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MTG holds special hearing on Covid-19 vaccine injuries - 11/13/23

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Anonymous 11/13/23 (Mon) 16:01:28 946000 (17) No.19910516


Anonymous 11/13/23 (Mon) 16:13:22 5dcfac (32) No.19910576

Tomorrow @MTG has invited me to testify at her hearing on the #modRNA vaccine poisons. My intent is to share real truth in what was once the hallowed halls of congress before what is only the second elected official in the #usa with the courage to let me speak. I’ve had a TON of people tell me I shouldn’t trust her or others there. MTG is standing against some of the most powerful people in the world by allowing me to speak and I think we have to remember that. We also have to recognize that this is an incredible opportunity to share #Truth on a massive scale. The job I accepted is fighting bad guys. I’m not the best or most qualified I’m just unafraid. I’m not about to start being fearful now when we are making so much progress. @TrueGenFlynn @ClayClark @EricTrump @RealRogerStone @RealSKeshel @FlyoverConservatives @DougBillings @themelkshow @annvandersteel @hisgloryme @realDonaldTrump #MAGA #GodWins #freedom

LIVE LINK - MTG holds special hearing on Covid-19 vaccine injuries - 11/13/23


Anonymous11/13/23 (Mon) 16:30:435dcfac (32)No.19910667

Chief Nerd @chiefnerd NOW -- Dr. Robert Malone Testifies at the 'Injuries Caused by COVID Vaccines' Hearing "There is a reason why these products typically require up to a decade to be proven to be safe and effective and it was not prudent, and not in the interests of protecting the citizens of the United States or the world, to bypass those time tested processes…Remember, the underlying thesis here is that we had 3.4% case fatality rate. This was told to us again and again and again, and it was a lie." Nov 13, 2023, 4:23 PM


Anonymous 11/14/23 (Tue) 14:12:17 a012cd (4) No.19915605

Sen. Ron Johnson Shares the Most Censored Chart in Congressional History Drug Adverse Event Comparison (01/01/1996 - 10/27/23): Ivermectin - 4,265 HCQ - 28,823 Flu Vaccine - 220,346 Dexamethasone - 110,185 Tylenol - 136,079 Remdesivir - 9,290

COVID Vaccines - 1,605,764


Dr. Peter Mucollough


Anonymous 11/13/23 (Mon) 16:11:47 5dcfac (32) No.19910566


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