Notables 14040-14049


#14049 >>10983627, >>10983517, >>10983352, >>10983637, >>10983694, >>10983915 International News >>10983337, >>10983486, >>10983695, >>10983673, MOAR Comms Tranparency >>10983586, >>10983919, >>10983963 PF >>10983295 Color Revolution Multi-Graphic >>10983300 Attorney General William P. Barr Announces Publication of Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework >>10983304 Idiots in the NFL/NBA >>10983307 The Joint Staff Twitter >>10983310 New POTUS Video >>10983317 Former Intel Officials Scramble To Downplay Ratcliffe's Russiagate Releases >>10983327 Hillary Clinton - There he goes, projecting again. >>10983328 Here it is…..the reason for michigan false flag >>10983329 Have you wondered why Biden/Harris REFUSE to condemn China? >>10983333 Killary saying Potus is Projecting. 2 Year Delta of Q2369 Timestamp Proves? >>10983348 Trump is an actual meme god. >>10983355 US-China standoff creating conditions similar to pre-WWI Europe, Kissinger warns >>10983368 Gen. Stanley McChrystal Says He Agonized Over Decision to Endorse Biden >>10983390 NO! Kamala and China Joe – Stop Carrying Water for China! US Economy Was ON FIRE While China Was Imploding Due to President Trump’s Trade Deal >>10983425 CBS DFW: Texas mayoral candidate Zul Mirza Mohamed arrested and charged with 109 counts of voter fraud >>10983447 McCabe on CNN tie Russia and Trump to Michigan plot >>10983458 COVID-19 Is 'Unrestricted Bioweapon': Whistleblower Releases Second Paper Alleging 'Large-Scale, Organized Scientific Fraud' >>10983469 FBI Stonewalls Over Hunter Biden; Refuses To Provide Congress Answers On Burisma, China >>10983491 Vatican Used Donation Money To Fund Extremely Risky Bet On Hertz Credit Derivatives >>10983589 Senators Say CIA Director Is Withholding Trump-Russia Intel >>10983588 Couple charged in Smyrna Delaware child remains discovery case >>10983613 Nancy Pelosi Hints at Plot to Remove Trump from Office Before Election: ’25th Amendment’ >>10983646 Deported Child Sex Offender Arrested Moving Around Texas Checkpoint >>10983713 Fake News Washington Post - Trump is desperate, so ‘Obamagate’ is back. But it still makes no sense. >>10983716 The Biden Doctrine: Cheerlead Wars, Feign Ignorance Later >>10983732 A federal appeals court has blocked a decision to extend the deadline for counting absentee ballots in Wisconsin. Democrats will almost certainly appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. >>10983751 WHO (Accidentally) Confirms Covid is No More Dangerous Than Flu >>10983766 Microsoft cloud outages continue as Office and Outlook customers report problems >>10983782 “Great” …it’s looking like the man in charge of investigating the fraud for the Russia Hoax from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) is a “longtime FBI agent and a first responder to the scene” of Sandy Hook >>10983787 While meanwhile, the CCP has actually taken an innocent hostage…four days ago: >>10983789 Vote counting for the presidential race begins! >>10983796 Face with tears of joy Cunningham had sex with his mistress in his house after she flew across the country during a global pandemic >>10983805 POTUS Required Walter Reed Staff To Sign Nondisclosure Agreement In 2019 >>10983813 Brandon Caserta, one of the ringleaders of the group of men arrested for a plot where the group planned to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer >>10983820 GOP Representative Gooden Asks EPA and DOJ to Investigate China Funneling Donations to Biden Through ‘Green Groups’ >>10983840 ETSY INC Diggs >>10983844 FBI Refuses to Provide Answers to Congressional Inquiries Related to Hunter Biden’s Criminal Activities Revealed in Bombshell Senate Report >>10983860 Kamala Harris's Ratings Plummet As People Realize They'd Have To Listen To Her Voice For Next 4 Years >>10983861 Cali cities using lawsuits to impose climate policies on Texas, Exxon tells Supreme Court >>10983883 The CIA and the Media: 50 Historical Facts the World Needs to Know >>10983896 Let's still hope that it is possible to get rid of the DS… >>10983912 @CIA Twitter >>10983918 Look at the antifa flag in the background! - Brandon was going after COPS. >>10983924 The Hutaree militia wanted to start a war on the US government, federal officials argued. But a judge said the lack of any clear plans shows it was protected speech, not a criminal plot. >>10983977 #14049 #14048 - Collector Anon >>10982564 Ex-CEO of writes public letter explaining how the Obama administration tried to blackmail HRC so that they could control her for her 8 year presidency and then insert Big Mike. >>10982537 Russia now rejects such talk as ‘color revolution,’ but Vladimir Putin and Bill Clinton discussed removing Slobodan Milošević from power 20 years ago >>10982572 Glenn Beck was trying to warn us about George Soros years ago >>10982582, >>10982496 Trump on Rush Limbaugh show Friday >>10982584 Meadows and Google? >>10982585 Strategic Vision for America's Quantum Networks >>10982606 Etsy to Remove All QAnon Merch >>10982608 Fan-made tribute to V has the same music as Q drop >>10982644 AG Barr announced cryptocurrency enforecement framework >>10982645 Multiple unrelated Russian Bear stories today. >>10982659 UPDATE: Trump campaign agrees to Biden proposal to pushing the second debate to October 22 and a third debate on October 29 >>10982694 A Washington state-based naval aviator died late last month in a hiking accident, officials have confirmed. >>10982712 Susan Page, last night's debate moderator, is married to Carl P. Leubsdorf, a journalist who has spoken out AGAINST President Trump >>10982728 China is funelling $$ to Biden/Harris through The Sea Change Foundation, The Sierra Club and The Sunrise Movement. >>10982759 Fire engulfs 33 floor building in Ulsan, South Korea >>10982790 (You) color revolution series needs a bundle, this is part 5 >>10982841 Catherine Herridge @CBS_Herridge 9:14 AM · Oct 8, 2020 >>10982953 More Trump On Limbaugh >>10982967 Comey's loyalty was not to the Constitution and the people. It was to the Clintons. >>10983030 it was known and planned that the lock down would still be in place for the 2020 General Elections. >>10983064 Chris Wray is now stonewalling a Congressional investigation into Hunter Biden by refusing to turn over documents. >>10983275 FLOTUS: Thank you to the students in the Vida Del Norte “Active8” Drug-Free Communities program in NM who are finding fulfillment in internships, volunteering, & community involvement. >>10983283 cnn just gave away the plot on this michigan FF >>10983778 #14048


