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Ketanji Jackson MegaBun

Notables are not Endorsements (have not had time to review all)

No.15934784 & No.15934806 & No.15934818 <-links to notable buns below

Anonymous 03/24/22 (Thu) 14:03:33 c8f3ec (10) No.15934784 & No.15934806 & No.15934818

Guardian of the Pedophiles MegaBun

all pb - multiple breads >>15919945 NO way she's unaware of the CRT at the school that she's on the board of. Lied under oath. Georgetown Day School. Critical Racist Theory is all over their website.

>>15919737 Critical Racist Theory - Anti-Racist Learning in 2nd Grade

>>15919985 Georgetown Day School race hustler CRT reading lists

>>15920045 Georgetown Day School's critical racist theory anti racism action plan

>>15920437 Georgetown Day School's critical racist theory Curriculum Director.

>>15920484, >>15920500 Georgetown Day School's critical racist theory journey

>>15924614, >>15924563, >>15924574, >>15924616, >>15925005 Can you define the word 'Woman'? KBJ: I can't, I'm not a biologist.

>>15924574 it must be shown.

>>15924716, >>15924734, >>15924753 She's a marxist ideologue. Gender Ideology is that it is the sibling of Critical Race Theory.

>>15924846 "down she goes" was this in reference to jackson?

>>15925175 How is it possible that not one single Senator has asked one single question

about Jackson's role in PizzaGate?

>>15924373 Joyless Reid says the Kavanaugh accusers are credible, Donald Trump is a rapist, MTG is a racist, and everything we saw at the SCOTUS hearing today was “the performance of Qanon.”

>>15923404 I'm Sorry Miss Jackson, But Why Don't You Know When Life Begins?

>>15923658 Graham storms out of Jackson SCOTUS hearing after Durbin Gitmo clash

>>15922152, >>15922361 PBS: 'Hawley spouting muh Qanon', Also PBS: Nazi on wall of broadcaster >>15922531 Ketanji Brown Jackson is Related to Paul Ryan?

>>15920648, >>15920664, >>15920685, >>15920707, >>15920727, >>15920831 Cruz vs Ketanji

>>15920656, >>15920715, >>15920741, >>15920776 More Ketanji plus bun

>>15921223 Cotton: Is 17 years [the average sentence] too long or not long enough for a prisoner to spend in prison for murder? Jackson declined to answer.

>>15920030 Leftist Dark Money Backing Ketanji Brown Jackson for Supreme Court

>>15919515, >>15919517, >>15919531, >>15919544, >>15919562, >>15919590, >>15919613, >>15919634, >>15919655, >>15919676 Cruz working Jackson Brown into a fine dust. anons opine.

>>15919774, >>15919781 Georgetown Day School, where Judge Jackson is a board member, had 2nd graders repeatedly organize "gender-neutral toy stores" to push leftist lessons about gender identity…

>>15917728 Judge Jackson says guidelines are not up to date and are too harsh for child porn offenders. (#ArrestHunter)

>>15918207 BUN C[P]NN vid cap for record - Graham/Jackson

>>15915967 Left Invokes ‘QAnon’ After Josh Hawley Exposes Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Soft Record on Child Sex Offenders

#20139 >>15925470, >>15925510, >>15925539, >>15925545 has her very successful medical husband been dug upon yet? Yes, he is white

>>15925528 Patrick Jackson’s “twin brother is married to the sister of Ryan’s wife.”

>>15925583, >>15925751, >>15925751, >>15925867, >>15925880 anons discuss KBJ Pizzagate case (and compare sentences

>>15925660 Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson (Day 3) #20140

>>15926081 Partial Graham/Jackson Interaction

>>15926095 Brown Jackson was the judge for the Pizzagate shooter

>>15926098 Based Mollie Calling out Judge jackson

>>15926154 @TomFitton Calling out Judge jackson

>>15926571 @StephenM Judge Jackson is staking her name, reputation and nomination on her passionate conviction that criminal penalties are too tough on child sex predators.

>>15926557 Did anyone note where jackson's husband is a surgeon? MEDSTAR

>>15926431, >>15926622, >>15926628, >>15926640, >>15926448 Cornyn: No one suggests that a 20-week old fetus can live independently outside the mother's womb. Jackson: I don't know…I'm not a biologist.

>>15926375 Jackson’s husband, Dr. Patrick Jackson, gets emotional as his wife testifies. #20141 >>15927322 Lee Questions Jackson

>>15926888 Moar Jackson/Graham Interaction (Meme'et)

>>15927304 Swamp creature’s Uncle had sentence commuted by Obama.

>>15927000 Jackson will be confirmed. Yes or no? #20142 >>15927872, >>15927639, >>15927808, >>15927856, >>15927735, >>15927936, >>15928183, >>15928258 Anon notes on hearing

>>15927686 Jackson, who is on the board of overseers at Harvard. would recuse

>>15928333 ketanji supremely heartless Jackson

>>15927701, >>15927821 DIG: STEWART CASE!!!!

