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'We had to invade Ukraine,' says Putin

Anonymous 02/24/22 (Thu) 13:08:49 91a769 (3) No.15711066

BREAKING: 'We had to invade Ukraine,' says Putin sauce: Sky News


Meeting with officials -

The main thing you have to understand... Whats happening, it's something that- we were not given any other chances to act otherwise. We had to do it.

Sanctions- Russia becomes part of the world economy, and because of that, we are not going to hurt the system that we are a part of. We don't want to do any harm to the system of world economy that we are apart of, and our partners should understand that, and not push us outside of the system. Of course some restrictions because of the politics. I want to appeal to you and ask you, please understand what is happening and work with solidarity with the government and we will maintain our economy, industry, and work license on behalf of the government and the authorities. of course I see that task, we will give you good conditions, provide you more freedom for entrepreneurial activities. Of course in certain brackets, because we need to have some predictability from the government. but we expect the predictability on the part of business. Clearly we cannot foresee the geopolitical risks, but in our relationship between the government and business you are absolutely right to expect some predictability.


Anonymous 02/24/22 (Thu) 13:10:34 91a769 (3) No.15711080

>>15711066 >BREAKING: 'We had to invade Ukraine,' says Putin REMINDER:


Anonymous 02/24/22 (Thu) 13:13:54 91a769 (3) No.15711117

>>15711066 >BREAKING: 'We had to invade Ukraine,' says Putin Russian helicopters circle Kyiv and tanks cross the Belarus border into Ukraine Sky News


Anonymous 02/24/22 (Thu) 13:08:52 acf8d7 (6) No.15711070

Trudeau to punish the Russians.

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