Notables 14060 -14069



>>10999193 planefaggin

>>10999594 anon bun

>>10999591 Refresher: Halliburton through subsidiary KBR, was deep into war profiteering, human trafficking in Bosnia in the cult staged Balkan War.

>>10999552 Sperry: AG Barr buckled in most momentous battle in Washington's history. He had 19 mos to armor up & win this battle.

>>10999391 POTUS on Levin tonite

>>10999356 Skeptical of USPS cuts, Philadelphia voters hand-deliver ballots instead

>>10999336, >>10999346 Follow the Pen

>>10999334 Another Media Myth Torn Apart: New UK Study Reveals Cambridge Analytica Did Not Act Improperly During 2016 Campaign


>>10999315 In It Together

>>10999283 2016 Senate report on CIA torture is one step closer to disappearing

>>10999267 "Shift to Armed Human Smuggling in South Texas Worries Feds"

>>10999260 It's OK to give children of 10 puberty blockers': NHS gender identity clinic says some children understand sex so can consent to medication

>>10999259 SpaceX and the U.S. military plan to build a reusable 7,500mph rocket that can deliver 80 tonnes of cargo, including weapons, anywhere in the world in 60 minutes-

>>10999163 Turtle disagreed with covid19 protocols at WH

>>10999152 Twitter Locks Account of Ric Grenell over Voter Fraud Warning

>>10999147 FLYWILLVOTE.COM registered 20 min before fly lands on Pence's head.

>>10999120 Q T displayed on street

>>10999109 Report: ESPN Preparing to Lay Off Hundreds

>>10999082 Outsourced: China to Broadcast NBA Games Again as U.S. Audience Collapses

>>10999053 Rosen has argued the Horowitz report spygate in lieu of Durham

>>10999039 Tehran accuses Washington of ‘economic terrorism’ after US sanctions major Iranian banks

>>10999026, >>10999068, >>10999110 The young woman was killed in a satanic ritual by two MS-13 members after she disrespected their shrine to Satanism, prosecutors said Thursday

