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President Trump - Biden's Afghanistan

Full- Clips Below

Trump on Taliban

- Conditions based Agreement

-42 Billion a year on defending Afghanistan for 21.5 years

-Lost no soldiers in Afghanistan in the last 1.5 years.

- Have a lot of Generals that shouldn't be Generals and I'm watching them all the time

- The Bush family will not be happy but going into the Middle was the worst decision ever made.

-Taliban has been fighting for 1000 years. They are good fighters. They are smart and should let the Americans out.

-40,000 potential hostages

- The agreement was conditions based if they would have violated it we would have hit them hard.

- They took the military out before the civilians. Military should have come out last, and we would have taken the equipment.

- This is the greatest embarrassment in the history of our Country


SH- "How do we get our people home now?"

DJT- "What you need more than anything is a president that is respected."

-China is laughing at us

- We should have blown up the forts. Those forts are now being used by the enemy.

- Taliban now has a ring around the Airport saying no one else out but they'll negotiate.



SH I dont believe Joe Biden would lift a finger to help Taiwan

DJT - We had a great relationship with President Xi up until COVID. But I taxed the hell out of them with the tariffs, They weren't happy . Met Xi at Mar-a-lago and told him very strongly not to do anything with Taiwan.

A meeting that was supposed to last 15 min ended up lasting hours.

Do not to do anything with Taiwan, I know you want to, but don't do it.

Then the election gets rigged and we have a different President and we have 28 bombers flying over taiwan.

- I think bad things are going to happen with respect to Taiwan. They don't respect our leadership, and they don't respect our country.

Southern Border -

Stay in Mexico Policy

500 miles of Border wall

Catch and release

all reversed or halted under Biden


- "Energy indepenence was one of my greatest achievements"

25.30 -Energy Independence National averagewas $1.87 will be over $5.00 a gallon very soon.

We didn't need to negotiate with OPEC, we were energy independent.

DJT Prevented Vladimir Putin from completing Pipeline. Russian did a deal for a $1.5B with Hunter Biden. Biden grants them a waiver

Hunter Biden Russian Hooker Stolen Laptop Blackmail leaked Video

President Trump got Anwar open, and they just terminated it.

Immigration - and covid restrictions on Americans.

Worst immigration crisis in history.

As far as the vaccine. Im very proud of it. I pushed the FDA like they've never been pushed. They don't like me too much but I got them to approve 3 great vaccines and I got it done in 9 months. I would love people to take the vaccine.

SH: "Are you running in 2024?"

Due to campaign finance laws I'm not allowed to answer that I think you'll be very happy.

see also:

Fox News DELETED President Trump's words:

Fox News Runs Disclaimer: "The Voting Companies Have Denied The Various Allegations..."

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