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Rainbow Bridge Toll Booth Explosion

Anonymous 11/22/23 (Wed) 13:36:50 07410e (17) No.19959631

🚨#BREAKING: A vehicle entering a toll booth at Rainbow Bridge has caused a large explosion to go off, prompting evacuations. 📌#NiagaraFalls | #Canada Currently, multiple authorities and emergency personnel are on the scene, with evacuations underway after a vehicle entering a toll booth on the Rainbow Bridge into the US has caused a large explosion to go off in Niagara Falls at the Canada-U.S. Border. It is currently unknown if anyone has been killed or injured. Reports of debris from the car explosion are scattered everywhere. All four international border crossings between the US and Canada in Western New York have been shut down in both directions. 1:28 PM · Nov 22, 2023 from Niagara Falls, NY


Anonymous 11/22/23 (Wed) 14:12:13 7aed90 (4) No.19959773


Anonymous 11/22/23 (Wed) 13:42:50 2baa34 (32) No.19959665


Anonymous 11/22/23 (Wed) 12:46:03 02a6b0 (21) No.19959433

>>19959425 Rainbow >>19959320 rainbow

​Anonymous 11/22/23 (Wed) 12:44:03 fd8132 (16) No.19959425

BREAKING: Strong explosion reported, incident involves vehicle entering US from Canada via Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls; access closed in both directions

Anonymous 11/22/23 (Wed) 12:19:51 fd8132 (16) No.19959320

Somewhere over the rainbow 🌈

A landing craft, air cushion, assigned to Assault Craft Unit (ACU) 5, transits the Pacific Ocean during amphibious operations with San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock ship USS Somerset (LPD 25). 📸: MC2 Evan Diaz

Anonymous 11/22/23 (Wed) 13:17:44 7e1ce1 (3) No.19959555

The Rainbow Bridge has been closed to all traffic amid reports of a vehicle explosion just outside the border inspections plaza on the American side.

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