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//The Baker drama is making the copy pasting a little more difficult to do while at work on breaks (phone), Please be aware. I thought about removing the baker feud notables for the purposes of this site but opting for transparency instead. I will be note taking tonight and hopefully baking one or two as I have time, and it seems good bakers are in short supply. Multiple breads over the last week have been called out for missing and trash notables. I took a while longer to update this set because I had to double check a few things before I posted. If you see anything missing please post below.//

#14089 >>11014988, >>11014995, >>11015000, >>11015165, >>11015288, >>11015309, >>11015349, >>11015687 Other News >>11015003, >>11015204, >>11015291, >>11015403, >>11015438, >>11015484, >>11015636 PF >>11015047 New Flotus >>11014973 Deceased high-ranking bishop accused of abetting sex abuse in Germany - Gallinkirch Mafia - Needs More Digging - Geronimo Podesta >>11015009 The Assange Case Explained - video >>11015035 I’ve received 242,000 letters, calls and emails opposing the GOP rush to fill Justice Ginsburg’s seat. The American people understand that Republicans are hurrying to consolidate a conservative majority on the court so they can repeal the ACA. This is NOT the will of the people. - Beijing Diane >>11015045 DESPERATION >>11015072 Wife Of Deceased Never-Trump Senator Who Passed Fake Russian Dossier To FBI, Endorses Joe Biden >>11015083 Trump VS the Illuminati full movie >>11015137 MOAR PANIC >>11015166 Antifa and other agitators in black bloc showed up to disrupt a pro-police rally in Seattle. >>11015177 Will America Survive the Democrats’ Arrows in Their Quiver? >>11015217 Listen - POTUS's peaceful protest for law and order at the WH today for Candace Owens and Blexit >>11015271 Israel to ‘immediately’ bring over 2,000 Ethiopian Jews - Promises to not sterlize them this time >>11015292 Ethiopian women in Israel 'given contraceptive without consent' >>11015303 The Ninth Circuit on Friday ruled that President Donald Trump’s allocation of military funds for construction of his border wall was illegal, upholding a December 2019 ruling from a federal judge. >>11015355 Interesting INB4 post from half - this morning. >>11015393 That’s Weird… Suspect in Whitmer Plot Was Pardoned by Democrat Governor of Delaware Last Year >>11015432 "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back" - Pelosi Rejects Trump's Latest COVID Stimulus Offe >>11015455 Prof compares Mitch McConnell to a Nazi who 'picks off old Jewish ladies with his rifle' >>11015527 Camila Turns Against Raniere – Child Sex Abuse Victim Expected to Come From Mexico to Condemn Raniere at Sentencing >>11015551 When The Buck Stops Nowhere: Barr – Haspel – Pompeo >>11015572 Teachers Unions Promise School Will Resume As Soon As The Teachers Are Done Campaigning For Biden >>11015590 CBS News Runs Cover For Joe Biden After President Trump Calls Biden a Socialist During Public White House Event >>11015606 Because McCabe is in the FBI/DOJ old boys club. They would not be so gentle with outsiders. Just ask Gen Flynn. >>11015609 If this lunatic doesn’t get you out to VOTE #TrumpPence2020, I don’t know what will! #MAGA >>11015626 Ballot Theft! MIA Candidates! It's Time for This Week's Wrap-Up of Ballot Shenanigans! >>11015659 Communist China's ties to US riots exposed; Exclusive: new evidence of China's coverup >>11015742 #14089 #14088 >>11014233, >>11014240, >>11014312, >>11014706, >>11014640, >>11014690, >>11014430 INTL >>11014267, >>11014440, >>11014421, >>11014496, >>11014513, >>11014549 /COMMS/ SUBVERSION MINIBUN >>11014668, >>11014551, >>11014471, >>11014363, >>11014119, >>11013993, Other News >>11014108, >>11014311, >>11014346, >>11014416, >>11014722 PF >>11014354, >>11014450 Why didn't the McCain Foundation file taxes for 2016? >>11014787 NEW POTUS >>11014548 A case against the /COMMS/ Bakers - New bread