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Updated: Aug 5, 2021


8kun Onion links and Info


Who am I?

When you've seen what I've seen, staying silent is no longer an option. I am a US Army Veteran (1AD). During the transition from Bush to Obama, I started to recognize something strange going on in our government. At 22 years old my contract with the Army was complete. Although I wanted to reenlist, I returned home. I couldn't shake the feeling that something was seriously wrong. I tried to blend in with society and hoped everything would resolve itself on its own. I went to a two year college where I met my wife, graduated top of my class in a field that I later come to find out requires interpersonal skills which is one of my biggest weaknesses, I've never made a dollar off of that certificate. I started learning about politics to educate myself while at my mind-numbing factory jobs and while working around the house. Rush, Beck, and Savage were my daily three. After Sandy Hook happened 2012, the urgency became apparent to me. I started listening to Jack Spirko's "The Survival Podcast" daily. I became somewhat of a prepper and moved my family out of the city. We bought a farm house with some land, and started learning how to hunt and farm. I am appreciative to Jack for his basic survival skills and prepping show, but the show took a weird direction a few years back and I lost interest. If you can find the mp3 archives of his first couple hundred episodes they are packed with good information.

Learning all this new information opened many doors of research and learning for me. I started seeing groups of patriots gathering in places like twitter and r/The_Donald. I became captivated by posts that started appearing on the subreddit r/CBTS_stream (banned). Post 614 January 27th, 2018, a youtube link to a video labeled "This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected" was the first posts I remember seeing "live". My curiosity got to me. I wasn't there for the first post, but I have read them all. After watching for a while, I recognized it as a highly organized and sophisticated operation. It had the fingerprints of US Mil all over it.

I lurked for about 8 months, and witnessed many coincidences and Q proofs, however I didn't get fully on board until late October of 2018 when I ended up on the 8ch /Qresearch/ board. At first I was admittedly nervous, but I knew deep down that the world was so screwed up at that point anyways, what difference did it make. Seeing what was being dropped and the realization of what that meant, if those people ever took back power. It was something I wasn't willing to sit idly by and risk.

I vividly remember stepping outside my house late one fall night in 2018 for a smoke, and watched the lightning from a storm rolling in light up the sky. I like to use moments like this, to speak with God. I asked God if what I was witnessing was real, I will never forget what happened immediately after... The longest rumble of thunder I have ever heard in my life, came roaring out from the approaching storm front. When I say long - at a minimum, 2 minutes long. A medium to loud continuous rumble of the whole atmosphere. My entire body felt consumed by the Holy Spirit and He fell me to my knees. In that moment, and I knew. He has shown me grace and guidance many times since this all started and has shown me He is with me over and over again. As I reflect on the timing of events in my life and the lessons learned from those event's, I can see God's guiding hand throughout my entire life's story, the good times and the bad. I truly believe God has given me a mission. What the final product looks like, I do not yet know. My goal right now is to educate the next generation of anons. After three years of this psychological warfare, I am admittedly very tired. I have a family of 5, and a newborn, that deserve much more of my energy and attention. Ive been at this almost non stop since Jan 2018, and my wonderful wife has seen first hand the spark of light that has overcome me and the personal and professional growth that I have achieved, despite some pretty intense PTSD issues that used to overwhelm me. I however know, she and my children need more of me.

The war that we are fighting has nothing to do with political parties or candidates, but on the realms of right vs wrong and good vs evil.

The most important things that I have learned thus far are: Research for yourself, and trust yourself. Do not rely on anyone to give you the full story. Many that I have relied on over the years have ultimately disappointed me to some extent. Some big names, pushing questionable material at questionable times. I too, have probably disappointed some of you at some point. I am not a professional anon, but a patriot. I'm just doing what I can, when I can, to the best of my ability. I work a 40 hour a week job and attempt to maintain 3 social media accounts, this website and archive, as much as I possibly can. All while maintaining a Hobby Farm and family of 5. My plate is very full. Qnotables grows when you share our link with new or lost anons looking for direction.

Needed positions in this Information War are as follows:

Bakers: Needed to set up and update breads. Breads are what anons post in. Very prestigious and honorable position. A lot of responsibility, but if your good at it, its easy. Copy Pasting and Quick Focused Reading Skills needed

Researchers: If you are into investigation type activities this is always fun. It's just digging for dirt on anyone really. Can you find the connections? There are still a lot of dirt bags out there. There is no way we have ID'd them all yet. We're here for the truth. Suited for the analytically and curious minded.

Memers: Photo and video manipulation. Sense of humor and some technical computer skills desired. Conveys the story

The Midnight Riders / Paul Reveres: The Messengers. The ones who read and push and shape the real narrative. Always agile, always improving. Build each other up, but keep each other in check. Be careful who you follow. Trust but verify. You are the news now. Handle With Care.

Archivers: Our history is vital to our national heritage. The ones who fought and sacrificed for their fellow man should be honored and remembered, we do this to inspire the next generation to follow and continue in our footsteps. The travesties witnessed should be documented and and presented for our children, so that our achievements may not be lost. Archive Offline.

Other: Poll Workers, Door Knockers, Community Volunteers, Organizers, Bloggers, Local Officials Etc. Anything you can think of to help out, make an effort to do it. We need to become more involved in our political processes. For our generation and the next.

If you need a platform and would like to blog on this site, let me know. I can open up credentials to allow you to create posts and help build a historical timeline from the perspective of anons. If you have any questions please direct them to:

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