Notables 14030 - 14039



>>10975554 PF

>>10975664 Wallander. Anyone researched yet?

>>10975624 The Constitutional Reckoning Of State Lockdown Orders

>>10975590 Anon provides qcaps they can find

>>10975539 The Fly attacks Pence's Sweet Do'

>>10975469, >>10975507 Notables Bun for #14035

>>10975452, >>10975502, Things to remember…

>>10975434 Arming a declared enemy of the United States during the war on terror. There’s a term for that [TREASON]

>>10975367 Look what was being reported on the same day as in the new Q drop.

>>10975362 "There was a team of disease experts that President Obama and Vice President Biden dispatched to China to monitor what is now predictable…

>>10975293, >>10975306, >>10975607 Re: 10974758 Clinton Foundation Donors Flocking To The McCain Institute

>>10975267 Thank you anon. Notes from 14038

>>10975917 #14039


>>10974416 QPost - Remember when they told you this was a helicopter?

>>10974758 Q Post How much was McCain paid to peddle Steele Dossier?

>>10975152 Q Post Why did Paul Ryan refuse/block Subpoenas?

>>10974447 Anon info on missile from Q Post

>>10974617 Cap from Q post about missile Q 1728

>>10974734 Mystery of object spotted over Whidbey Island

>>10974760 Constitutional Reckoning of State Lockdowns

>>10974842 POTUS "Pence is doing GREAT!

>>10974910 US Catholic Church names 1000+ Priests accused of Child Sex Abuse

>>10974978 Digg on McCain Institute

>>10975068 POTUS tweet Moderator cut off VP while discussing Knights of Columbia

>>10975077 McCain Institute raises eyebrows among Conservative Groups

>>10975267 #14038

#14037 Notetaker…

>>10973657 Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris participate in the vice presidential debate in Salt Lake City, UT.

>>10973687 Trump campaign leaves ticket for Tupac at VP debate after Kamala Harris named him ‘best rapper alive’

>>10973910 Far Left “Moderator” Susan Page Opens Up VP Debate with a Whopper: “Coronavirus Not Under Control”

Step up

#14036 Notetaker…

>>10972826 , >>10972831 Comms Transparency

>>10972879 Mail in Ballot Applications in Pennsylvania sent by Trump found destroyed

>>10972880 Coverage of VP Debate

>>10972898 anon notables being stolen for twitter likes?

>>10972929 Trump Admin asks SCOTUS to halt Census count

>>10974307 #14036

#14035 Notetaker

>>10972176 Trumps rapid recover emasculates left's emotional terrorism

>>10972189 Top White House Security Official gravely Ill

>>10972566 White House Reporters encouraged to stay away because of China Virus

>>10972565 Donald Trump is Chief Law Enforcement Officer (Anon opines)

>>10972542 Etsy to remove all QAnon merchandise

>>10971942, >>10971947, >>10972486 /comms transparency

>>10972422 POTUS Tweet Obama Biden Crooked Hillary got caught

>>10972410 VP Debate moderator is Pelosi biographer

>>10972146 White House Security Official Reportedly Caught COVID-19 Weeks Ago, Is 'Gravely Ill'

>>10972140 Abortion Survivor interview on OANN

>>10972121 Fakebook boasts their ban flex

>>10972110 #2 in Command to Marines Contracted COVID

>>10972109 Catherine, breaking it down - “This cannot continue – the American public has a right to know

>>10972050 DJT Tweets: My highly regarded Executive Order protected 525,000 American jobs during the height of the Chinese Plague. Democrats want to have Open Borders!

>>10972003, >>10972040 Moar Regeneron

>>10971977 Trial lawyers snatch half of Hidalgo County’s $1.35M settlement, U.S. Rep. Gonzalez's cut comes to $118K

>>10971884, >>10971921, >>10971986, >>10972017 Things to Remember…

>>10971871 VP DEBATE TIME!

