden brand' Republicans claim Archer's testimony added to mounting evidence that the then-Vice President was involved in Hunter's

  • Hunter Biden Laptop: Blue Light Special

    Anonymous 12/06/21 (Mon) 18:08:18 43c749 (2) No.15148046 HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL: Audio Reveals Walmart Chairman Greg Penner With Hunter Biden 'Pulling The Trigger To Stop Trump' Prior To Election The Robert Hunter Biden (RHB) laptop from Hell is the political gift that keeps on giving to CDMedia has been provided with evidence that documents a conversation between the President's son, Hunter

  • Hunter Biden STORMS OUT of public hearing after weeks of BEGGING for one

    /24 (Wed) 15:55:48 60dfb7 (9) No.20220951 Anonymous 01/10/24 (Wed) 10:36:49 adffa9 (13) No.20219511 Hunter Anonymous01/10/24 (Wed) 10:51:10dbbe54 (6)No.20219595 Hunter Biden walks out as soon as Marjorie Taylor Greene starts talking Anonymous 01/10/24 (Wed) 11:07:48 dbbe54 (6) No.20219684 Reporter to Hunter Biden Anonymous 01/10/24 (Wed) 13:48:51 b3c8e3 (3) No.20220269 Nancy Mace Rips Into Hunter Biden Following / Anonymous 01/10/24 (Wed) 14:50:48 60dfb7 (9) No.20220564 Markup of Resolution to Hold Hunter Biden

  • Hunter Biden Becomes The Hunted

    Hunters become the Hunted. Q Computer Repair shop whistle blower contacted Senator Ron Johnson over files found on Hunter Biden's hours ago • View on 8kun The Mac Shop manager in Wilmington, Del., who blew the whistle on alleged Hunter protection out of fear "the Biden family" would threaten him for discovering compromising photos of Hunter According to CD Media last week former Ukrainian official Oleksandr Onyshchenko said Hunter Biden was

  • Whistleblower Jack Maxey - 'I've Got More on Hunter'

    :22:48b555aa (7)No.16024316 > Whistleblower who handed Hunter's abandoned laptop to congressmen reveals he has 450 gigabytes of DELETED

  • GOP Calls Zuckerberg to Turn Over Hunter Biden Communications

    06:50:08 492b39 (2) No.17470023 Zuckerberg Should Have Kept Quiet - GOP Calls Meta CEO to Turn Over Hunter on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, Zuckerberg admitted to colluding with the FBI to censor the Hunter had with the FBI.

  • Classified Ukraine documents discovered in Biden’s possession from time of Hunter’s Burisma work

    talking points and a telephone call transcript with the Ukrainian prime minister from a key period in Hunter 9e51fb (12) No.20381540 Classified Ukraine documents discovered in Biden’s possession from time of Hunter sought to determine if any of the classified documents discovered in unsecured locations related to Hunter talking points and a telephone call transcript with the Ukrainian prime minister from a key period in Hunter Energy Assistance to Ukraine, from September 2014, shortly after Hunter Biden had joined the board of

  • Hunter Biden’s ‘close friend’ arrested for high treason 54fd126bcbab18ada5b92d3c6fbaf06e [Video at link] A man described as a “close friend” of Joe Biden’s son Hunter

  • Lin Wood: RE: Hunter Laptop

    Post 12392701 4 hours ago • View on 8kun Post 12392749 4 hours ago • View on 8kun Lin's latest

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