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Kissinger calls for a New World Order 2020 and secret "walnut" recipe 1971 NYT archives

Kissinger's Call for a New World Order


A very peculiar archived article about Kissinger and a walnut recipe that never was

Inscrutable Recipe Gap at the White House

If you've been waiting to try the chicken and walnut recipe that Dr. Henry A. Kissinger liked so much in Peking and was supposed to have brought back for the Nixons to try forget it. At a lunch last Thursday with women reporters the First Lady chatted about Dr. Kissinger's recipe and said that the Nixons would try it at the White House this week. That, at any rate is the story as written by several women who were at the luncheon. When the White House was asked to supply the recipe last Friday so that America's housewives could try it too Helen Smith a press aide to Mrs. Nixon said she had given a copy of it to The Associated Press. But she had asked that it not be sent over the wires until Mrs. Nixon could give her approval Mrs Nixon wasn't available just then Mrs Smith said because she was at the Kennedy Center for the evening. The recipe freeze continued over the weekend. The Associated Press continued to observe the embargo.

Then yesterday, Mrs. Smith was asked again to release the recipe. “Sorry,” said Mrs. Smith. “There was a mixup.” “Dr. Kissinger never brought back any recipe,” she explained, thus inaugurating Phase Two of the chickenwalnut affair. “He was too busy for that.” Then where did the chicken recipe frozen on the Associated Press's General Desk come from? The White House files that's where. “It's one we happened to have here,” said Mrs. Smith who had been described by another White House staffer during Phase One as “busy getting a recipe ready for the press.” But after three days away from the heat of the chicken Mrs. Smith wasn't willing to give out any recipe from China, Dr. Kissinger or the White House.

“No one is going to have it,” she told a reporter. But late yesterday the office of the Director of National Security Affairs attempted to Wye the Chinese puzzle. According to an official source it all came down to the fact that there are two Henrys in the White House. Henry Kissinger and Henry Haller the White House chef. Henry Kissinger had indeed raved to Mrs. Nixon about the food in Peking said the source. Mrs Nixon mentioned this to reporters at the White House lunch She also told them that one of her favorite Chinese dishes was chicken and walnuts. “Henry has a recipe for it,” said the First Lady, and the press corps erroneously assumed she was referring to the German‐born Presidential adviser instead of the Swissborn Presidential cook. Chef Haller's recipe is still under wraps, but for those who would like to take a crack at something like it here is a standard recipe.

-Recipe omitted see link-


Semi Related: John Podesta leaked emails referenced walnut sauce among other known pedo code words


John Podesta's emails were leaked after he fell for an email phishing attack years ago, some have coded language known to be used in pedo circles

read more here:


14 and the Fish is a reference to the Legend of Osiris:

Walnut Sauce showed up in John Podesta's leaked emails with Jim Steyer, Tom Steyer's (2020 candidate) brother who was included in the email.

read more:

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