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Open Borders, Closed Case: Secretary Mayorkas’ Dereliction of Duty on the Border Crisis Homeland Sec

Anonymous 06/14/23 (Wed) 21:51:38 1ff6cf (8) No.19009577

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Open Borders, Closed Case: Secretary Mayorkas’ Dereliction of Duty on the Border Crisis Homeland Security Committee Events

Mr Higgins Secretary Mayorkis failure is difficult to calculate the the the impact upon our country. Our entire country, generational trauma. My colleagues across the aisle have a, this is your Baghdad Bob moment when you, you witness clearly what the truth is, what everyone across the country recognizes as the disintegration of our Southern border and horrific impact upon our country. And you're droning on and on about how great things are, blame everything on Trump. Good Lord. For years, the ranking member has a, has a right to introduce a government study to the record. But the insinuation was that former Secretary Wolf served illegally. So I'm gonna give you an opportunity to respond to that Mr Wolf.


Anonymous 06/14/23 (Wed) 21:56:53 1ff6cf (8) No.19009595

>>19009577 Bishop: And the appropriate response for Congress is different in, in each case, I don't even think with all respect the chairman that our focus can be exactly on dereliction in the full sense articulated because dereliction is willful or negligent. And what we need to focus on here is whether this is not a case of negligence. If it were the implications would be different, the remedy would be different incompetence in administering a federal agency is maladministration and the recourse falls to the people alone. But intentional sabotage of the rule of law is something entirely different. It is an affront to the separation of powers to the institutional authority of the Congress under the constitution. And it invites another remedy and that is impeachment.


Anonymous 06/14/23 (Wed) 22:13:15 1ff6cf (8) No.19009667

>>19009577 Giminez: I believe like my colleagues that that I don't believe that Mr Majorca is incompetent. I think that he is derelict in his duty because I think everything that he's done is actually done on purpose. Do you share that view?

>>19009577 Pfluger: You know what the political theater here is over five million apprehensions at our southern border. Over 200 known or suspected terrorists over a million and a half known getaways. I have constituents who are currently sitting in this committee hearing right now that live in West Texas. And these folks are dealing with the unfunded mandate that my colleagues on the other side of the aisle are calling political Theater. You're saying that 53 people that died in a tractor trailer south of San Antonio last summer is political theater. Give me a break. This is insane that we continue to look at this administration. Anything looks like you might have a reply or something that that was from the previous question. Why would you say that the previous question from the congressman was probably false on all fronts? I think it's a naive view of of the situation that occurred in 2018. Children are separated from adults who may or may not be their parents. Perhaps there are parents that are abusing them. This happens every day along the border. You need to visit the border, you need to talk to border patrol to actually understand the border.This happens every day in the Biden administration. This happens in the Trump administration, Obama and it goes on and on and on. I'm sure the chief can tell you more about that. But this idea that it only started in three weeks in 2018. It's just, it's a false narrative.


Anonymous06/14/23 (Wed) 22:44:221ff6cf (8)No.19009859


It's interesting to me to listen to some Democrats here on the committee trying to harp on the very idea that Mr Wolfe is somehow illegitimate as the former acting secretary.


We Republicans.


Here we are committed to searching for answers as to why this administration continues to inflict catastrophic damage to our country.


And here I just want to remind you of a few things that are very important to understand.


Not only is fentaNYL poisoning.


The number one cause of death of young Americans ages 18 to 49 nearly 83,000 Americans have died of opioid poisonings since the year 2022 they die weekly in my district.


96 individuals on the watch list have been apprehended.


Crime has skyrocketed across the country and we're missing 85,000 Children, 85,000 Children.


And while Democrats across the aisle on this committee want to talk about families being separated under the Trump administration.


I'd like to introduce for the record, Mr Chairman, a letter to custom from custom and border protection saying that the Biden administration is ending DNA testing, familial DNA testing as of that was at the end of May May 31st 2023.


So when you talk about separating Children, separating Children, we have the Biden administration not even testing, testing who these adults and these Children are and I can't comprehend it.


Everyone in this room knows what an Amber alert is.


We all get them on our phones, right.


This is when a child has been kidnapped and we are so concerned in this country about Children who have been kidnapped, that we have something called an Amber alert notifying all of us that there is a missing child.


85,000 Children, missing migrant Children missing in the United States is the same thing as 85,000 Amber alerts.


It's unbelievable.


