Washington fears new threat from 'deepfake' videos

Washington fears new threat from 'deepfake' videos

Lawmakers and experts are sounding the alarm about "deepfakes," forged videos that look remarkably real, warning they will be the next phase in disinformation campaigns.

The manipulated videos make it difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction, as artificial intelligence technology produces fake content that looks increasingly real.

The issue has the attention of lawmakers from both parties on Capitol Hill.

“It is almost too late to sound the alarm before this technology is released — it has been unleashed … and now we are playing a bit of defense,” Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Mark Warner (D-Va.) told The Hill.

Asked whether this is the next phase of disinformation campaigns, Warner replied "Absolutely."

Experts say it is only a matter of time before advances in artificial intelligence technology and the proliferation of those tools allow any online user to create deepfakes.

“It is regarded by political and technology experts as the next weapon in the disinformation warfare,” Fabrice Pothier, senior advisor with the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity, told The Hill.

Pottier worries that technological advances will make it harder to detect false or doctored videos.

“I think it is probably going to be very hard to just use the human eye to distinguish something that is fake from something that is real,” he said.

Intelligence experts say the threat from deepfakes is immense and warn of potentially dangerous scenarios if the technology to create them is not reined in.

“This technology should be considered criminal, counterterrorism or even counterespionage behavior,” said Bob Anderson, principal at The Chertoff Group.

For example, experts posed hypotheticals such as terrorist groups ISIS or al Qaeda manufacturing videos of American soldiers creating atrocities on the battlefield as propaganda; videos falsely showing political candidates making controversial remarks before an election; or CEOs announcing incorrect financial projections.

The fallout from such scenarios could be disastrous.




Backstory: around February or March 2018 revelations relating to potential evidence found on Anthony Wieners laptop. Wiener, who is Huma Abedine's husband had his laptop taken during a NYPD investigation into his now confirmed crime of sending nude photographs of himself to an underage child. Rumors, though not confirmed, showed some type of ritualistic satanic sacrifice involving H R C. I highly doubt this video will ever be leaked to the public even if it was real but could be used in a military tribunal or criminal trial. If these videos existed for use of blackmail over the politicians and news anchors they have the incentive to attempt to discredit the use of videos as evidence and claim that they are fake videos

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