created to document the subversion >>11014083 "Big Tech Has Become A Tool Of Totalitarian Facism" - Google Has 'Memory-Holed' The Great Barrington Declaration >>11014107 Robinhood Users' Accounts Mysteriously Looted And There's No One To Call >>11014148 Chris Christie released from hospital following COVID-19 diagnosis, treatment with remdesivir >>11014181 CDC document bombshell reveals list of all vaccine excipients, including “African Green Monkey Kidney Cells” and fibroblast cells from aborted human fetuses >>11014188 Dan Scavino🇺🇸 - Biden says voters ‘don’t deserve’ his stance on packing Supreme Court >>11014189 Human-rights violators now fighting exposure at U.N. Demand that images showing offenses be censored >>11014203 Newly released Breonna Taylor photos feature guns, drugs Evidence includes 'partners in crime' images of black woman killed in police raid >>11014208 There’s no way that close to 38-40 people connected to the WH have been diagnosed with Covid, without it being obvious that events occur at the WH all the time since the beginning of Covid. >>11014224 QCLOCK - Follow the [markers]. POTUS will point us in the right direction. >>11014249 POTUS live now >>11014253 ‘No, They Don’t’: Joe Biden Dismisses Idea that Voters ‘Deserve’ to Know Court Packing Stance >>11014260 Explains a lot about Nike >>11014269 Pelosis Take a Big Stake in CrowdStrike, Democrat-Connected Linchpin of Russia Probe >>11014271 BREAKING: "My daughters insulin has already dropped from $700 a month to $48 a month due to Trump. Thank you Donald Trump. Excellent Job." >>11014294 Well, Steve Scully's 'I Was Hacked' Defense for Unprofessional Trump Tweet Just Got Shredded >>11014309 Trump goes Kenny Rogers on the Presidential Election Commission - AMERICAN THINKER >>11014319 Muslim Imam Arrested in Huge Child Pornography Bust >>11014326 Disgusting: WaPo Goes After Amy Coney Barrett’s Children Again, This Time It’s Even More Ridiculous >>11014329 Congressman Demands Harry and Meghan Be Stripped of Royal Titles for Interfering in U.S. Election >>11014364 Report: Paul Ryan Pushing Fox News to ‘Decisively Break’ with Trump >>11014396 Virtual Reading Room Documents Search Results - Collection: Clinton_Emailstart digging anons >>11014409 Poll: The Shy Trump Vote Is Bigger This Year…And Who Falls into This Category Should Terrify Democrats >>11014406 Fantastic Research – Presidential Debate Commission Ideology Exposed – Chairman Connected to Soros, Color Revolution and Steele Dossier Group… >>11014422 Rigged: The Chairman of the Presidential Debate Commission is Co-Founder of “Color Revolution” Org Linked to Steele Dossier and More >>11014436 MAJOR! California fire investigators seize PG&E equipment >>11014475 Oh Boy: Joe Biden Misreads Teleprompter and Calls for $15 Million Minimum Wage (VIDEO) >>11014592 Kevin McCullough, the man who correctly predicted the winning election maps since 2006 (when no one else did) just posted his prediction map for 2020 election: @realDonaldTrump. what are your thoughts? >>11014608 Basic clock explanation @ PB post. :13 would be the [5] back [marker]. Re-read the drops. Drop 2249 is on the :48 line. Straight across from :18 where 10/10/2020 is. >>11014617 Hillary Clinton Takes Shot at F-35 Program, Urges Retirement of Old Air Force Planes >>11014715 Glenn Greenwald states what Cue and Trump have said, “the MSM will be gone once Trump is no longer is in office!” They participated in their own demise, when they could have survived by telling the true story >>11014728 FLASHBACK: Chuck Todd Whined About Trump ‘Humiliating’ Bill Clinton By Bringing Accusers to Debate >>11014775 Pelosi mask with oranges is another one of her symbols to Trump >>11014779 Email Digs Daily schedule Friday, September 21, 2012 Birthday party for Susie Tompkins Buell Private residence. Business Casual Roberts Pizza to be delivered. Cocktails and Pizza >>11014792 More Than A Dozen Predators Busted During "Operation Safe Teen" >>11014891 #14088

