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Lt. General McInerney

Moving to other hosting platforms BitChute has a known processing bug. At time of posting videos, 2 of the 3 are not completed.

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This is a scorecard from Joseph Goebbels "If you tell a lie big enough" - They're trying to invoke the 25th amendment or impeach him. Asserts that special forces took Pelosi's Laptop. Believes they have a source thats talkking like a songbird. This is high treason. Covid 19 was a biological attack.\\


Every American out there has to stand up. What was done at the Capital was done by Antifa and enabled by McConnell and Pelosi.

Comey sold Hammer and Scorecard a top secret program to the Chinese. Recieved a call Tuesday night, that the ISI from Pakistan was in the Voting Machine.


Why are they trying to kill our small businesses? Think about what they're doing to the President of the United States. They're censoring the President of the United States. Discusses Italys role with the Leonardo Defense Contractor satellite. POST:


OP is Anne Vandersteel at

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Ghost in the machine PSYWAR logo from Special Operations video. ART OF WAR Fifth Gen Warfare
Make America Great Again, Trumps iconic red MAGA hat links to an historic video release of the J6 political prisioners singing from jail
Pepe the Frog, a controversial character from chan culture that has been maligned without proper context. A library of my favorites.



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