Project Veritas Video and Anon calculates: Ilhan Ballot harvesting

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So Project Veritas releases illegal Ballot Harvesting video for Ward 6 City Council race in August 2020. So Liban Mohammed is driving around picking up ballots from senior citizens to vote for Jamal Osman. He claims to have 300 ballots in one day for Jamal in his car. So how many votes did the election get decided by??? I guess City Council uses some round by round elimination process until there are only 2 candidates left. How many ballot harvesters picking up hundreds of votes made a huge difference in this election? Lets go to the results to see: the first bar chart you need to be on Al Gore spectrum to figure out. I included and "x'ed out in red But if you scroll down it shows round by round how many of the "total votes" make it to the final round where there are two candidates left. And where Jamal Osmon ultimately wins. out of 7746 total votes casted. By the 4th and FINAL round Jamal Osmon (total votes 2795) 36.08% of total votes defeated AJ Awed (total votes 2286). 29.51% of total votes a 6.57% margin of total votes in the final and 4th round!!! It seems the first round is all you have to make it by. imagine all the votes AJ Awed lost the first round and reaching the 4th to lose so close. Same with 3rd place AK Hassan! in the 1st round. Thise ballots mattered. Out of 2131 first round votes for Jamal Osmon….HOW MANY WERE ILLEGALLY OBTAINED??? Project Veritas states there is more than one ballot harvester running around collecting many votes for a "family/clan" headed by Ilan Omars "family ties". to run Ward 6.

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whoopsie, i forgot the Al Gore Spectrum bar chart. here it is!

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