#14087 >>11013806, >>11013846, >>11013909 FROM COMMS BOARD LAST NIGHT - Plotting to go back and delete notables while anons slept >>11012891, >>11012906, >>11013499 AUTIST COVFEFE DECODE AND GRAPHIC FROM LAST BREAD - REFRESHER >>11013351, >>11013486 Democrat HRC supporter Scholar uncovered Google bias, threatened with death, young wife dies unnatural death >>11013041, >>11013493 PF >>11013398 /COMMS/ Bakers attempt to impersonate and gaslight OSS, get caught and made to look as stupid as they are. >>11013010 NEW PDJT >>11013025 NEW PDJT RT >>11013052 NEW PDJT >>11012909 Hawkfish, a tech firm founded by billionaire former presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg, has signed on with a pro-Joe Biden super PAC after missing out on working directly with the presumptive Democratic nominee’s campaign. >>11012970 Today we celebrate the 175th Anniversary of the @NavalAcademy >>11013007 Judge denies motion to extend Florida's voter registration >>11013127 Look who is being a cocky bitch this morning. >>11013288 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome endorses Biden >>11013314 Paul Sperry >>11013345 Suspect in Whitmer Kidnap attempt was pardoned last year in DE >>11013374 Ben Rhodes on twat - This must be the ceremony for Trump's Nobel Prize >>11013429 China Ties to US Riots Exposed by Trevor Loudon >>11013434 Dated just days after the 2012 Obama election on November 7, 2012 >>11013480 The Commission on Presidential Debates is supposedly bipartisan w/ an equal number of Rs and Ds. I know all of the Republicans and most are friends of mine. I am concerned that none of them support @realDonaldTrump. >>11013551 Militia members arraigned on terrorism charges for alleged plot against Gov. Whitmer >>11013621 19 OF 20 HIGHEST COVID AREAS HAD A MASK MANDATE >>11013635 Details of Amy Coney Barrett's Monday confirmation hearing released >>11013656 Flashback 04/05/1991 - Sen Heinz, 6 other die in PA plane-copter collision >>11013705 The owner of a grocery store at the site of the George Floyd killing in Minneapolis, Minn., has threatened to sue the mayor and city council over the establishment of an “autonomous zone” that the owner says is hurting businesses in the area, KTSP News reported on Thursday. >>11013789 If you see campaign signs or other signage, it's because people brought it themselves. "We're not handing out anything but people can bring things onto the complex," ~Judd Deere >>11013795 Richard Grenell - The @JoeBiden crowd literally cannot accept the results of the 2016 election. How will they ever accept the 2020 results if they lose? >>11013850 @Army Football >>11013861 Richard Grenell - Lackluster showing for @JoeBiden in Arizona. >>11013867 TOPIC OF THE DAY MISSLE >>11013883 Hillary campaign used the term “Loser” for How they wanted to portray Donald Trump. >>11013795 Jon Cooper - BREAKING: According to @JewishNewsUSA, @realDonaldTrump held a meeting this morning with senior campaign staff, legal advisors and his children to discuss his possible resignation. Resignation would be contingent on a pardon by Pence, and the dismissal of SDNY criminal charges. >>11013924 #14087 #14086 in '87 >>11012087 All Patents with the name 'Rothschild' as the inventor. >>11012123 Hillary outlines plans to destroy America >>11012124 Joe Biden refuses to tell Americans about his plan for the Courts >>11012141 Capitol Hill Church in DC opens for first time since China Virus lockdown began >>11012143 Canada Covid Camps >>11012158 Obama inner circle used private email to talk to one another >>11012231 Colorado Gov (Dem) Polis extends mask requirement >>11012258 Hillary orchestrated Russia Hoax >>11012300 Colin Powell tells Hillary how to evade Government security protocols >>11012416 Information on Governors shutting down States >>11012443 No one showing up at Biden/Harris events >>11012491 Since Labor Day POTUS has spoken to 250,000 supporters live >>11012578 Step by step baking instructions >>11012603 Steve Scully, 2nd debate moderator, has claimed his twitter was hacked before >>11012620 Keith Olbermann calls for arrests of all Trump Supporters >>11012628 NOKO unveils new Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (Q Proof) >>11012727 Deep State is panicking because GMAX docs release appeal upcoming >>11012775 A Prayer for POTUS and the USA by Archbishop Vigano >>11012822 Lawsuit to release criminals over china virus fails >>11013695 #14086

#14085 FINALQ Research General #14085: The Great Awakening Edition

>>11011687 Whining about Control because that is likely what it desires.