>>10974307 #14035

#14034 >>10971332 PF >>10971662 Homeland Threat Assessment - October 2020 >>10971642 New Mexico Rejects Electoral College, Joins Popular Vote Compact >>10971593 /comms/ shenanigans >>10971579 #14032 Notes FINAL Bun Thank You NOTETAKER! >>10971536 DJT Tweets - Should have the small remaining number of our BRAVE Men and Women serving in Afghanistan home by Christmas! >>10971489 Five sailors are granted immunity to testify in trial of SEAL charged with sexually assaulting female colleague >>10971487, >>10971519 Federal judge ordered Twitter to reveal identity of user who shared Seth Rich Information that was killed by DNC >>10971478 USMC Tweets Today, the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Gary L. Thomas, tested positive for #COVID19 >>10971475 CEO of Financial Firm Pleads Guilty to Running Multi-Million Dollar Securities and Tax Fraud Scheme, and Operating an Unlicensed Money Services Business >>10971445 THANK YOU ANON PLEASE GO HIT 31 AND 32 NOW. >>10971415 New Files Highlight Brennan’s Role Promoting Clinton’s Russia Collusion Narrative The CIA was not seeking an FBI probe of Clinton; rather, it was pushing an investigation of Trump consistent with her baseless allegations. >>10971404 Governor Official Pardon for the McCloskeys - NOW CAN IT CORRUPT COURTS! >>10971349 San Diego school district removes letter written by Trump from food baskets because it said 'consider wearing a face covering in public' >>10971334 COVID-19 sparks national security concerns with top brass in quarantine >>10971280 DNI Ratcliffe Releases New Batch of Spygate Docs to DOJ Following Trump Tweetstorm Urging Agencies to Act Swiftly >>10971247, >>10971206, >>10971590 How maths and statistics is able to be used to deceive the public on COVID >>10971203 How many U.S. Governors, Mayors did the world bank pay off here in the U.S.? I can name a dozen… >>10971186, >>10971212, >>10971299, >>10971426, >>10971675, >>10971627, >>10971695 Things to remember… >>10971163, >>10971268 The Cure QWW - “I Want Everybody Given the Same Treatment as Your President” – Trump Says He Will be Offering Free Covid Meds to Americans >>10971159 10/07/2020 – ALERT! Earthquake swarm breaks out on NEW MADRID SEISMIC ZONE @ Success, Arkansas >>10971148 Anon Notetaker Final Bun for #14033 >>10971787 #14034 #14033 >>10970543 PF >>10970882 Comms to shit the kun and we all know it anons. >>10970880 United States Seizes Domain Names Used by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps >>10970869 DJT Tweets Spoke With Boris Johnson… >>10970843 Senate Panel Subpoenas FBI Informant Stefan Halper >>10970820 Chinese-Born US Citizens Charged With 24 Counts Of Stealing American Trade Secrets >>10970740 Warmongering in the Orient >>10970721 Do Not Engage. Remember what POTUS Said. This is EXACTLY What they want. Stay Safe Stay Home or at work KEK >>10970713 DIG REQUEST! Caring Majority Rising Heads Up >>10970684 "It's time for congressional Term Limits" - GOP Senator and Dem fmr. Governor >>10970668 National Security Advisor O'Brien on Trump >>10970632 Battlefield of the Mind >>10970620 New Files Highlight Brennan’s Role Promoting Clinton’s Russia Collusion Narrative The CIA was not seeking an FBI probe of Clinton; rather, it was pushing an investigation of Trump consistent with her baseless allegations. >>10970572, >>10970673 Letter to Haspel from Grasslley >>10970556, >>10970774, >>10970775, >>10970785 Hypocrisy - Enemy of the PEOPLE! >>10970505 NYPD cop accused of spying for China ordered detained >>10970498 Citigroup Hit With $400 Million Fine Over AML Failures That Led To Mike Corbat's Downfall >>10970490 Jews for Trump >>10970484 This isnt about science, this is about the election >>10970479, >>10970506 Red October >>10970474 VID of those shredded Republican/Trump ballots found in tractor trailer >>10970469 Deltas Repost >>10970466 Family is the meaning of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. >>10970457 Former Obama VP Joe Biden in a Recent Ad Disparages Police – Then Calls on Muslim Voters to Wage Jihad >>10970442 US to Reduce Troop Numbers in Afghanistan to 2,500 by Early 2021 - O'Brien >>10970431, >>10970512, >>10970540, >>10970555, >>10970610, >>10970633, >>10970672, >>10970702, >>10970759, >>10970781 Things to Remember… >>10970430, >>10970432, >>10970470, >>10970518, >>10970519, >>10970545, >>10970643, >>10970701, >>10970782, >>10970787, >>10970868 Regeneron Digs >>10970356, >>10970423, >>10970429 Socialfag Meme Ops >>10970959 #14033 #14032 Notetaker Thank You >>10969900 PF NOAA Delta Ops >>10970155 DHS Omits ‘Antifa’ from Latest Domestic Threat Assessment >>10970083 Cal Cunningham Threatens to Unseat John Edwards As North Carolina’s Horniest Democrat >>10970025 Shift 4 Payments sold by Searchlight Capital Partners:$68.76,-Oct 6 This follows a sale on Sept 15th of $366.74m-cap#2 >>10970003 DJT 2 Year Delta Build a kit >>10969999 "She failed to protect the rights of Seattle citizens." Seattle Human Rights Commission calls for Mayor Jenny Durkan to resign or be removed! >>10969995 As Election 2020 voting begins swing state voting proving disastrous >>10969989 Why did Chief Justice go to Malta? >>10969967, >>10969992 DJT Tweet: "A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT!" >>10969954 Dr. Fauci refusing to release his Emails concerning Coronavirus. >>10969937 Previously Notable? IRS Investigated For Warrantless Location Tracking Of Americans >>10969907 Dem Sen. Coons: Amy Coney Barrett ‘Even More Conservative Than Justice Scalia’ — ‘Qualified as a Judge’ >>10969893 Chief of Staff Mark Meadows: "The president wants to make sure that whatever drugs he was able to receive at Walter Reed – that all Americans can receive those drugs." >>10969846, >>10969887, >>10969958 Gov. Evers announces National Guard mobilized to support authorities in Wauwatosa >>10969820 ALL ASSETS DEPLOYED (Taylor Swift Tweet) >>10969787 New docs reveal top Officials condemned Biden's direction to use Logan Act against General Flynn >>10969734 ODNI provided 1000 pages of materials to DOJ in response to Duham (Catherine Herridge Tweet) >>10969714 DNI delivers 1000 pages of russia russia russia to DOJ >>10969686 Biden subject of active Federal Investigation (Paul Sperry Tweet) >>10969674, >>10970110, >>10970133 Hillary Clinton tweet 'Pure EVIL' Q decode >>10969661 Minneapolis Protesters livestream >>10969619 Clinton Foundation And Verizon Partner To Promote Student Social Impact Innovation >>10970241 #14032


