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List of Q debunkers- Be careful who you follow...

Gonna need a bit more than discord chat logs defango. You are your little clan with Jack Posobiec, James browers, Unirock, doug stewart and the Qanonanoymous folks aren't fooling anyone with ur BS. Discord chat logs are a joke and you know it, they can be edited 6 ways to sunday. Stop trying to cash in that Mainstream Media deal/story bro we see the game your playing. How much is Krassenstein and Mike Rothschild paying you to be the street"cred" character debunking Q. Now your butt buddy james browers who was an irrelevant conman and liar during the 2016 election is trying to make money off of having a live stream show making shit up about how he started Q? AHAHAHA

Qanon debunker club:

Defango, Manuel Chavez iii,

Dreamcatcher_Q, James Browers,,

krassenstein:, (interesting this tweet came right as defango and james came out of the woodwork claiming to be q)

Tafoyovsky (Lestat),

Jack Posobiec, - -

UniRock, -

GH05t0fStew (Doug Stewart),





Mike Rothschild, - LOL a rothschild is working 24/7 on debunking Qanon


We are close to finding a funding/communication link between this fat fuck Manual Chavez (Defango) and Mike Rothschild and Krassenstein.

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-Welcome to the Deepend!


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