>>11011981 First Couple of Fox? (Vanity Fair)

>>11011978 In hysterical news; Minnesota Tiberwolves player Omari Spellman has had his Verified Twitter account hacked. The account has been renamed John McAfee, and is being used by a scammer to run a crypto-currency scam on the @officialmcafee twitter wall. (Caps Twitter)

>>11011961 Haliburton International Foods CEO charged with child prostitution (News Yahoo)

>>11011947 Kirstie Alley rips into 'EVIL' Nancy Pelosi over 25th Amendment scheme to unseat TrumpAlley is being more and more vocal about politics (The Blaze)

>>11011939, >>11011986 Ainsley Defends Chris Wallace Fox and Friends (Fox/Youtube)

>>11011915 Moar Unrest in Armenia: Armenia, Azerbaijan say Nagorno-Karabakh truce fails to hold (AP News)

>>11011896 WATCH: Wisconsin Protesters Defy Curfew Orders for Third Night (Breitbart)

>>11011883 Pelosi, Mnuchin fail to reach COVID-19 stimulus deal, but talks go on amid Republican doubt (Reuters)

>>11011882, >>11011886 Transcript of Pelosi Interview on Bloomberg News' Balance of Power with David Westin (

>>11011852, >>11011873 Morning Praise on What Would Originally Be Sunday, Before God Turned The Time Back A Day (Youtube)

>>11011728, >>11011869, >>11012001 System and Method for Testing for COVID-19 +Cure Reposts/Updates (Patents.Google)

>>11011723, >>11011980 Moar Sarah Ruth Ashcroft Allegations of Forced Sexual Servitude and Cannabilism (Twitter/Caps)

>>11011705 Larry C. Johnson: Jim Comey Ignored Department Whistleblower on Hillary’s Crimes With Classified Material (The Gateway Pundit)

>>11011697 Pompeo Tweets (Various)

>>11011694 Attendees Standing in Social Distancing Circles Laugh at Joe Biden When He Tells Them to Sit Down – But They Have No Chairs (The Gateway Pundit)

>>11011683 SocialMediaAnons Strategies, Low Profile Maintain Camo

>>11011675 Biden dodges court-packing questions as SCOTUS nomination moves forward Mike Pence called out Kamala Harris for her refusal to make her stance clear. (ABC News)

>>11011669 Minneapolis Cop whom Allegedly Murdered George Floyd Awaits Trial Out of State (NPR)

>>11011667 Although she was only nineteen at the time, Bea was one of the fifteen Communists to be hired in 1937 by the newly-formed Congress of Industrial Organizations to organize the laundry workers. The campaign that ensued culminated in the organization of New York City’s 30,000 laundry workers and, more broadly, contributed to the mass movements that produced a revitalized labor movement that won important gains for all Americans, including Social Security and union rights. (People's World NY)

>>11011660 ABC Avoids Reporting Milwaukee Police Shooting Victim Was Armed and Fired Weapon (News Busters)

>>11011659 The Second Presidential Debate Has Been Canceled (Hotair)

>>11011656 Delaware suspect in Whitmer plot was pardoned last year (Yahoo News)

>>11011635, >>11011680 USMC RES, RCN Also! "Wellness Asking for help is a sign of strength. Learn more about maintaining your own mental and physical health, and supporting others: CHECK YOUR BUDDS! Let someone know you care. (Twitter)

>>11011600 US Navy Carrier Strike Group maritime security operations in Indian Ocean

>>11011591, >>11011599 Chris C. Up and Moving (Twitter)

>>11011581 Ugh the fake qanonners acting up again (Instagram?)

>>11011578 Hillary Clinton Says Young People Are Leaving Church Because Christianity Is ‘Judgmental and Alienating’ (

>>11011476 Shameful. Despicable. A Few Recorded Past Attempts on our beloved POTUS! (Various)

>>11011468 "Beware the Toxic Toupee: Forest Dept. Warns of Venomous Caterpillars Spotted in Va." (NBCNY)

>>11011466 Let's Play A Game.

