Soros is funding a virology laboratory in Wuhan. Address: 666 Gaoxin Road

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Soros is funding a virology laboratory in Wuhan. Address: 666 Gaoxin Road!February 4, 2020(WuXi PharmaTech Inc.) - Soros's virologists work in a building on Gaoxin Road East Lake High, at number 666!WuXi PharmaTech Inc. Lab it works with the money of the Boyu investment fund, in which it "shed" tens of millions of dollars and George Soros (among others). The specialists who work here investigate in detail the field of virology. WuXi PharmaTech Inc. Offer it is a diversified one. Here's what he writes on the lab's website: "Even if you are a fresh startup set up by an academic institution or a pharmaceutical colossus in search of new products to expand the market, our diversified offer can meet your needs. We offer ideal solutions for gene therapy (such as CAR-T) and even have emerging technologies, such as CRISPR / Cas9, oncological viruses and exosomes.The Johns Hopkins experimentThree months before the "madness" erupted in Wuhan (October 2019), researchers at Johns Hopkins University conducted an interesting case study - what would happen if a coronavirus "attacked" a poor region of globe. And a random city in Latin America was chosen by chance. In six months, the coronavirus would have spread worldwide, and after 18 months, the death toll would have passed by 65 million people! Stock markets crashed, economies on the ground, social upheavals all over the world.Behind the research, as the newspapers across the ocean write, were two people: George Soros and Bill Gates gave money for this case study. Their curiosity was to find out what happens if a lethal coronavirus "escapes" from the virology labs. After three months, coincidence, such a coronavirus even hit the streets. are the important snippets,from goog translate.. Large thread on this from Jan 25th with worldwide collaboration.

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