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The Weaponization of the Federal Government 3/7/2020

Anonymous  03/07/24 (Thu) 11:12:35                 387cc9 (16) No.20530922

10:00 AM EST (Continued)

The Weaponization of the Federal Government

House Judiciary Committee



Dr. Jordan Peterson, Psychologist, Author, Professor


Brian Knight, Senior Research Fellow and Director of Innovation and Governance, Mercatus Center at George Mason University


Jeremy Tedesco, Senior Counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom


Norbert Michel, Vice President and Director, Cato Institute's Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives


Anonymous  03/07/24 (Thu) 11:35:16 9f28f6 (8) No.20531036

Wasserman-Schultz [Hearing on Weaponization of Government]: Officer Fanone, what's your response to those who say no police officers were killed by the events on January 6th, 2021.

Fanone: Obviously, Brian Sicknick's cause of death was ruled unrelated to the Capital riot. I think that good, decent people, would understand that if it were not for his participation in the defense of this Capital on January 6th against a violent mob, Brian Sicknick would be with us here today…I understand what brought many officers to taking their own lives, and I certainly attribute their actions to their participation of the US Capital on January 6th.

[suddenly it's being recognized that they weren't directly killed by 'insurrectionists']


Anonymous  03/07/24 (Thu) 11:54:34 9f28f6 (8) No.20531102

Davidson: There are republicans and democrats who want to roll back the Patriot Act. What a beautiful name. But it's being used to violate American citizens rights to privacy.

Anonymous  03/07/24 (Thu) 11:57:23 9f28f6 (8) No.20531112

Davidson: There are people in the United States that are pushing for a Central Bank Digital Currency, that at the core, is a violation of privacy. It is really the one ring to rule them all. It is a massive amount of coercive power, and at the root of it is the surveillance capability.


Anonymous  03/07/24 (Thu) 12:10:48 9f28f6 (8) No.20531170

Hageman: Last month, journalist James O'Keefe posted a report alleging that the IRS and DOJ were utilizing AI technology to assist with the surveillance of American bank accounts. These allegations are that AI can access bank accounts and look inside those accounts, versus just seeing activities in the account. This surveillance by the IRS is being done without a warrant, and it is being done in coordination with the DOJ…in the report released by this subcommittee last night, we document how the FBI and FinCEN [Financial Crimes Enforcement Network] reported information to assist financial surveillance on certain Americans based on strictly conservative ideas.


Anonymous  03/07/24 (Thu) 12:30:09 9f28f6 (8) No.20531259

Plaskett became close to tears because President Trump has pledged to, "rout out the communists, marxists, fascists, and radical-left thugs that live like vermin within the confined of our country, that lie, and steal, and cheat on elections."

[Plaskett PANIC]


 Anonymous  03/07/24 (Thu) 12:48:56 9f28f6 (8) No.20531385

Cammack: I continue to be stunned by the big government advocates that we come across, and the ones that serve in this very chamber; they're not even hiding it anymore. They're saying the quiet part out loud. They want dependency. They want control. And the total disregard for the Constitution, and the oath that many of my colleagues, actually all of my colleagues have taken, and violated, it's so disturbing to me.

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