>>11011434, >>11011462 "Big News Roundup ~ Orient edition" + Independent Journalist on 'Rockefeller Controlled Asiatic "Swift System"' (Various)

>>11011426 Moar Clockfag Deltas! Check Em Anons!

>>11011420 Corrected Errors

>>11011405 Show Intensifies

>>11011404 The Latest Woke Demand – Stop Teaching Black Students Standard English (Yahoo News)

>>11011389, >>11011409 1 Year Delta DJT Tweets - Start thinking about getting bigger tractors! (Cap)

>>11011378 White/Black Hat Probabilistic battle scheme anon consideration on Clock

>>11011361 Disney Admits to Knowingly Working With Human Rights Abusers in China (Bloomberg)

>>11011360 DEEP STATE STRIKES AGAIN! Federal Prosecutors Arrest Two Giuliani Associates on Campaign Finance Violations – Rudy Promises to Strike Back! (The Gateway Pundit)

>>11011332, >>11011385, >>11011391, >>11011395, >>11011402, >>11011415, >>11011450, >>11011648, >>11011662, >>11011758, >>11011867, >>11011922, >>11011933, >>11011940 Things to Remember (Various)

>>11012035 #14085

#14084 Q Research General #14084: TURN IN TO IT! Edition >>11010573, >>11010669, >>11010801, >>11011050 Planefags on patrol >>11010859, >>11010883 Likely Shills complaining thinking they are getting away with influecning public anon opinions. >>11011182 DOJ supports DC church defying COVID-19 orders to hold worship services outdoors Peacefully Protest The Devil Believers! (The Hill) >>11011171 Ruminations from Idaho: Is hope lost? (American Thinker) >>11011164 Biden accidentally reveals the mask con job (American Thinker) >>11011150 Don Trump Jr. and Jorge Masvidal launch 'fighters against socialism' to woo Latinos (Washington Examiner) >>11011133 Ex-CIA Boss John Brennan Tells Bill Maher The Deep State Won’t Intervene If Trump Steals Election Or Won’t Leave (Deadline) >>11011132 MARAD Renews GPS Interference Warning to Industry Repost ( >>11011080 Another Hitpiece on The Great Awakening: "Behind the QAnon conspiracy movement are 'people looking for answers'" ( >>11011021 WAKE UP! DO NOT VOTE DEMOCRAT! (Cap) >>11011015, >>11011024 'Everything you do embraces leftist indoctrination' Covfefe Citzens! (WND/Youtube) >>11011005, >>11011013, >>11011043, >>11011084, >>11011116, >>11011123, >>11010961, >>11011159, >>11011190 CALL TO DIG Hillary E-mails ( Knew) >>11010995 North Carolina university tells students to shelter in place due to a threat over a Black Lives Matter mural (CNN) >>11010984 Pompeo to Newsmax TV: More Nations to Join Abraham Accords (Newsmax) >>11010964 ThankYou anon "just wanted to bring to your attention a protest "silent march" taking place RIGHT NOW in Berlin, against the draconian govt policies regarding the fucking virus. (Der-schweigemarsch.den/Ruptly/Hooktube) >>11010885, >>11010906 Facebook orders content moderators to come back to the office Thoughtpolice on patrol (NYPO) >>11010878, >>11011047, >>11011052, >>11011054 5:5 There >>11010868 George Whitfield and The Great Awakening (Christianity Today/Britannica/Monergism) >>11010849 Calendar Anon Input? >>11010829 Kamala Harris' husband works for one of China's largest investment law firms… no conflict of interest here. (Various) >>11010820 Nancy Pelosi's obsession (Washington Examiner) >>11010802 Headlines in the News Bun >>11010754 Anon adds another possible attempt on PDJT - grounding of Marine One >>11010740, >>11011060, >>11011142 Sarah Ruth Ashcraft Tweet - They're trying to kill me tonight Uh why can't she just leave with them? Could she be aiding to decrease manpower for the upcoming ungodly 'holidays?' Could She Actually Need Help? Stay Prayed Frens (Twitter) >>11010724 Diabetes Drug Metformin pulled due to high levels of cancer causing agent (NYPO) >>11010718 Mad Maxine Mad - Long past time to remove PDJT; invokes 25th Amendment (Breitbart) >>11010707 OAN - PDJT doubled down on commitment to protect Americans with pre-existing conditions (OANN) >>11010689 From 2019 - 30 Questions Globalists can't answer (Youtube) >>11010612, >>11010615, >>11010617, >>11010618 HRC on How Washington Should Think about Power (Daily >>11010610 Will America Survive the Democrats’ Arrows in Their Quiver? (American Thinker) >>11010608 Early