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Key Points of Jacqueline Breger Testimony (from ANON transcript): anon dig and notes.

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Key Points of Jacqueline Breger Testimony (from ANON transcript):

POST 1 >>18409768 pb

- lives in Scottsdale; knows accting, stats, economics, biz strategy

w/Harris Thaler lawfirm; John Harris Thaler is the head

- firm specialty: investigating racketeering and corruption

- 2006 - 2009: big investigation into racketeering involving sing-family home purchases in Illinois, Idaho & Indiana using fake transactions/Deeds of Trust - 120,000 docs reviewed to date

- 2014: their office was asked to review the case file

- why them? bc the monies from the property sales had "filtered to properties….in Maricopa and Pima County"

- This is also tied to AZ election fraud but this is just the tip of the iceberg

- Findings given to Gov Ducey in May 2022

- Thaler has also met w/AG's in five states

- FINAL REPORT: 300 pages when complete. 120,000+ docs reviewed to date.

POST 2 >>18409775 pb

- In the 1980s, Sinaloan CARTEL money was laundered using real estate purchases in Illinois, Idaho & Indiana; Wells Fargo involved

- Drug sales & human trafficking

- In AZ, laundered cash is used for bribing officials and agencies in Mesa; AZ in INTEGRAL to laundering activities

- Dawna Chavez & daughter Brittany involved - to date, 10,000 falsified docs filed with Maricopa Co. Mesa is a racketeering org.

- Example of fake docs: State universities degrees in law, accounting, real estate, health care. Also legal decrees, support orders – used to swat those who posted a threat to racketeering activities.

POST 3 >>18409775 pb

- Since 2004, elections in Pima & Maricopa counties have been manipulated via infiltration of county databases "resulting from bribes paid to executives and election service providers, including but not limited to principles at Runbeck Election Services"

- affected the election of the county Recorder & race for Governor, SoS and AT in 2022.

- Bribes were widespread, going to House reps, Senators, Co supervisors, judges, prosecutors and many others; accepted by at least 25% of active judges. Innocents who are a threat get prosecuted & convicted routinely.

- Brittany and Dawna Chavez are employed mainly by Sinaloa cartel.

- They have forged many docs, including judges' signatures.

POST 4 >>18409906

- Nov 2019: Brittany approached Thaler and atty John J Stanley wanting WITNESS PROTECTION.

- Then she was threatened and got scared, but still "surreptitiously" provided evidence.

- Oct 2022 just before election: Thaler found out: (a) Maricopa Co database had been designed with backdoors allowing for infiltration and (b) names of bribed individuals including elected officials.

- Oct 26 2022: his team found25,000 falsified ballotswere being held in a house rented by Dawna Chavez.

- Election fraud investigation is not limited to AZ; Runbeck involved.

- Maricopa Co database has "no integrity whatsoever." [implies many false docs – Deeds of Trust - exist]

- Example: Katie Hobbs & [ex husband] Patrick T Goodman [explains method of comparising signatures to determine falsity of 11 Deeds of Trust – Brittany or Dawna forgeries.

POST 5 >>18409939

- Summary of findings re HOBBS/husband: there are 9 Deeds of Trust from 1998-2021 – means they refinanced a home every 2-3 yrs, mostly 2001-2oo5, when Hobbs were at Emerge Arizona (which seems to be an org used for attracting women interested in politics then BRIBING them to ensure policies favorable to the cartel).

- Hobbs and Goodman's signatures are clearly inconsistent. Some of the title companies and Deeds do not even exist.

- These Deeds exist to move money so it's untraceable.

-What can we conclude?(a) since 2004, ballot counts have been tampered with, (b) system has been infiltrated and hacked, thus (c) permitting false docs to be added and real ones taken out. We have an eyewitness. (d) From 2017, it's been possible to change vote totals and election results; illegal transfers have been made & provided to Runbeck and Jeff Ellison. (e) Money has been moved to candidates, (f) 2022 election:scanners & printers at 70 precincts had changes to the printer settings via INFILTRATION after they'd been checked the night before. (g) the uncontrollable ballots were placed in BOX 3 and "allegedly" driven to Runbeck. (h) Witnesses from Oct 2020 say that 100,000 filled in ballots and more than $13millionwere id'd in two unmarked rental vans, which were loaded with ballots and cash in Mesa and driven to Runbeck.

[she has more but they want her to finish]

POST 6 >>18409948

- We have heard about the statistical improbabilites with 2020 election: Steven Richer's win was impossible. Looks like Fontes lost so he could run for SoS in 2022.

- AZ very important for the cartel – why it happened here.

- Docs from Fontes were notarized by "Jessica York." It's really Brittany or Dawna. One example of many.

- "three of the five Maricopa County Supervisors have also recorded documents evidencing the acceptance of bribes."

- There are other 'dark money' transactions related to PACs, some facilitated by Perkins Coie.

- Mr.Thaler would have presented this info but there have been multiple [SIX] attempts on his life [including a slashed tire like the one that happened to LAKE's daughter during her campaign.

- AZ legislators also accepted bribes [goes on to detail others].

[Sen. Bennett interrupts to say "we cannot impugn the motives [of colleagues]"

POST 7 >>18409959

- Investigation covers multiple states, team has over 30 witnesses in AZ

- "The immense data that we have collected will assist enforcement agencies investigating the election fraud. Further, the data we have collected and the connections we have found, and the vast details of this entire investigation will lead enforcement agencies to go to those participating in the frauds and will help you restore election integrity within our beautiful State. "

Wendy Rogers asks q's re how Ducey got the info – and how Breger is sure he got it. Breger says Thaler and Ducey are in contact. Liz Harris asks her political party – she says UNAFFILIATED­. Mentions investigation was for 3-4 years.



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