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WATCH The Stunning First 9 Minutes Of Kristen Welker’s Trump Interview That Were Edited Out Of Meet

Donald J. Trump


“WATCH The Stunning First 9 Minutes Of Kristen Welker’s Trump Interview That Were Edited Out Of Meet the Press”

Sep 27, 2023, 3:15 PM


Anonymous 09/27/23 (Wed) 15:46:48 327912 (30) No.19619401

FMR. PRES. DONALD TRUMP: The election was rigged. There’s no question about that. There’s so much proof on it. Even if you go to the more modern-day proof with the — they call it Twitter Files, FBI and Twitter, or you take a look at the Amazon stuff or the Google stuff, or you take a look at “2,000 Mules,” you take a look at all of the ballot stuffing that’s on tape, you take a look at the fact that the legislatures didn’t approve a lot of the things that were done in the elections, and they had to approve. And we could go on forever. We could go on forever. But, but no. I want somebody that’s going to be strong, respected, tough, and fair. KRISTEN WELKER: Just to go back to a couple of the points you said, the ballot stuffing. That’s something that’s been debunked. FMR. PRES. DONALD TRUMP: It hasn’t been debunked. It’s on camera. KRISTEN WELKER: As you know, let’s — But I do want to keep moving forward. FMR. PRES. DONALD TRUMP: Yeah, but, Kristen, it’s on camera. Hundreds — even thousands and thousands of people. You take a look. True the Vote. Take a look. It’s on camera. They have thousands of — KRISTEN WELKER: But Mr. President, you know Republican officials and top law enforcement officials, they have told you that that’s debunked. FMR. PRES. DONALD TRUMP: I know, but, Kristen, you can’t say — They have thousands of pictures of people — I know you have to say that for your network, but you shouldn’t say it, because that’s the problem. KRISTEN WELKER: But, Mr. President– FMR. PRES. DONALD TRUMP: The news has lost such power. KRISTEN WELKER: Let’s stay on track, though, Mr. President. Let’s stay on track with these questions — FMR. PRES. DONALD TRUMP: No, but you’re saying– It hasn’t. We have thousands of essentially motion pictures of people stuffing the ballot boxes. Tens of thousands. KRISTEN WELKER: But, Mr. President, they’re not stuffing the ballot boxes. And you’ve been told that by your top law enforcement officials. But let’s stay on track, because we have so much ground to cover. We have policy ground to cover, Mr. President.

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