>>10981698 when saudi arabia normalizes ties with israel before halloween, can we call the game?

>>10981719 FBI HQ sent agents from its “Fly Team” to hack protestors' phones in Portland

>>10981736 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

>>10981784 Trump insults Harris as 'a monster' morning after vice presidential debate

>>10981802 White House Communications Director links to same speech as Q2351

>>10981855 Donald Trump Calls for AG Barr to Indict Joe Biden With 26 Days Until Election

>>10981869 Comms shop last night rewrote 10 breads worth of notables.

>>10981925 learn about astroturfing

>>10982071, >>10982096 Speaker Pelosi says 25th Amendment to be discussed tomorrow

>>10982106 The shill tactics are getting bizarre and esoteric because they can't figure out what we're going to do next.

>>10982054 The media called Trump a monster, which they created

>>10982158 FBI Stops Militia Plot to Kidnap Michigan Gov. Whitmer

>>10982167 we get so much hate from the media because we follow God above all, and that incenses them.

>>10982185 Biden OUT of Virtual Debate


>>10982100 Judge Orders Twitter To Unmask FBI Impersonator Who Set Off Seth Rich Conspiracy

>>10982355 new Quantum logo resembles Disney clock

>>10982434 USMC: Join us tonight for a performance by the Battle Color Detachment

>>10982410 #14047


>>10980988 Police raid DFB offices across Germany in tax fraud probe

>>10980992 The Trade War did not result in the loss of 300,000 jobs

>>10981002 As Maria Bartiromo tries to end the interview, Trump yells out of nowhere, "why isn't Hillary Clinton being indicted?!"

>>10981003 Q tipping us to Avenatti's tweet foreshadowing the SLBM assassination attempt.

