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SWAT - Quarantine seems to be wearing on some.

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Gunshot Victim Dies, SWAT Team Arrests Suspect in San Ysidro Standoff Posted by Chris Jennewein on April 5, 2020 in Crime

A SWAT team responded and arrested a suspect Saturday after a fatally wounded gunshot victim was found in a San Ysidro apartment complex. San Diego Police received a call around 4 p,m. from a man claiming he wanted to kill himself. When they arrived at the complex, they found a man outside with a serious gunshot wound. A another man was seen to be acting strangely, walking around nude on an upstairs balcony. Other residents were evacuated, and the suspect on the balcony was later taken into custody. The gunshot victim died later at UC San Diego Medical Center.


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An ax-wielding man was subdued with a Taser during a SWAT standoff after he apparently tried to break into a Kansas police station.

An ax-wielding man was subdued with a Taser during a SWAT standoff after he apparently tried to break into a Kansas police station. The Arkansas City Police Department said in a series of social media updates Sunday afternoon that officers arrested a suspect after an armed standoff at the police station at 117 W. Central. During the incident, people were asked to stay away from the area. Police Chief Dan Ward said in a news release that Douglas R. Gleaves, 38, went into the lobby of the police department at around 12:48 p.m. He was armed with a long-handled ax and swung the weapon at an interior door to a secured part of the building. Officers responding to the scene saw Gleaves outside with the ax and yelling at them. They set up a perimeter and tried to talk him down as a SWAT team was called. The hours-long standoff primarily took place in the lobby area of the police department. Gleaves went out of the building at around 3:14 p.m., and one of the law enforcement officers used a Taser to subdue him. The rural Cowley County man was treated and released by paramedics, then taken to a medical center for a mental health evaluation. Police said there were no injuries. Gleaves was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer, criminal damage to property and criminal threat.


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See new Tweets Conversation UC Breaking News | SWFL @UCBreakingNews #UPDATE | SWAT standoff continues at Willow Brook in Pelican Bay. READ: Image 5:55 PM · Apr 5, 2020 C

Posted on 04/05/2020 01:58 PM Collier County, FL — The Collier County Sheriff’s Office confirms they’re responding to a “suspicious incident” on Willowbrook Drive in Pelican Bay. Collier County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to the scene Sunday afternoon. At least one K9 unit and a SWAT vehicle were located near the entrance to the Willowbrook neighborhood off Green Tree Drive. There are no further details on the nature of this incident. There is also no word on if there may be any threat to nearby residents or the public. This is a developing story.

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