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Mark Epstein unable to retrieve Jeffrey’s “most basic” pre-hospital care report "the computer is saying it doesn't have a record of this"

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Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson released a video Monday that shows Jeffrey Epstein’s brother, Mark Epstein, unable to retrieve Jeffrey’s “most basic” pre-hospital care report. Mark attempted to retrieve a copy of Jeffrey’s pre-hospital care report from an apparent government employee, who insisted he couldn’t find the document, according to a video released by Carlson on Twitter. “But as of right now, you’re telling me you can’t find the PCR report?” Epstein’s brother asked. “Not for the tenth of August 2019. No, not in. It’s not in the fire department database. I don’t know why. If it’s supposed to be there, we’ll find out. But first, you’ve got to give the letters of administration before you can take them anywhere,” the employee replied. “Because the date on here is the tenth of [20]19. That’s the day they found him, they took him and he’s dead,” Epstein’s brother said. “Well then they might have taken him directly to the morgue,” the employee responded. “No, he was in the hospital,” Epstein’s brother insisted. “I have photographs of him in the hospital, too.”


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