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Interesting Michael Jackson Videos and 10:10 on the clock connections

Interesting Michael Jackson Videos and 10:10 on the clock connections.

  • Two Kayleigh McEnany video different dates and times of day. Clock stuck on 10:10

  • Chuck Grassley Confirms 10:10 in a tweet

  • On October the 10th - 10/10

Late on the 10th an anon drops a picture of Neverland Ranch with the clock hands at 10:10

followed up by two successive video replies.

Michael Jackson Exposes Sony Records watch til the ending

The best is yet to come


I did not know who Dave Dave was so I went and found this interview with Larry King

I can see why the theory exists. The succession replies on 10/10 with the 10:10 Neverland Ranch picture makes wonder...

If some of these "dead" celebrities pop back up and say "Surprise!", I'm going to need more popcorn.

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