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Mathematically Impossible

Anonymous 07/10/22 (Sun) 12:23:06 7b3492 No.28584

Trump complains Biden’s 2020 victory was ‘mathematically impossible’ in new documentary 'Unprecedented' - where ex-president also attacks Facebook and Twitter as 'thugs' for banning him after January 6 Donald Trump's final months in office are the subject of a new documentary called 'Unprecedented' that was released overnight Sunday on Discovery+ The compelling three-part series reportedly lacks big bombshells, but behind-the-scenes footage is expected to be shown in a House hearing this week Documentarian Alex Holder was subpoenaed by the January 6 committee 'I think I learned with the 2020 election, you have to be very untrusting,' Trump tells Holder during one of several on-camera interviews in the series He also said he's 'not a horrific person' after Twitter and Facebook banned him in the wake of the January 6 Capitol attack

mathematically impossible





et tu?

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