>>10999752 #14069

#14068 >>10998372, >>10998489, >>10998701 planefaggin >>10998844 Anonymous Officials Unleash On Trump For Wanting Afghan Pullout By Christmas >>10998830 Pakistan bans TikTok over ‘immoral & indecent’ content >>10998827 Attorney General William P. Barr Announces Publication of Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework >>10998818 Princeton is replacing Woodrow Wilson with a new one named after CEO Mellody Hobson who is married to George Lucas >>10998800 Archive Update >>10998793 Former Commander of Naval Station Guantanamo Bay Sentenced to Prison >>10998782 Nancy Pelosi Calls For 17-Member 'Standing Committee' On Presidential Fitness >>10998763 Bill Barr Gives China Joe a Kiss: AG Tells GOP Leaders DOJ Investigation into Obamagate Scandal Won’t Be Released Until AFTER Electio >>10998747 Hillary Clinton: ‘We Still Don’t Know What Really Happened’ in the 2016 Election >>10998743 Finance measures meant to expel ‘merchants’ from the temple, >>10998703 Appeals Court rejects extension of Wisconsin absentee ballot deadline, reversing lower court >>10998694, >>10998727 Rush said that Barr told Republicans that the Durham "Report" won't be out before the election/DURHAM DOESN'T PUT OUT REPORTS… HE INDICTS!!!!!!??????????? >>10998677 Devon Archer — Hunter Biden’s Ukraine/China Business Partner — Has Fraud Conviction Re-Instated by Appeals Court and Faces Prison Time >>10998576 POTUS to be medically evaluated on live tv >>10998538 Outside groups pour tens of millions of dollars into Amy Coney Barrett confirmation fight >>10998528 I Didn’t Vote For Trump In 2016, But I’d Crawl Over Broken Glass To Vote For Him Now >>10998475 77-year-old Michigan barber who fought executive orders calls for charges against him to be dropped after court ruling >>10998474 Kayleigh CLOCK WATCH…. Has not moved!! >>10998472 Judge Drops Massive Bomb On Clinton Foundation Reveals IRS Cover-up Judge Blows Roof Off Protection Racket In Moynihan & Doyle 2.5 Billion Case Against Clintons >>10998419 DOJ asks Supreme Court to reinstate death penalty for Boston Marathon bomber >>10998410 I like this play by McCarthy. Just a hint that Speaker Nutbag is a bit unstable. >>10998394, >>10998685 Pelosi Says 25th Amendment Move Is Not About Trump. Is It Preparation to Remove Joe Biden?! >>10998367 Refresher: The Bank Of England (along with other central banks) will be directly releasing digital currency soon >>10998365 Pelosi Invested up to $1 Million in Crowdstrike >>10998353 Dick Cheney's Halliburton: a corporate case study >>10998335 Coronavirus stimulus: McConnell pessimistic as President Trump pushes for deal before election >>10998974 #14068 #14067 >>10997579, >>10997941 planefaggin >>10998033 Body language on the debate. >>10998004, >>10998110 Anon that broke the Antifa kidnappers yesterday got into the federalist today >>10997990 President Trump Tells Seniors He’ll Sign Emergency Use Authorization To Make Regeneron Available To Them >>10997943 ICYMI:ARRESTED: Democrat Candidate For Mayor In TX, Zul Mohamed, Charged With 109 Felonies Related To Voter Fraud >>10997894, >>10997502 [C_A] - Operation Merlin > (supposedly fake) USA Nuke Secrets Transferred to IRAN/Hapsel >>10997874 Haliburton CEO Arrested on Prostitution Charges with Underage Girls >>10997805 President Trump is Doing Better in Battleground Polls Against Biden than He Did Against Hillary >>10997732 Fil-Swiss joins Vatican guard >>10997731 Planet Fitness CEO sold : $16.34m-Oct 7-8 >>10997724 Potus: he said 'clean out' hospitals….not 'clear out' >>10997720 SPREADSHEET & OFF-SITE GALLERIES ARE UPDATED >>10997708, >>10997798, >>10997871 DOJ slaps Yale with lawsuit over ‘at least 50 years’ of discrimination, claiming it put WHITE & Asian applicants at disadvantage >>10997663, >>10997665, >>10997676, >>10997683 Potus: WE HAVE A CURE >>10997653 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to United Nations World Food Programme for ‘efforts to combat hunger’ >>10997637 Tehran accuses Washington of ‘economic terrorism’ after US sanctions major Iranian banks >>10997543 Rigged: The Chairman of the Presidential Debate Commission is Co-Founder of “Color Revolution” Org Linked to Steele Dossier and More >>10997533 BREAKING: Stone Cold Crazy Nancy Pelosi Announces BS Investigation into President Trump’s Mental Health vid >>10997525 Today is the last day to register to vote in NY for the November 3 election. >>10997522, >>10997524, >>10997602 Potus LIVE >>10997517 Potus: Crazy Nancy Pelosi is looking at the 25th Amendment in order to replace Joe Biden with Kamala Harris. The Dems want that to happen fast, Sleepy Joe is out of it!!! >>10998205 #14067 #14066 Much appreciation to d'oh, 8kun exclusive GOLD, STF'lous note collecta! >>10996735, >>10996746, >>10996773, >>10996749, >>10996850, >>10996953 US Mint Twat Will Charge $67 For Each 1-Ounce Uncirculated American Silver Eagle Coin In Just Five Days eyes on >>10996810 DOJ Warns of Possible ‘Oncoming Storm’ in Report Detailing Dangers of Terrorist Use of Crypto-coindesk Oct 8 >>10996814 Vatican gambled donations on derivatives-churchmilitant >>10996823, >>10996859, >>10997197 For the D5 fags…and newfags >>10996839 china virus explosion in germany >>10996932, >>10996974 Nancy Pelosi Calls For 17-Member 'Standing Committee' On Presidential Fitness-zh >>10996954, >>10996515 (LB) pf report(s) >>10996979 moar on Gates foundation change in CFO…anon has questions on timing of it all >>10997076 anon submits compiled list of Republicans that are fighting >>10997107 Rush Live Starting at 12:00 EST-newstalk1290 link >>10997113 China Will Broadcast An NBA Game For The First Time Since October 2019 With Game 5 Of The Finals-Nusfeed havign a ratings problem? kek! >>10997118 Michigan worker gets 13 stitches after slicing fingers on booby-trapped Trump-Pence sign-thehill >>10997135 Fox News cut ties with a frequent guest after he called Kamala Harris an 'insufferable lying b—-' on >>10997151, >>10997157, >>10997210, >>10997230 Debate commission claims Steve Scully's Twitter account hacked after Scaramucci tweet makes waves-backing up a hacked lie foxnews via soc media >>10997231, >>10997249 Hussein twat and Samantha Power twat..possible connections? you decide >>10997278 Hillbags Twat stroking Biden "Like other crises in American history, the COVID-19 pandemic requires a rethinking of our national security priorities to ensure we come back stronger" >>10997281 McAfee update from Spanish Prison soc. media >>10997340 Pompeo: What a momentous trip to Japan. >>10997386 Yelp to begin labeling businesses ‘accused’ of racist behavior >>10997429 #14066 #14065 >>10996572 Kevin Corke twat >>10996608 HRC email server BUN >>10996529 Chinese PLA staged in western Canada? >>10996479 Montana Democrat Governor Withholds COVID Funds From Tribe Whose Leadership Endorsed Republicans >>10996415 Catholic bishop says Pope Francis is deeply concerned about German Church >>10996350 Hell to pay in the clash of the cardinals George Pell and Giovanni >>10996335, >>10996528 Sara Carter - Pelosi will introduce legislation to try to oust Trump from office >>10996273 Abuse survivors despair as Pell conspiracy breaks cover >>10996237 Anon on theory about listening devices (POTUS/Rand Paul) >>10996184 Code Orange >>10996231 FB Q accts being reported >>10996212 Lin Wood: Feels like storm cloud is slowly descending over country. As if darkness is dimming light. >>10996200 McEnamy: the only one who needs the 25th Amendment is Nancy Pelosi herself. >>10996186, >>10996290 Something is going out with Germany >>10996178 Candace Owens: CV19 could have killed me today, md's refusing to treat due to gov't mandates >>10996177 Former Commander of Naval Station Guantanamo Bay Sentenced to Prison >>10996176 DJT retweet >>10996173 Another VP debate poll on Twatt >>10996166 Federal Judge Drops Massive Bomb on Clinton Foundation, Reveals IRS Cover Up — Judge Blows Roof Off Protection Racket in Moynihan & Doyle $2.5 BILLION Case Against Clinton’s-truepundit >>10996064, >>10996171, >>10996189, >>10996220 Broadway shutdown extended to next summer >>10996040, >>10996055 Postal Comms >>10996020, >>10996515 Planefags aloft >>10995995, >>10996003 Anon suspects that POTUS picked Haspel BECAUSE of her involvement in the coup. >>10995969 Wheeler vs Iannarone in Portland: Pot, meet Kettle >>10995967 Barr - no Durham report before elections >>10995965, >>10996341 Trump is on RUSH today >>10995954, >>10996003 Haspel swearing in ceremony y/t vid link-from May 2018 >>10996665 #14065 #14064