Hydroxychloroquine reduces ICU admission by 53% in COVID-19 patients (Sciencedirect) >>11010604 Weekend Reminder: HRC calls for slashing F-35 funding (Daily >>11010597 Do Not Trust The Medical Or The National Security Establishment!' With Guest Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (Youtube) >>11010589 Dog Comms (EOnline/Twitter) >>11010587, >>11010628 Anon's nom re: directed energy vids (Youtube) >>11010580 Cops release photos that were tagged 'partners in crime' from Breonna Taylor's boyfriend's phone that show them both holding gun believed to be the one he used to fire at police as messages also suggest he was selling drugs (Daily >>11010563 Baker Bun for #14082 Posted in `84 >>11010553, >>11010861, >>11010864, >>11010575, >>11010921, >>11011037, >>11011076 German Neurologist warns against wearing facemasks + COVID/CURE News ( Youtube/ Various) >>11010522 Reminder: Kamala Harris' husband works for large Chinese investment law firm (Various) >>11010507, >>11010511, >>11010512 Anon self firm >>11010829, >>11011082, >>11011176 Anon Notes @280, 525, 610 >>11011231 #14084 #14083 Q Research General #14083: Who Is Most Susceptible Edition >>11009745, >>11009785, >>11009798, >>11009809, >>11009816, >>11009875, >>11009895, >>11009965, >>11010045, >>11010209, >>11010267 How to ensure Notable Retention and Eliminate Comms/Bakery Fuckery Always Check even if you think they are who they act like or attempt to be. Ensure an End To Fuckery!ACTIVE DIGITAL MISINFORMATION INFORMATION COMBAT!(Caps) >>11009965, >>11010190, >>11010218, >>11010260, >>11010273, >>11010397 Shills Whining. >>11010027, >>11010056, >>11010052, >>11010089, >>11010292 Baking is easy, but don't listen to everyone's "Advices". Baking IS easy = copypasta essentially but takes practice >>11010414 Bill Burns? ( >>11010408 Happy Birthday 8KUN ~ What a Year Anons. (Tech Spot) >>11010396 Dog Comms? (E News/Twitter) >>11010317 Federal judge shoots down Texas proclamation allowing one ballot drop-off location per county (The Hill) >>11010308 New book examines clergy sexual abuse in the wide lens of history ( >>11010280 This was in the pizza search : ( >>11010224 China Expert: ‘Right Now Things Are Very, Very Grim for Our Fellow Believers in China’ (NCRegister) >>11010194, >>11010216 "Looking Well Mister President!" - Trump joins 'Tucker' for first on-camera interview since COVID-19 diagnosis (Youtube) >>11010176 China threat: Australia's 40 percent defence budget hike a lesson to the UK, says MP ( >>11010175 Whitmer plot a new twist in fight for battleground Michigan (ABCNews) >>11010164, >>11010238 "Cicada" Psyop Digs (Caps) >>11010149 "China plans to rule the world and we are playing straight into their hands" ( >>11010131, >>11010141, >>11010166, >>11010198 PLA slams ‘provocative action’ as US warship sails through South China Sea (SCMP/WIONews/Caps) >>11010129 Kristen Welker and Schiff in Aspen from July 2019. DIGGS bun (Youtube/Various) >>11010104 "Time Has Come To Accept That Talks With China Won't Help": US National Security Adviser On Ladakh (NDTV) >>11010101, >>11010153 "China Has Deployed 60,000 Soldiers On India's Northern Border": Mike Pompeo (NDTV/ >>11010062, >>11010079 Orange Revolution Comms (Caps) >>11010000 Happy Programmers Day - Once in a Lifetime? >>11009995, >>11010150 SKY FALLING YET DEEP STATE? (Caps) >>11009985 Migrant caravans restart as pandemic deepens the humanitarian crisis at the US-Mexico border (TheConversation) >>11009969 Professor charged in China case sues Harvard over legal fees (ABCNews) >>11009958 Pentagon Briefing on removing VMAP-2 gene (gene for spirituality) via vaccines - FunVax (Youtube) >>11009939, >>11010019 PB Post? David Daleiden victimized by Kamala Harris and AG Becerra? ( >>11009911 "Let's Open Schools and EEverything Again…" Lesson Not Learned: Europe Unprepared as 2nd Virus Wave Hits Europe’s second wave of coronavirus infections has struck well before flu season even started (US News) >>11009903 Human Trafficking: Border Patrol agents discover 100 people in refrigerated trailer (Chron) >>11009896 Time to DeFund MPR (biased/ political agenda based propaganda/ 1984 hate spreading