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An Important Message For Long Term Anons.

I am aware that a lot has happened in the last 2 days, Its not like me to miss a day. I have been a bit overwhelmed by personal circumstances, and honestly a bit burnt out. Over the last month I have had some unavoidable life events that are affecting my ability to archive as thoroughly as I once did. I typically do a ton of reading in the trenches and then attempt to figure out how I am able to best serve the mission. This requires sifting through many competing headlines (notables) and choosing the most relevant ones to archive. I will attempt to get caught up tonight, but please know I am just one person attempting to put this whole thing together and share it with the world in this little corner of the internet I was forced to carve out before Truth Social ever came online.

Some of you may know that almost 3 years ago, I was injured at my job. An acute rotator cuff tear and an immediate signs of nerve damage that progressively got worse, as my employer shoved me back to the production floor for weeks without addressing symptoms or concern for either. Both issues would require surgical repair. One surgery date for both locations turned into two separate surgeries due to worker compensation denying responsibility for the nerve damage though I had solely been working for this company for more than a decade doing repetitive manual labor with my arms. Those surgeries ended up being more than a year apart from each other and I would end up having to process the elbow issue personally while my case was being fought. During the second surgery, the doctor misaligned the nerve directly over the bony portion of the elbow and directly underneath the incision which caused even more complications. This was all confirmed by another surgeon with whom I sought a second opinion. I was required to have a third surgery that took place at the beginning of this year.

After coming out of this most recent surgery I was informed that the nerve had been encapsulated by the scar tissue from the previous incision and the constant rubbing across the bone had frayed the nerve. Though I am not back to 100% yet, I hold on to hope that my arm will not have long lasting or permanent damage from this entire ordeal, and as of now I am recovering fairly quickly. I have however been forced to process the realities of returning to work in any real capacity for this employer, after years of dealing unsympathetic and even harassing behavior from the company as a whole.

Though I have conducted myself throughout the last 6+ years here and elsewhere for God and Country, I am currently faced with a mountain of physical therapy appointments and efforts to seek a career change and employment in a more suitable line of work that pays remotely close to what my family had grown accustomed to over the last decade. We have scaled back our lifestyle significantly to accommodate a lower annual income, and my once stay at home wife has even had to take on part time employment for the past two years to help make ends meet for our family of 5. I posses many skills that I know would be valuable to any employer, however the reality is I do not hold a Bachelors degree yet and starting over at an entry level job will likely result in a nearly 40% reduction in salary with lesser benefits.

I have not sat on my hands throughout this, my wife and I have both sought methods to free ourselves from working for others to instead work for ourselves, however we have not had much success gaining a foothold in over-saturated online marketplaces and I have felt odd pushing income producing efforts here on Qnotables. I did not build this website to benefit myself but to bring relevant information to the table, free from distraction, for others within our community to learn from anons efforts and to more efficiently effect awakenings in their own spheres of influence.

I am torn between continuing to build out this project through an increasing chaotic news cycle or focusing efforts solely on the back channel and the unfortunately small following I have obtained on the only social media platform that allows me to operate, or conversely focusing primarily on methods of long term survival for my family during what has proven to be a global conflict to enslave or massively alter humanity as most people know it. I know God wins and nothing is going to stop what is coming, however, years ago I voluntarily positioned this website and myself squarely at the forefront of the most significant war humanity has ever fought and have been recognized for those efforts by the operation. Failure to maintain adequate archival efforts and information flow feels like failure in my own eyes, but I always knew at some point I would not be able to keep up by myself, so I made efforts to build this platform as a way for multiple anons to work together to assist in that effort.

My most immediate avenue is to ask for help, not specifically financially as I have faith that God will provide as he always has, but I have long hoped for reasonable level headed anons to join me in my efforts here to tackle and build a more robust resource that I have always believed will prove to be an invaluable asset to assist in the long term understanding for all the people who were caught off guard by what has taken place. Collaboration would allow me to focus on improved functionality, and a multiple sources of input would allow for a more diverse platform allowing for a community to develop. The ability to add products for potential income is there and I will likely be required to build that out to help cover annual hosting costs. If you are interested in teaming up email me at to discuss further. Personal information not required. If your here lurking feel free to sign up to participate in the forms.

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