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Corydon, IN - Man Charged with Child Sex Trafficking and Other Charges

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"(CORYDON) – Today, Indiana State Police (ISP) detectives arrested 21-year-old Christian K. Pittman, of Corydon, on numerous felony charges including child sex trafficking and rape. "Detective Tucker and child advocates then conducted a forensic interview with the victim and began an investigation. During the investigation, Detective Tucker received information that Christian Pittman drugged and raped the 14-year-old. Pittman originally came in to contact with the victim in January when he found her walking along the roadway in the early morning hours. The investigation revealed Pittman also forced the girl to perform sex acts on others for pay or in trade for drugs in the days that followed. The investigation also uncovered that Pittman had the victim pose for images that were then sold online. Detective Tucker, working in conjunction with the Harrison County Prosecutor’s Office, requested search and arrest warrant for Christian Pittman. Pittman was taken into custody without incident this morning. Pittman is housed at the Harrison County Jail on charges of child sex trafficking, promotion of child sex trafficking, rape, human trafficking, three counts of sexual misconduct with a minor, and three counts of child exploitation"

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