Pelosi Tweet: “Trump Is Deadly to Our Democracy and Our People. He Needs to Go Now"

The Party Calling for Unity and Cooperation want to invoke the 25th amendment to remove President Trump from office with 12 days left. Buckle Up Anons.

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Incitement to Violence? Pelosi Tweet: “Trump Is Deadly to Our Democracy and Our People. He Needs to Go Now” With the nation on edge following the certification of the Electoral College vote for president Wednesday that millions of Americans believe was stolen from President Trump and the storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters that disrupted the joint session of Congress to approve the vote for Joe Biden, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s political account on Twitter (D-CA) followed her call for Trump to be removed from office by the 25th Amendment or impeachment made at a Capitol Hill press conference with an incendiary tweet that calls Trump “deadly to our democracy and our people.” “Trump is deadly to our democracy and our people. He needs to go now.” The House is out of session until after January 20 (except for pro forma sessions, next one Monday). If Vice President Pence declines to invoke the 25th Amendment, will Pelosi’s hot rhetoric incite violence this weekend by Democrats who take it to heart her message that President Trump is “deadly to our democracy and our people”?

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