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President Trump in Derry, NH - 10/23/2023 / Tippy Top

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Just landed in the Great State of New Hampshire! Join me live from Derry, NH at 3:00 PM EASTERN:


Anonymous 10/23/23 (Mon) 17:06:07 f3fa66 (8) No.19788862

"Our Capital is the opposite of Tippy-Top; it's a SHIT-HOUSE! It's horrible."


Anonymous 10/23/23 (Mon) 17:53:33 126bf4 (8) No.19789217


dough below for notes below


LIVE - President Trump in Derry, NH


President Trump: [Emmer] is my biggest fan now because he called me yesterday and told me, 'I'm your biggest fan'.

President Trump: Think of it- because I protested an election, and by the way, one hundred percent right about that; in fact, we're going to be releasing some numbers next week that will make your head spin.

President Trump: Four days ago, Crooked Joe Biden gave one of the most dangerous and diluted speeches ever delivered from the Oval Office. It was disaster…Crooked Joe went before the American people and said that if you want to support Israel, then you have to give a blank check for the proxy war, also, in Ukraine.

President Trump: Biden said that if you want to stop terrorists, then you have to give him billions of dollars to support illegal aliens invading the United States. Many of the people coming in, you notice there are so many young men, young, strong men, and they're coming in from areas that are right now in war.

President Trump: Look at what's going on. They've allowed, I believe, fifteen million people into the country, from all of these different places like jails, mental institutions; and wait until you see what is going to happen with all of those people. They're not coming in just because they like our weather. They like our weather. They're coming in for a lot of bad reasons.

President Trump: Unlike Crooked Joe, I will fully support Israel's mission of ensuring that the terrorist group Hamas is defeated, dismantled, and permanently destroyed. They have to destroy them.

President Trump: Upon my inauguration…I will immediately reinstate all sanctions on the murderous Iranian regime…and Joe Biden won't do it. I wonder how much money he's receiving from Iran; do you think?

President Trump: The election was rigged, and it was stolen,and sadly, Crooked Joe surrendered my tough sanctions immediately to Iran, and now, once again, Iran probably has close to one hundred billion dollars to finance terror, and Israel is paying a big price.

President Trump: With Biden, the price of oil is nearing one hundred dollars a barrel; it's going to be much higher than that soon.

President Trump: [Biden] funded Hamas, Hezbollah abroad, while he launched a war on patriotic citizens at home. We're at war; goes after all of us.

Anonymous 10/23/23 (Mon) 17:55:29 126bf4 (8) No.19789225

President Trump: I will shut down Iranian energy, and I'll unlock American energy like never before, and we will once again make the Iranian dictatorship very poor, and we're going to make the American people very rich. President Trump: Biden cancelled my travel ban on terror-plagued nations, he threw open our borders, surrendered to the Taliban…he gave away tens of billions of dollars to Iran, swamped American communities with pro-jihadist refugees, and proclaimed that the number one terror threat was not ISIS or Al Qaeda, but Trump supporters, MAGA supporters. President Trump: Crooked Joe has been a dream president for radical Islamic terrorists. He's been a dream. He's been a dream. An absolute dream. President Trump: A vote for Crooked Joe is a vote to turn the United States into a hotbed of jihadists, and make our cities into dumping grounds, very much resembling the Gaza Strip. Have you been to the Gaza Strip? A vote for President Trump is a vote to secure the border, and it's a vote to keep radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. President Trump referred to DeSantis as, 'a bad seed'. President Trump: Does anybody know who Birdbrain is? Yes, everybody. That name has sort of stuck. Someday I'll tell you why. President Trump: Millions [of illegals] have infiltrated since [Biden] took office. I believe the real number is fifteen million people…many are terrorists. President Trump: We are allowing people in our country that are going to do great harm to us someday, and we're going to get them the hell out. We're going to have the largest deportation effort you've ever seen. President Trump: Biden has boxes by the thousands, thousands, that he wasn't president, so he wasn't covered by the Presidential Records Act that's meant for this…this guy, he sent them to Chinatown, to Penn, to Delaware, to all of them. President Trump: Washington, DC, has become a dirty, crime-ridden deathtrap, that must be taken over and properly run with kid gloves, and beautiful, and stack it with money, and clean it and fix it. I see marble that's got graffiti all over it; dirty roads, I see roads that haven't been cleaned in six months…our Capital is the opposite of tippy-top. It's a shithouse. President Trump: We have a capital that if you go there, you get shot. And we're not going to have that anymore, so we're taking over. President Trump: We exposed them [crooked district attorneys/prosecutors] for being lunatics, and being horrible people. President Trump: Her [Letitia James]; and I have a highly-partisan judge, real political guy, right out of the clubhouses. djt: they had 1000's of missiles, they are expense, they allowe this to happen (cia) President Trump: The appeals court gave me a total victory, and this radical-left judge; he's a Trump-hating judge, hates Trump, he refused to accept the appeal court's decision. The case should be dropped immediately. It's amazing. We have a judge that's out of control, and he's totally afraid of Peekaboo James. He's totally afraid of her. He's intimidated by her. President Trump: The United States must also build a state-of-the-art missile defense shield. Look, we've got to have a missile defense shield. We got all these maniacs in all these countries, not only big countries where you can talk; they have a lot to lose also, but you have people getting nuclear missiles. I wanted to stop that. We had it stopped with Iran. We have to have a shield. I want to build a shield around our country. These shields work…for years, American taxpayers have bankrolled space-age missile defense system to protect foreign nations. We do these incredible things, and we give them to foreign nations…Under my leadership, we will once again protect our own people with our own missile defense system, capable of blasting China, Russia, Iranian missiles, out of the sky….we're going to have an Iron Dome around our country. President Trump: The bif problem we have to do; we got to stop fake ballots from being made, and if we don't do that, this country is in damn big trouble. President Trump: You would have had a nuclear war [with North Korea] if Crooked Hillary was there. President Trump: i would like to hit him in that fake nose. there would be plastic laying all over the place. it is not biden, face mask music play hold on i'm coming probably some stuff missed from other anons. probably best to watch it again. President Trump was more off the script tonight than anon has seen. Especially the mask comment.

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