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Lindell Election Summitt Day 1

>DAY 1

A Huge 'We the People Event.'

This election summit covers state by state progress reports and where patriots need help in securing our future elections and auditing the results. Details and highlights the theft of the election and the radical leftists who have infiltrated our government and attempting to stand in the way to restore our nation constitutionally, and legally, while exposing their TREASON and CORRUPTION. A lot of good information on whats going on with election security from state to state, and there is a lot to be hopeful for .

I listened to most of this event live while trying to get some yard work caught up today. Grass is tall. Somewhat trying times in anons life right now, my apologies for brief notes on occasion. Currently in-between employment after a work injury and nerve complications, forcing a change in career. Unsure of whats in store for the future, what I've done building this site is a bit of an unforeseeable, but inevitable curve ball ill have to account for, but still finding peace in my own storms. I am currently physically unable to return to my old job of more than a decade and being forced out the door, and without documented alternative work experience that I can highlight on a resume. Military and laborer work after 15 years, and needing to transition to a more office like setting has been a challenge. Coming close to the income level attained in a factory is going to be nearly impossible in a w-2 position, it feels like I'm starting over with a high school diploma half way to 'retirement'. My brain is overloaded most days managing my 10 or so personal chess matches trying to survive in this shitty economy, raise and homeschool my 3 children and attempt to stay utd with this operation and archive and share as much as I can.

What was covered at this event is an update and an expansion to what Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium kick-started at a grassroots level in 2021. Much of the election interference has been archived here in some way shape or form when it was initially notabled on 8kun over the years. Search keywords, companies, or people above to locate more than a thousand 2020 election fraud related notables.

Local Action Has National Impact.

Tomorrow at 1pm CST


- Be Fearless


"How We Got Here" <Not sure how this link or the embed below will scrub for you. Rumble has previous 4 hours of the live stream, Lindell's team seems to have looped the event.


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-Welcome to the Deepend!


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