>>10981006 noticing when a bad story comes out about china weird stories from china daily mail fuck with search results

>>10981015 today's Q-clock + Grassley status

>>10981043 John Podesta twit

>>10981047 Secretary of the Navy Announces the New Constellation-class Frigate

>>10981062 Marine Corps MV-22B Ospreys participate in the Weapons and Tactics Instructor course in #Holtville #California

>>10981063 SGT Report: Satanic Worship in World Politics.

>>10981099 Trump Administration Announces Quantum.Gov and Quantum Frontiers Report POSTED ON OCTOBER 7, 2020

>>10981194 Square buys $50 million in bitcoin, says cryptocurrency ‘aligns with company’s purpose’

#14046 >>10982003

#14045 Q Research General #14045: OUR POTUS STANDS WITH AND FOR THE PEOPLE. ALL ASSETS DEPLOYED. Edition >>10980857 Keep Your Eyes Focused On God. >>10980727 Eyes Open Anons. they are looking to FF HARD This week. >>10980724 John Miles was the light keeper at Amelia Island Light in FL in the late 1800s. Miles' leg was amputated and he used a prosthetic, but he continued to climb 45 feet of ladder to maintain the light twice a day. >>10980667 Computers scientists that made up phony story of Trump and Alpha Bank may be indicted by Durham >>10980644 Evergreen? >>10980608 Democrats Ad >>10980463 extra E in McCain(E) could point to E Charter Schools >>10980444 840,000 Americans Filed For First-Time Unemployment Benefits Last Week >>10980428, >>10980779 D5 >>10980397 CORNWATCH! >>10980391 Class Action Lawsuit Time Soon Anons. >>10980389 Biden PRO Paris Accord >>10980379 U.S. Army won't require Army Combat Fitness Test scores in training ~ What Branch of the Military was Aquiano? >>10980312 In Jesus Name it is done. Stay Blessed Anons >>10980297 The #FBI honors Supervisory Special Agent Rex Aaron Stockham, who died #OTD in 2016 from cancer connected to his response to the crash site in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, the day of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. #NeverForget >>10980269 Let Anons Guess… BLM? Where did the $1 billion NYC took away from the NYPD go? >>10980259, >>10980270 POTUS LIVE FOX BIZ >>10980251 In a 16-hour sortie, our #B1B Lancers flew over the Arctic Circle and passed directly over the North Pole to perform interoperability training with the Norwegian air force. #StrongerTogether #alwaysready >>10980243 Guess The Scripture! >>10980212 AOC to VP Pence: ‘It’s Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez to you’ >>10980211, >>10980219 Promises Made Promises Kept >>10980865 #14045 #14044 Part Two >>10980082, >>10980094 PF BHO? >>10980086, >>10980088 Alert: Commission: 2nd Trump-Biden debate will be 'virtual' amid concerns about Trump's COVID-19 >>10980065, >>10980087 Dan The Man, The Myth, the Legend, - The Barbarian >>10980049 "Can music be healing?" Does this refer to Tesla's frequency healing machine? >>10980030 Looking for Evidence of the Construction of Iran’s New Centrifuge Assembly Plant: New Possible Preparations Identified >>10980008 Busta Rhymes ~ The Prophecy Symbolisms Frens. >>10979968 Huawei: (UK)MPs claim 'clear evidence of collusion' with Chinese Communist Party >>10979966, >>10979967, >>10979974, >>10979995 Adorn Your Armour Of God Anons ~ Thank You BiblaAnon Morning Scripture Isaiah, Psalms >>10979950 Iranian Terror Proxies Prop Up Venezuela’s Maduro, Report Says >>10979927, >>10979983 Bill Binney: Of the NSA Discusses True origin of Russiagate [Excerpt] >>10979868 Restaurant menus are getting smaller. Here's what some big chains are dropping, FDA Temporarily Allowing Food Ingredient Swaps Without Label Changes (Alarming) >>10979855, >>10979897 ETSY RETAINS ANTIFA GEAR! SUPPORTER OF TERRORISM! ANONS DO NOT BURN CITIES TO THE GROUND AND ATTACK RESIDENCES >>10979816 They Want You To Be Afraid >>10979815 Bill O'Reilly Pummels J Rubin O'Reilly the Best Notetaker. Best Bloviator. KEEP IT PITHY BABY! >>10979796 Armenia Dismisses National Security Chief >>10979787 Rising Cricketer Inspires >>10979727 "What a Beautiful Black Sky…" >>10979704 Paul Ryan - delegate recount scam and BO from declaring fraud >>10979703, >>10979758, >>10979873 If Not Racism - SEXISM ALL THE ISMS - How You Know Kamala Lost… Stephanopoulos: “A Lot of People Were Noticing Some Mansplaining Going On Tonight” (VIDEO) >>10979690 