>>10995831, >>10995858, >>10995854, >>10995862 Anon theory: Combat tactics

>>10995850 BLM rioters move into rich, liberal suburb as resident complains that they are supporters

>>10995804 Vice President Mike Pence cancels trip to Indianapolis, will return to D.C. Thursday night

>>10995779, >>10995786 John Brennan on Late Show discuss book and election security

>>10995769 Fed-up Kirstie Alley RIPS transparently biased CNN reporter

>>10995724 Anon looks at the background for VP debate: "evil" for Harris, "light" for Pence

>>10995719 Jordan joins Gulf Arab states to allow overflights to and from Israel

>>10995713 A Record 56% of Americans Say They Are Better Off Today Than They Were Four Years Ago Under Obama-Biden

>>10995665, >>10995704, >>10995727 Carnival Splendor fire leaves cruise passengers stranded and Missilie off CA coast from 2010

>>10995750, >>10995777, >>10995665 More digging on guilded missiles re recent Q post

>>10995699 TikTok banned in Pakistan for "immoral and indecent content"

>>10995680 Sundance article on Durham

>>10995664 Top model who vanished from New York a year ago found 'confused' in Brazil slum

>>10995586 Planefags aloft

>>10995456 Short encouraging vid re: Spiritual Warfare

>>10995508 Corey's digs on Gates Foundation

>>10995482 So the entire Cambridge Analytica controversy was basically fake?

