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Substantive Elements of The Big Story Behind The Mueller Special Counsel Purpose…

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Sundance The thing many don't know or understand about sundance's work. It's ALL DOCUMENTED ("sauced"). He's been on this for years, sharing what he gets as it goes along. What's next? Dunno. He has certainly got the attention of the coverup artists at DOJ and FBI. Good journalists starting tomorrow?

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>>10337418 I'd have to go through the comments at CTH to find it. But a commenter nailed it. Sundance found the investigator charged to work on this issue. A bit ago he posted this article: In their he calls it a seditious conspiracy amongst two branches of government to remove the president. Earlier he said that he gave this guy the entire completed puzzle. That man is now required by law to inform the president or court of the crime. If he does not then he's guilty of misprision of treason. Sundance just put a whole fucking can of gas on Bill Barr's lap and is holding a lighter.

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