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In the Trenches: A Patriot's Struggle for Truth and Justice

I need to apologize for the recent interruptions to my normal archival efforts. My life is currently in chaos due to personal struggles and professional challenges. I am in the midst of a career transition, driven by a work-related injury, worsening service-connected medical issues, an employer who has repeatedly tried to dismiss me without cause, a union who now recognizes me as making attempts to leave their membership and is beginning to withhold support in my fight against the company. This struggle for justice, my own health, and family’s well-being has been a significant obstacle, though it has also afforded me time to dedicate myself to our movement.

The reality of our Country's situation has become more apparent to my extended family, many of whom have distanced themselves from me. Their awakenings, though filled with mixed reactions, emphasize the urgent need for widespread awareness and action. This journey has not been easy; it has taken a toll on my mental health. Yet, I find comfort in my unwavering commitment to our Country, The Constitution, and foremost my faith in God.

I am grateful to my regulars here and anons on /Qresearch/ and all of you that strive for the truth daily. Your efforts, and the operations acknowledgement of mine here, have been a source of determination and encouragement, reminding me that my efforts were not in vain. The original idea of a larger team of anons to build this mission is no longer likely, I began to understand and respected the hesitation to engage in such a questionably risky manner and had concerns of how I would be able to manage a group of unpaid anons voluntarily engaging in a psychological warfare. There are more appropriate and suitable methods of archiving notables that I was unaware of when I started this project. However, I do hope that you dive deeply into my archives at some point to share and comment on some of the more critical aspects that I have noted from this operation.

Over the years I have reached out to federal authorities, law enforcement, politicians, pastors, and counselors, seeking assistance and protection for my family from those that might seek us harm. The response has been mixed, with some confirming awareness, but most showing concern that my actions are irresponsible and yet others choosing to flatly ignore. Despite these setbacks and disappointments, I remain committed to the truth and our movement.

As I navigate these challenging times, I am feeling called to focus more on the back-channel efforts that I have highlighted here as an attempt to encourage (you) to participate as well. I know that our work is being well preserved for future generations. This fight for truth and justice is not just my battle—it is all of ours. Together, we stand dedicated to exposing corruption and holding a mirror up to society's failings. Our collective efforts are crucial in awakening others to the realities we face and a desire to instill a sense of duty in every citizen.

Regardless of your involvement thus far, I urge each of you to join me in this endeavor. Unite in the pursuit of truth and justice, for the sake of not only our Country, but the world and the future of all of our children. Your support and active involvement are more critical than ever. This is Our Final Battle. Together, we can confront the challenges before us and strive for a brighter, more accountable future.

With sincere gratitude and unwavering determination,


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