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The Importance of Attitude

The Importance of Attitude

Capt Seth Keshel's father

Your Attitude is everything

Your attitude is your altitude

Those with a poor attitude suck energy from a group, those with a positive attitude inject energy into a group.

Maintaining a good attitude is hard, yet rewarding.

A good attitude is a gift to those you love, and removes fear and uncertainty from their lives.

A poor attitude is quickly noted by others. Superior weigh you by it. Peers judge you by it. Subordinatres respond to it. They need guidance that is positive.

The enemy takes advantage of it if able.

It is important that we take action

Embrace positivity and optimism, reject negative thinking.

The character that I have ingrained into my children is what it is, I no longer scold or criticize.

Today is your day, Go get em!


///Personally over the last week I have been celebrating a 10 year anniversary with my wife on vacation (without the kids). It was as much a celebration of our marriage as it was a recovery period for myself. The mental toll we take as anons is unimaginable to those who do not fully comprehend what we fight on a daily basis. Interacting with a different subset of people over the last week has allowed me to asses the progression of our mission and while I believe we have made great strides in many ways, we still have a long way to go to awaken those who remain behind the curve. The personal events my wife and I experienced in the last week, (vacationing in Southwest Florida) deserve their own post and I will attempt to find the time to do it justice in the near future. I have some kids at home that are missing their mom and dad. Capt. Keshel's letter from his father was opportune to say the least.

There are many anons out there doing amazing work day in and day out and for that I am truly humbled. I can only keep up at the pace available to me. I did notice some other anons and even some of the bigger players taking a well deserved break at this very moment as well. Almost as if the universe saw it a fit time for a break. I am a few days behind but should catch up quickly. Focus on 2020.

[They] Do not prosper when we have love for each other.



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