Midnight Oil Burning From Rudy Giuliani The constant smiling and smirking are usual for CLOWNS not superior trial lawyers. It’s the refuge of the incompetent who can’t think on their feet and develop a strong counter attack. >>10979649, >>10979669 Brad Parscale cried during arrest, told officers his wife won’t have sex with him >>10979624 Texas Dem House Candidate Hasn’t Lived in Texas for Years Helane Seikaly used parents' address to vote in Texas while she lived in California >>10979571 Donald Trump: The epitome of American grit >>10980103 #14044 #14044 Part One >>10979567 Arbitrator or Curator…WATCH: Moderator Opens Debate With Loaded Question On Coronavirus, Hitting Trump Admin >>10979549 JANE WONDA Ageless Jane Fonda, 82, looks amazing in stiletto boots and a scarlet blazer, dress and gloves >>10979539 In the past two decades JPMorgan alone has paid more than $30 billion in fines for money laundering and scamming the public. Their CEO is Jamie Dimon, who ought to be in prison for the rest of his life. The problem is that the fines are only a fraction of the money-laundering profits, so essentially the governments are being given a kickback for allowing the big banks to continue their criminal activity. >>10979532, >>10979563, >>10979716 Remember when they lied about checking the e-mails and it's legality on the news? You remember when Roger Stone got Arrested because Of Seth Rich and Coris too. >>10979524 The Mathematics of emotion the formal mathematical theory, Reflexive control theory was developed by the mathematician Vladimir Lefevre who did his early work in Russia but now at UC Irvine, emeritus. >>10979522, >>10979946 Thought Police! Facebook's actions against QAnon are overdue — and may not be enough, experts say >>10979516 Ellen DeGeneres’ TV Ratings Are Tanking After Toxic Workplace Allegations >>10979513, >>10979536, >>10979626, >>10979634, >>10979656, >>10979660, >>10979705, >>10979713 Things to remember… >>10979505 CNN’s Jake Tapper Tries to Explain Away Kamala’s Trainwreck Debate Performance by Saying She is a Woman (VIDEO) >>10979488, >>10979503 On the Russia topic, some Maria Butina legal docs, given Byrne is in the notes here: Ex-CEO Patrick Byrne related.. >>10979482, >>10979490 Homeowner Confronts Armed Rioters Smashing Homes in Wisconsin: ‘Do You Know How Many People Who Support You Live on This Street?’ (VIDEO) >>10979465 The theory was even debunked in special counsel Robert Mueller's report. >>10979463 Army Reserve: We’re Opening An Investigation Into Cunningham; Mistress’ Husband Demands Cunningham Withdraw >>10979458, >>10979471, >>10979472, >>10979619 FlyGate just got VERY Interesting…Annnnd Checked. Good Work Anons. >>10979457 Less Cleanup after the fact poor souls. Cashier at Business Being Pillaged By Black Lives Matter Rioters Hands Out Plastic Bags to Help Mob Carry Their Looted Goods (VIDEO) >>10979438, >>10979454 Are Americans Tired of Being Called ‘Racist’ Yet? Michelle Obama makes her “closing argument” for Biden.+Moar on Bidan >>10979432, >>10979445, >>10979468 Pence Aces The Audition >>10979423 Shadow Donors to Facebook Fact Checker >>10979410, >>10979436 Why Won’t They Give Up on Flynn? Because It Leads Right to Obama/Biden This article appears in the October 9, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review. >>10979403 Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has approved the release to the Department of Justice of a large binder full of documents to assist a review of the Obama administration’s handling of the Trump-Russia investigation, according to a source with direct knowledge of the materials and confirmed by Ratcliffe. >>10979398 ID for everything but Elections? Unsound Logic. >>10979301, >>10979420, /comms/ Transparency >>10980106 #14044


>>10979018 PF

>>10979271 Is this Elder Abuse? August Article - Nursing homes accuse Washington state of diverting millions in federal COVID-19 funds to other state coffers

>>10979257, >>10979331 Butthurt forever - "Report that Trump may hold campaign event next week in Pittsburgh spurs criticism" - Conveniently COVID Cases Increase overnight

>>10979216, >>10979221, >>10979234 Big Drop /comms/ Transparency

>>10979136 Watch for those new talking points it's that time. USA Today's flygate obsession is WAY overboard.