>>10995422, >>10995523 Chuck Ross on The Yelpification of America

>>10995382 Deported Child Sex Offender Arrested Moving Around Texas Checkpoint

>>10995375 Will new missile be on display at North Korea annual parade?

>>10995284 Adam Housley thread

>>10995661, >>10995290 North Korea’s missing ambassador may be most senior defector since 1997

>>10995336 Missouri Governor Says He’ll Pardon St. Louis Couple Who Pointed Guns at Protesters

>>10995304 Twitter is Censoring #Obamagate and #Russiagate Hashtags — It Could Hurt Joe Biden

>>10995211 Wauwatosa Livestream video

>>10995143 Trump will give first on-air interview on Fox News tonight since getting COVID-19

baker change

>>10995284 Retired SR state department official wrote a letter to the FBI as a whistleblower

>>10995317 Clockfags

>>10995286 4TheKEKz: Mosaic of Kamala Out of Hundreds of the Black Men She Locked Up

>>10995282 Texas Dem House Candidate Hasn’t Lived in Texas for Years

>>10995274 Bill Barr isn't going to act before the election

>>10995186 “Alice in Wonderland”. Anyone read this article about the DNC hacker

>>10995178 CIA Digz

>>10995177 Pelosi Will Re-Unveil 'How to Remove a President Without an Election'

>>10995149 James Baker Dig

>>10995128 Trump will give first on-air interview on Fox 2Nite!

>>10995126 (You) Same 'ol Shit, Fight Fight Fight!

>>10995058 FL: Gov. DeSantis extended the deadline for 1 more day to accommodate.

>>10995019 Morning sun brings heat.



>>10994901 ATF vs the Q "Honey Badger" ~ Rex Reviews (RATED-R)

>>10994848 NBC: Kennedy and Nixon had a remote debate in 1960. Here’s what it looked like.

>>10994776 USAF: Rise and Shine

>>10994716, >>10994750 PF reports

>>10994642 Am Thinker: The End of Covid Hysteria

>>10994594 DEEP STATE FEAR: Former FBI GC James Baker’s Notes Released Yesterday

>>10994570 Biden on packing the court

>>10994568 USArmy EU: #FlashbackFriday

>>10994538 Posobiec loves Clinton's Twat

>>10994522 GWP: Thief Grabbing Mail, Election Ballots From People’s Mailboxes

>>10994516 Punk Icon John Lydon Says He Is Voting for President Trump

>>10994511 Democrats to unveil bill to create commission on 'presidential capacity'

>>10994493 New Baker

>>10994463 58M VP Debate Watchers Second-Most All Time

>>10994441 Progressives, including 'Squad,' release agenda to push Biden to the left

>>10994433 John Brennan, Hillary’s Helper

>>10994418 NYC cancels $900M deferred payout to teachers, cites financial crisis

>>10994378 Nancy Pelosi’s latest coup-coup nonsense

>>10994363 , >>10994276 Detainment Camps in Canada

>>10994369 Federal appeals court reinstates criminal convictions of Hunter Biden's business partner

>>10994203 , >>10994337, >>10994223, >>10994212, >>10994215, >>10994356, >>10994379, >>10994400, >>10994425 See the LOS Missile

>>10994338 , >>10994349, >>10994358 Leif Erikson

>>10994326 US Congressman (R-TX) writes EPA: We have reason to believe the #CCP is FUNNELING $ to Biden’s campaign through “green” groups.