>>10968945 PF Trust17 now Rider20

>>10969059 A Trump Supporter Went Undercover to Find Support for Biden in Houston – She Found There Is None

>>10969017 Hillary Clinton, Steven Spielberg Women's Voting Anthology Lands at The CW

>>10968980 Cayman Islands Removed From EU Tax Haven Blacklist

>>10968953 Cannot be Unseen: Naked Celebs Tell Americans How to Vote by Mail

>>10968938 The post Clinton Foundation Partnered With Chinese Pharma appeared first on National File.

>>10968921 Judge Garaufis Recommends Minimum Security Danbury Prison Camp For Clare Bronfman, but He Doesn’t Have Final Say

>>10968898 READ QR welcome message

>>10969530 '''#14031


>>10968169, >>10968192, >>10968271, >>10968387 Planefag update.

>>10968366, >>10968582, >>10968606 Transparency Report /comms/ bakers planning to create a new secret board so anons can't see discussion

>>10968617, >>10968653 PF

>>10968314 NEW PDJT

>>10968106 Colombia is the keystone of U.S. policy in Latin America and the Caribbean

>>10968146 New Colin Kaepernick project calls for utopian future without police or prisons

>>10968185 Qatar Files Formal Request to Obtain F-35 Jets From US

>>10968206 TSA finds 2 handguns within an hour at Pittsburgh International Airport. In the past year 16 guns have been found.

>>10968221 The Cult of Covidism Has Invaded the Church

>>10968241 HRC stole the FBI files in 1993

>>10968332 _A CBS News investigation has found that at least one foreign company with close ties to its government has been giving generously to the foundation run by Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton._

>>10968362 Schumer Pours Huge Funds Into Michigan To Save Democratic Senate Seat

>>10968375 Fresh hope in the search for missing MH370 as suspected aircraft debris washes up on a remote beach in Australia's far north

>>10968395 Donald Trump Jr. reportedly wanted a family 'intervention' to stop Trump's 'crazy behavior' at Walter Reed - Hitpeice

>>10968399 Indictments for COVID-related Offenses Threaten to Inundate Israel's Justice System

>>10968413 President Trump Rips Joe Biden for Creeping on Young Haitian Girls at Campaign Stop

>>10968483 Puff deady: Eel dies after trying to swallow a deadly puffer fish which inflated itself in the predator's mouth -comms?

>>10968491 Command master chief arrested and relieved

>>10968520 Police: Transgender Woman Had Throat Slashed at LA Park After Attackers Say ‘We Don’t Want Gays Here!’

>>10968570 Soldiers Won't Have to Pass Army Combat Fitness Test to Graduate Initial Training

>>10968676 New Jersey Mail Carrier Arrested and Charged For Dumping Mail, Including 99 Election Ballots

>>10968756 #14030

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