speech)-Federal Funding in Doubt, MPR Turns to MN Taxpayers2/1/2017 (Various) >>11009877, >>11009887 Diggs on Board members of Quest Diagnostics. Quest processes >33% of lab tests and all specimens for (Various) >>11009851, >>11010043, >>11010098, >>11010099, >>11010214, >>11010246, >>11010258, >>11010313, >>11010360, >>11010366 Things to remember… (Various) >>11009824 Look at this little hit piece - Here's Why Cal Trump Cunningham Has Lost So Much Support in the Active Duty Military (TIME) >>11009822 "I Called Everyone in Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book" (Mother Jones) >>11009781 Anon suggestion for Global Notable. ( Volunter) >>11009774 Grabbing popcorn intensifies. Pompeo On (Fox_ >>11009773 Washington Examiner: South Carolina senatorial debate canceled after Lindsey Graham refuses challenger's demand to take COVID-19 test (Washington Examiner) >>11009767, >>11009772 CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION SEIZED NEARLY 1,300 POUNDS OF PASTRIES CONTAINING EGG PRODUCTS THAT “POSE A HIGH RISK TO AMERICAN AGRICULTURE” AND HEALTH ENTERING THE COUNTRY VIA CHINA. (The National Pulse) >>11010422 #14083 #14082 Posted in `84 >>11009180, >>11009195, >>11009212, >>11009238, >>11009276, >>11009323, >>11009444, >>11009480, >>11009682, >>11009689, >>11009693 Why is it so wrong to mention Jewish History? Anons Investigate /comms/ attempts to control and their subversion tactics >>11009730 Reminder CPS does Child Trafficking (Epoch Times) >>11009577 Nervous Investors Buy Gold At Record Pace On US Election Fears (Forbes) >>11009556 Border Patrol agents discover 100 people in refrigerated trailer (Chron) >>11009527 U.S. Signs Agreement With AstraZeneca to Develop, Supply COVID-19 Antibody Treatment (USNews) >>11009525 NTY Trump hit piece (NYTimes) >>11009507 Senior member of notorious bikie gang charged over accessing 'child abuse material' ( >>11009493 Partygoers fined $21k in fines for breaching Melbourne's COVID-19 restrictions ( >>11009467 Watch The Water Updates South China Seas Edition (Various) >>11009466 Donald Trump Says He Is ‘Medication Free’ After Coronavirus Treatments (Breitbart) >>11009461 Nearly 500,000 power outages reported across Texas & Louisiana as Hurricane Delta pummels gulf coast with 80mph gusts (RT) >>11009442 Hillary Clinton Slams Trump’s ‘Failures’, Urges Pentagon Cuts to Face ‘Asymmetrical Threats’ (Sputnik) >>11009400 Moar Celebrity Citizens Endorsing Incarcerated Individuals (TMJ4 News/Twitter) >>11009359 A National Security Reckoning How Washington Should Think About Power - By [HRC] (Foreign Affairs) >>11009351 The Chinese Spy employer Diane Feinstein says Fuck masks. Good for her. (Fox) >>11009318 Grennell Shares Gays For Trump Citizen Endorsement From TJ Chang on (Twitter) >>11009241 The Finders (Youtube) >>11009239, >>11009486 PencilNeck Schiff on Bill Red Shoes Mayer (Youtube) >>11009190, >>11009568 Habbenings Calendar (Caps) >>11009125 Educational or Indoctrination? (Youtube) >>11009111, >>11009122, >>11009245 Michigan Sheriff says plot to kidnap Whitmer LEGAL (Daily >>11009083 "Malta you say?": The Supreme Court In Historical Perspective (Buzzfeed News) >>11009076 New #US sanctions on #Iran, effectively cut the Middle Eastern country off from the world finance system. (Jerusalem Post) >>11009052 Upside Down? Connected? (Caps/Twitter) >>11009044, >>11009079 Seattle Pride petitions for a popular radio hosts job terminated resulting in a suspension by the Seattle Seahawks after he posted a tweet about the irony of Gov. Inslees appeal to science in the debates and in a state where someone can legally change their birth gender. (Seattle Times/Seattle Pride) >>11009041 They Want You DIVIDED (Cap) >>11009040, >>11009045 Diggs on Board members of Quest Diagnostics (Various) >>11009030 Pompeo: "They're Not Deleted (Newsmax) >>11009021, >>11009332, >>11009453, >>11009563, >>11009650 Things To Remember… (Various) >>11009015 Philippe Reines is a gross weirdo (Washington Examiner) >>11009004 Anon reports attack in local area "Bear" comms? MS-13 hit? (209 Times) >>11008997 New Hillary Emails ( >>11008995 Who is Caprixia? (Daily >>11010563 #14082


