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Apologies For The Interruption

I was injured on the job a few weeks ago. MRI shows a partial tear and bursitis in shoulder. The injury prevents me from doing my normal job and has caused quite a bit of pain just walking. Management has yet to show any sympathy, and in fact has increased workload because it fell within my one arm restriction limitations set by the in house medical team. First real ortho appointment hasn't even happened yet. I'm not sure if it will require surgery or just physical therapy.

These past 2-3 weeks have been rough waiting to see what the near future holds for me and my family. There is an unlikely scenario where this injury could cost me the stable well paying, great benefits slave labor job I've worked at for almost a decade. I hate the work it but it provides my family with our needs and for that I am grateful.

I was injured on the opposite shoulder during my time in the military. That injury was never officially diagnosed because I was deployed in Iraq. It was documented via sick call slips and a few months of PT restrictions. Years later, after complaining to the VA of constant pain an MRI was ordered and they confirmed joint damage, scar tissue and degenerative arthritis.

The confirmation of the military injury came years after my current employer had hired me and it was never disclosed during initial physical. I don't think they would have grounds for termination, but I have heard rumors of others being terminated for similar, so I am a bit nervous.

With everything going on, the wife an I decided to take the kids to the lake this week for some R&R, and to brainstorm our future in this crazy world. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we had an amazing time despite myself being limited to sitting in a chair by the water and attempting to not mess up my shoulder any more than it is.

I try not to involve my personal issues here, but I thought a couple days break warranted an explanation. I'm a little behind on the news but will try to get caught up as fast as I can. Prayers are always appreciated - for anything: my health, this website, my family, "The Great Awakening", humanity, etc.

Stay Comfy - Were in this together

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