>>10979065, >>10979256, >>10979386 Loren Culp smoked Governor Inslee tonight!!! Maybe there is hope for Washington State yet!

>>10978917 Submarine Launched Anti Aircraft Missles

>>10978914 Charges Filed Against Trans Elections Judge ‘Erika’ Bickford in Allentown, Pennsylvania — Including Tampering with Ballots

>>10978892 Mind-altering THC chemical in cannabis could help prevent and treat deadly COVID-19 complications by blocking harmful immune response, research shows..

>>10978888 Armenia Rocked By Pedophilia Scandal

>>10978702 Further delay is unacceptable': GOP senators demand CIA Director Gina Haspel hand over Trump-Russia documents

>>10978687, >>10979252 CONTROL THE POLL!

>>10978610, >>10978939 BLUF: Ex-CEO of writes public letter explaining how the Obama administration tried to blackmail HRC so that they could control her for her 8 year presidency and then insert Big Mike.

>>10978604, >>10978921, >>10979033, >>10979102 WERE THE POLICE GOING TO BE USED TO ROUND US UP? Disarm us? Why would he weaken the military and strengthen the police


>>10978569, >>10978596 Kamala Comms on stage

>>10978535, >>10978556 Leftists and RINOs, the minds of pure projectists. To cover their crimes, they accuse the Right of what they are guilty of. Communist playbook. Marxism

>>10978436, >>10978513 People Lie Numbers don't Kamala likability akin to Hillary

>>10978417, >>10978819, >>10978841, >>10978845, >>10978895, >>10978909, >>10978930, >>10979007, >>10979092, >>10979138, >>10979218 Things To Remember…

>>10978405, >>10978423, >>10978441, >>10978453, >>10978465, >>10978565, >>10978634, >>10978638, >>10978640, >>10978664, >>10978668, >>10978684, >>10978706, >>10978714, >>10978721, >>10978723, >>10978752, >>10978792 CGI Fly? Eye?

>>10978369, >>10978986 California Attorney General Kamala Harris has decided that she won't review the San Diego County Sheriff Department's findings that the bizarre death of Rebecca Zahau, the girlfriend of Scottsdale-based Medicis CEO Jonah Shacknai, was a suicide.

>>10978366 "America May Need International Intervention "