>>11008422 planefaggin

>>11008843 Kristen Welker mysteriously deletes her entire twitter account

>>11008795 As pandemic restrictions on indoor shopping ease, mall owners sue to stop another shutdown

>>11008737, >>11008825 BREAKING: Fed judge McFadden rules DC Mayor's #COVID19 cap of 100 ppl at religious services violates Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which doesnt apply to state and local governments, but does to feds & DC.

>>11008654 Yolo County (CA) mails incorrect election ballots to 581 voters. Here’s the plan to fix it

>>11008653 What part of "Nothing can stop what is coming" doesn't CNN get?

>>11008569 The Editors of NEJM Trump Hit Piece disclose their “Conflicts of Interests”

>>11008557 Returning to normal after COVID-19 won’t be easy, Fauci warns UC Berkeley panel

>>11008524 One Step Closer to Despotism?

>>11008469 Rubini recommends Oliver Stone's Ukraine documentary, same playbook happening now in US with riots, violence, antifa, BLM

>>11008444 A senior Iranian official has given Newsweek his country's response to President Donald Trump's harsh language against the Islamic Republic

>>11008424 Pentagon taps SpaceX to build cargo transport able to ship weapons anywhere in one hour

>>11008362 "Immunity passports" in the context of COVID-19

>>11008345 Sperry: spygate investigation slow walked


>>11008910 #14081


>>11007912 Potus: I was honored to receive the first ever Presidential Endorsement from the Florida Police Chiefs Association. Thank you

>>11007910 Tonight, a small group of gay conservative men came together to unite in a pledge to support @realDonaldTrump.

>>11007775 Ingraham Angle. Laura talks about Dr. Fauci and his globalist plan in research paper for pdf

>>11007695 POTUS Schedule for the Weekend of October 10th and 11th 2020

>>11007697 US Army Twat: "Plenty of food and water is available for our greatest asset, our Soldiers, while they are sheltered at Fort Polk for the incoming Hurricane Delta.

>>11007680 Franklin Cty, OH Board of Elections twat: We can now confirm that 49,669 voters received an incorrect ballot.

>>11007662, >>11007737 WH photos acct

>>11007651 Trump personnel office weighs asking appointees to offer their resignations

>>11007626 Yelp Says It Will Mark Pages of Businesses Accused of Racist Conduct

>>11007597 Red Sox owner to take Fenway Sports public through merger with RedBall

>>11007562 Clinton emails on the US State department site

>>11007518 Disgraced former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann

>>11007515 President Donald Trump criticized Fox News on Friday in some of his sharpest rhetoric to date

>>11007504 Dan Scavino

>>11007491 Space Helmet Muzzle Launched Just-in-Time for ‘New Normal’ Travel

>>11008174 #14080

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