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10:10 On the Clock

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Osama Bin Ladens Niece was on Tucker Carlson tonight UPDATE

Clock reads 10:10 OBL was also In the news recently regarding Benghazi Seal team 6 and Iran


McEnany Does appearance on Jesse Watters show her clock is still set on 10:10

And then Chuck Grassley Confirms 10:10 with a comms laden tweet

Read this slowly a few times and in different ways. Punctuation and sentence structure are way off. Sound like some other comms may be hiding as well... Definitely missing the "o" in "for".


Aired Tuesday with Martha Mccallum, Kayleigh's clock is stopped at 10:10 Kayleigh was also on with Jesse Watters today (Sat), and clock was still at 10:10.



"On The Clock"

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