>>10979474 #14043

#14042 >>10978261 Free sub to OANN thru end of the year >>10978221 Republican MAGA Man protects a Liberal girl. FAITH IN HUMANITY restored! >>10978170 What Russia declassification looks like when bureaucrats get involved: a big black blob >>10978127 The prime minister's complete silence over Likud minister Gila Gamliel's lockdown breach and her lies about it prove once again that Benjamin Netanyahu is not even capable of keeping up the façade of true leadership >>10977632, >>10977635, >>10978103, >>10978129, >>10978185, >>10978222, >>10978234, >>10978279 Things to remember… >>10977616 Wallander digs cont. >>10977610 Even the animals know… CNN reporter attacked by a raccoon before going live at the White House >>10977609 ArchiveAnon >>10977594 Science under Trump: Four key moments >>10977593 Wow @GovInslee, two days after CHOP was established and earned local and national coverage and trended on Twitter, said "That's news to me… I've not heard anything about that." Then he laughed. >>10979182 #14042 #14041 >>10977442 ALL ASSETS DEPLOYED >>10977407 ALL CAPS COMMS? >>10977279 REAL TIME BOOK BURNING! USATODAY DELETES OLD POLL! PENCE WON MAKE HIM WIN AGAIN! >>10977277 Janna Ryan is the wife of U.S. Congressman and former Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan… >>10977265 LIVE in Boro Park, Brooklyn. They don't let us celebrate in the synagogue, so we celebrate in the street. (aka peaceful protester) >>10977065, >>10977127 Nightwatch >>10977196, >>10977358 Deltas… >>10977171, >>10977233 DOJ Meeting notes on Flynn day after interview >>10977154 Tear Gas Party! >>10977138, >>10977175, >>10977206, >>10977281 Fly A Fly. Not the content of the debate but… A Fly. This is the focus of the media. >>10977106 Anon Bun - Heros of the time. #14039 >>10977094, >>10977151 Further Bias Exposed: Speaking times at the debate. Reports that Pence was consistently cut off before the 2 minute or 1 minute mark and Kamala after the cut off times. >>10977026 Putin Hails Successful Launch of Zircon Hypersonic Cruise Missile as 'Major Event' for Russia >>10976913, >>10976987 Comms Transparency >>10976969, >>10977043, >>10977192, >>10977201, >>10977211, >>10977297, >>10977381, >>10977440 Pole Flippers - Watch the numbers >>10976908 Pompeo Seeks 'Asian NATO' To Counter China In Talks With Japan, India & Australia >>10976886 A good redpill video showing the seemingly innocent groups targeting young teens for insurgent actions, their goals, and who is behind them. >>10976859, >>10976863, >>10976871, >>10976896 Antifa takes it to suburban residences >>10976842, >>10976893, >>10976951, >>10977358 Things to Remember… >>10976841, >>10976875, >>10976940, >>10977182, >>10977223, >>10977248, >>10977288 Moar Wallander >>10976835 Pedophile Push in Cali {This was foretold.} >>10977472 #14041 #14040 >>10976186, >>10976296 PF >>10976666 Thank You ANONS! Wow missed a Q and noone said anything about it till now… Good catch anon Thank you. >>10976647 AFP Reports on Hong Kong's Cardinal Joseph Zen, 88 >>10976561 Marine Corps Assistant Commandant Is 2nd Top Military Leader to Contract COVID-19 >>10976532 Economic Achievements And Setbacks Of Erdogan’s Neo-Ottoman Empire >>10976524, >>10976552, >>10976573, >>10976582 Exclusive: U.S. slashed CDC staff inside China prior to coronavirus outbreak >>10976521 Funny…Lou Dobbs mentions Paul Ryan's failure to issue subpoenas @ 5:05 mark of tonight's segment with Rudy Giuliani: >>10976441 Culp debating China Inslee for WA gov race Live currently >>10976435 Kamala's Record of Foul Play >>10976428 DEMOCRAT CIVIL WAR! >>10976378 Anon playlist links >>10976352 Ryan's Family Business built on US Government Contracts >>10976333 California reduces penalties for oral/anal sex with willing children >>10976312, >>10976421, >>10976436, >>10976488, >>10976542 Comms Transparency >>10976301 BLM has moved residential Red Alert frens Lock up! >>10976249, >>10976285, >>10976643 CONTROL THE POLL! >>10976220 Senators urge US to sanction Turkey taking S-400 missiles from Russia >>10976216 Ric Grenell Tweet - China wants Joe Biden >>10976215 C-SPAN Make a call anons Redpill America Live. Compose yourself however. Speak with dignity and Intellect >>10976204, >>10976396 "Given that DS has used games in the past thought I'd make mention…" >>10976199 This is a terrific thread showing how MANY of the "500 former national security officials that formally back Biden" are connected to CHINA!! >>10976170 Bias? >>10976159 POTUS Tweets: 2010 to 2016 under Kamala Harris's watch as "TOP COP.” >>10976155, >>10976323, >>10976545 COLOR REVOLUTION >>10976148 OSCE to Deliver Accurate Assessment of US Election Despite COVID-19 Limits, Spokesperson Says >>10976112, >>10976135, >>10976142, >>10976236, >>10976410, >>10976461, >>10976471, >>10976489, >>10976514, >>10976554, >>10976583 Things to Remember… >>10976062, >>10976322, >>10976411, >>10976469, >>10976562, >>10976652, >>10976667 Wallander Digs >>10976059 Thank You Anon! Final for #14039 >>10976807 #14040

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