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Windham, New Hampshire, Auditor Says 60% Error Rate “Way Higher Than We Expected”

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60% error rate sent off to adjudication.. where have we heard that before? Wasn’t that in Mike Lindell’s documentary? 🤔

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Windham, New Hampshire, Auditor Says 60% Error Rate “Way Higher Than We Expected” – President Trump Reacts May 24, 2021 | Sundance | 254 Comments Background – The people on the ground in Windham, New Hampshire, are doing an excellent job holding the election officials and auditors accountable to the people during this forensic ballot audit. The audit started because the tabulating machines (Dominion hardware and software) did not accurately count the votes from the physical ballots. During the first small audit (recount) it was discovered that Republican votes were undercounted and Democrat candidates were overcounted. This anomaly was discovered during a hand recount of the ballots as compared to the electronic tabulation results. After the first set of electronic tabulation results were discovered to be inaccurate the state authorized a full forensic audit. The full audit is ongoing; yesterday it was reported the second hand recount matched the first, which means the machine tabulation of those ballots was wrong. The auditors wondered if folded ballots generated the problem. The test of folded -vs- unfolded ballots (counted by same machine) showed a high number of errors. The rate of error was a whopping 60%. That could mean the tabulation machines across all of New Hampshire may have this problem. Washington Examiner – As many as 60% of ballots with machine-made or handmade folds were improperly counted by the town’s four scanning machines, Harri Hursti, one of three auditors selected for the process, told the New Hampshire Union Leader on Monday. “The error rate was way higher than we expected,” Hursti said. (more…)


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