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Maricopa County Issues AZ Senate $2.8 MILLION Notice of Claim For New Machines

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Lock em up

Maricopa County Issues AZ Senate $2.8 MILLION Notice of Claim For New Machines

Maricopa County’s Board of Supervisors has filed a notice of claim against the Arizona Senate in pursuit of a $2,833,220.00 settlement from the Senate to cover the cost of replacement voting machines.

In May, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs claimed that the voting machines were tampered with and no longer safe to use and urged the County to buy new ones.

This made it clear that these machines were never safe to use in the first place.

Senate President Karen Fann responded to these claims, telling them that if they cannot run the same L&A tests, then the machines were never valid.

If the machines cannot undergo a full forensic audit, then they should have never been used in the first place.

The County Supervisors then threw another $3 MILLION of tax dollars away on new fraudulent voting machines.

They know that the machines were not tampered with during this fully transparent, 24/7 live-streamed full forensic audit but they are doing everything possible to discredit the process.

Today, Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel sent the following letter to Senate President Karen Fann.


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