Mr Wolf, many of the Children are brought to the United States by coyotes and human smugglers.


Anonymous 06/14/23 (Wed) 23:02:34 1ff6cf (8) No.19009963


And over the past several weeks, my constituents have heard our New York City sanctuary city policies coupled, of course, with our country's non secure and wide open Southwest border have overwhelmed New York City's resources previously meant for the homeless.


for folks suffering from substance abuse and veterans in need.


And given the influx of migrants who are attracted to New York City because of those sanctuary City policies, the city can no longer handle the influx of those migrants in the response.


Mayor New York City Mayor Adams is now attempting to sending those same migrants who are attracted by those sanctuary city policies to suburban counties throughout the state who have expressly rejected those sanctuary city city policies.


and Mr Wolf that at least would be my first question, sir.


Can you please explain what sort of costs such as monetary personnel, public safety are imposed on states, cities and counties in dealing with the current crisis of the South Southwest border?


Anonymous 06/14/23 (Wed) 23:22:13 1ff6cf (8) No.19010049

>>19009577 D'Esposito: I think it's clear from today's hearing that Secretary Mallorca has been derelict in his duties to secure the homeland, but also derelict in his ability to protect C B P agents and DH S employees, both border patrol chief, Raul Ortiz and National Border Patrol Council, Vice President Chris Cabrera recently told Congress that 17 17 C B P personnel committed suicide in 2022 the highest total in over a decade. How has Mayorkis unprecedented border crisis affected the lives and families of our border patrol agents. 3:57 17 C B P suicides in one year is absolutely intolerable. Do you believe that Secretary Mayor has been derelict in his handling of the crisis among the border patrol agents? And I don't, I don't just mean the policies along the border. But the way that he's treating the men and women who put on that uniform, the men and women who stand that line, the men and women who want to protect our points of entry. I believe he's derelict and I'll go back to the horse patrol incident in Del Rio. You know, if everybody focuses on the first allegation that was proved wrong very, very quickly.


Anonymous 06/14/23 (Wed) 23:36:07 1ff6cf (8) No.19010090

>>19009577 Ms Lee: Mr Wolf, I'd like to return specifically to a line of earlier testimony you were providing about the decisions of Secretary May orcas to suspend certain policies that have had the net effect of endangering these unaccompanied Children who are coming across our border.

Specifically, you touched on a couple of things that the vetting of sponsors and household members for these Children is not being done appropriately and that site visits have been eliminated. Would you tell us please a little bit more about those safety protocols and the significance of them not being done effectively. Sure, once Children come across that border and border patrol apprehends them, they are quickly transferred over to HHS facilities where they stay until they're able to find a sponsor and the sponsor comes, picks them up and, and they do that. What we were finding was that individuals coming to pick them up. We didn't know who they were. and the background checks and the type of vetting that was done was not sufficient. We wanted to make sure that we were protecting those minors and that they were going into households, that they wouldn't be trafficked, they wouldn't be further trafficked in. but again, this administration for a variety of different reasons, I think we could only guess, decided to reduce the amount of vetting on those sponsors that come and pick them up, but it's not only the sponsor, it's the, again, it's the others in that household. So it's not enough to, to do that background check on, on one adult, but there's five other adults in that household.

You want to know who they are as well. Again, they have reduced those vetting requirements, site visits as well. And my, my guess and it's, it's a guess is because early on in this administration, the number of Children coming across that border in such astronomically high numbers was backing up HHS facilities. There were too many Children in there and So the quickest way to get Children out of those facilities is to reduce the amount of time they're in the facility, which is to say, reduce the amount of vetting because vetting does take time. From the HHS perspective, Chief Scott talked about it earlier. DNA. Testing is something that border patrol could do. So we actually tried to find it early in the system as early in the system as humanly possible, which is when they cross that border and they go before that border patrol officer to do the that questioning that line of questioning. And again, as you reduce that, you're taking more and more protections away from trying to protect these Children and trying to reduce the amount of trafficking that's going on, thank you, Hugh. And on that subject, Mr Scott, would you please return to the subject of DNA testing and tell us what role, what, what role does DNA testing? Why is it important in our efforts to combat human trafficking and the exploitation of Children? It's very important for the simple reason. You're trying to identify people and you're trying to make sure people's stories actually match. I left out on my, my statement earlier in the I N A. It mandates that we fingerprint and photograph anybody over 14 years of age.


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