>>10994308 WE Charity's board members served on Counterpart International


>>10994292 Fmr Democrat Candidate Matt Trowbridge looks on as Biden dances with a minor

>>10994279 DARPA Military Training

>>10994177 Looks like Dementia Joe is going to debate himself

>>10994170, >>10994228, >>10994282, PF

>>10994167 Dan Scavino

>>10994928 #14063


>>10994048 Nancy Pelosi's bungling scheme

>>10994003, >>10994009 WE Charity and its former board members, links to Clinton Foundation

>>10993856 Chuck Grassley asking questions about the Pentagons'Jedi cloud

>>10993787 The Quantum Internet Will Blow Your Mind. Here’s What It Will Look Like

>>10993773 Missile within the drop? Line of Sight Nasty arrows

>>10993717 Dear Mr. President of the USA. UK Patriot

>>10993647 Quite the programming schedule CSPAN had going yesterday

>>10993639 , >>10993654, >>10993680 Q694 What if cures already exist?

>>10993490 , >>10994098 White House release: Proclamation on Leif Erikson Day, 2020 Issued on: October 8, 2020

>>10993487 Dan Scavino

>>10993477 North Korea may show new missiles at weekend military parade

>>10993476, >>10993486 , DNI Statement on Support to Durham Investigation

>>10993462 HRC Projecting on POTUS

>>10993454 , >>10993471 Obama's birth certificate. Never forget. Loretta Fuddy.

>>10993429 President Obama (Barry Sotero) and Pakistani friend Hasan Chandoo

>>10993426 Federal Judge Drops Massive Bomb on Clinton Foundation, IRS Cover Up, Protection Racket in Moynihan & Doyle $2.5 BILLION Case Against Clinton’s

>>10993408 DJT retweets US postal worker in New Jersey arrested, accused of dumping mail and election ballots

>>10993380 , >>10993452, Q4835 In it TOGETHER

>>10993377 Brennan Reacts To Trump's Call To Have Biden Jailed

>>10993536 , >>10993585, >>10993498, >>10993549, >>10993636, >>10993608, >>10993562, >>10993558 Refresher Gina Haspel

>>10994137 #14062


>>10993088 CIA Welcomes New Deputy Director January 9, 2015 /Brennan

>>10993047 Q DROP #4303 CIA's Use of Journalists and Clergy in Intelligence Operations

>>10993036 last Q has stenographic data–Pixelknot

>>10993026 Trump’s former intelligence chief (Dan Coats) told him to be careful with Devin Nunes

>>10992966 Moar Ed Buck

>>10992870, >>10992910, >>10992935 Refresher: Zbig/Brennan/OBAMA HISTORY INCLUDING PAKI COLLEGE COUCH BUDDY/

>>10992818 Judge Drops Massive Bomb On Clinton Foundation Reveals IRS Cover-up Judge Blows Roof Off Protection Racket In Moynihan & Doyle 2.5 Billion Case Against Clintons

>>10992811 State Dept whistleblower of CF?

>>10992797 are we at the closing act yet?

>>10992794 DAN TWEETS - La Cross, Wisconsin MAGA2020

>>10992743 RR

>>10992661, >>10992742 Vaughn F. Bishop Deputy Director, Central Intelligence Agency

>>10993316 #14061


>>10992445 PF update

>>10992519 CIA diggz

>>10992237 Refresher: Zbigniew Brzezinski

>>10992164 John Brennan reported to James Clapper!

>>10992159, >>10992165 DNI -> Dan Coats or Clapper, AG -> Lynch / Yates / Boente, CIA- Brennan ?

>>10992147 Thief grabs mail, ballots from North County neighborhood | FOX 5 San Diego

>>10992145 "Seattle Interim Police Chief Adrian Diaz announced an update to a new program to get more officers on the streets

>>10992015 The 9th World Water Forum

>>10992014 the world knows RR

>>10991972 Sperry: well beyond the frustration seen over last 2 years over AG Barr's failure to deliver critical information to voters ahead of the election

>>10991964 diggz on Liz Vogt, or Elizabeth Vogt, read the thread. More names released daily.

>>10991946 Refresher: Clinton lawyer kept Russian dossier project closely held/Marc Elias

>>10991943 Huawei to participate in construction of Russia’s high-tech super highways

>>10991880 White House installs a campaign veteran at the CIA

>>10992546 #14060

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