>>15927871, >>15927946, >>15927953, >>15927964, >>15927971 KBJ does not want sex registry for Pedos. read Jackson's article Prevention versus Punishment: Toward a Principled Distinction in the Restraint of Released Sex Offenders

>>15928227 abusive treatment of Justice Amy Coney Barrett vs hearing of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

>>15927686, >>15927720, >>15927946, >>15927953, >>15927964, >>15927971, >>15928159, >>15928227, >>15928333, Ketanji Brown Hearing Bun, supreme court appointment twats, articles, bun and mp4 vids


>>15928512, >>15928785, Ketanji DIG, con't.

>>15928929 Ketanji ordered McGahn to testify before Schiff.

>>15928888, >>15928900 Anon: NPR not broadcasting the Ketanji hearing


>>15929321, >>15929325, >>15929334, >>15929349, >>15929447, >>15929492, >>15929548 Call to Memes: I'm Sorry Ms Jackson on deck meme makers this one right here goes out To all the baby's mamas' mamas Mamas, mamas, baby mamas' mamas

>>15929562 Blackburn: Is it your position that child pornography offenders are not pedophiles? Jackson gave a non-answer


>Unlike Ketanji Brown Jackson, Janice Rogers Brown knew how to define the word ‘woman’ and would not give lenient sentences to child porn offenders.

>>15929681, >>15929255, >>15929263, >>15929359, >>15929636, >>15929256 Anon notes on hearing


>>15930063, >>15930084 She cannot DEFINE what a WOMAN IS?

>>15930210 Her husband rocks historic socks: Fashion statement at Judge Jackson’s Senate hearing


>>15931167 FBI field office planned party in honor of Ketanji Brown Jackson after SCOTUS Nom, leaked emails show

>>15930945, >>15931077, >>15930957, >>15930952 i keep flipping to CNN and Msnbc to see the libs in meltdown over the hearing of Jackson today. But they are not covering it at all.

>>15931001, >>15931012 Anons I'm not a biologist


>>15932006 Ketanji Brown Jackson: Obama Judge Stops Trump’s Efforts To Curb Union Power in Federal Workforce (2018)

>>15932083 George Washington socks: Judge Jackson’s wore socks in this order: Blue, Green, Red comms

>>15932201 Judge Jackson gave him 57 months, guidelines recommended 97-121 months, Neil Stewart tried to cross state lines to rape a 9 year old girl had 6,700 child pornography files

>>15931855 Jackson mistake? Her answer implied that biology defined a woman, which it does, based on physical attributes

>>15931998, >>15932016 Guardians of the pedophiles

>>15932023 fake news has stooped to calling the child victims "imaginary".

>>15932182 How a Jewish debate coach contributed to Ketanji Brown Jackson’s path to Supreme Court nomination

>>15932201 Neil Stewart: "Would it surprise you to learn [he's] a recidivist?" asks @HawleyMO


>>15932427, >>15932440, >>15932882, >>15932968 Liz Harrington and Don Jr flag Ketanji's Wesley Hawkins case.

>>15932973 Patrick Graves Jackson, whose family is considered Boston Brahmins

>>15932423 17 colleagues + me (sound familiar) are calling for a full investigation’s of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s sentencing leniency.

>>15932439 Democrats asked #BrettKavanaugh about farts. won’t let Republicans ask #KetanjiBrownJackson Why she was lenient on pedophiles

>>15932455 Biden’s Supreme Court Justice Nominee Challenged On CRT, Basic Biology

>>15932824, >>15932873, >>15932962, >>15932972 Dan Jr not a mathematician!!! 1+1 = ??? > Q3212

>>15932481, >>15932708, >>15932773, >>15932853 In regards to the judges socks: Red, Blue, Green or RBG. Just spitballin.

>>15934784, >>15934806 #20149 >>15933119, >>15933703, >>15933466, >>15933169 Don Jr: Democrats really doing their best to secure the pedophile vote

>>15933163, >>15933198, >>15933221, >>15933380, >>15933438, >>15933472, >>15933502, >>15933711, >>15933806, >>15933815, >>15933855 Anon's hearing notes

>>15933265 losers are trying to pretend they aren't there on behalf of the American Bar Association.

>>15933309 Well researched and documented thread onwhy the Right, conservative and Libertarian want Jackson on the SC

>>15933399 @mrddmia Breakdown of the J Jackson Hearing

>>15933406, >>15933449 kek Woman (noun) : person who swims more slowly than Lia Thomas #20150 >>15933893 Senators considering Ketanji Brown Jackson's Supreme Court nomination are hearing from the American Bar Association and witnesses called by both parties.

>>15933901, >>15934016 Tillis just described Jackson as 'eminently qualified'.

>>15934029, >>15934050 Durbin: I am not going to be a party of that [making Jackson's pre-sentencing memos available

>>15934240, >>15934252,We Are the News Now (WW)

>>15934252 “Judge Jackson is a pedophile-enabler,” Mr. Watkins wrote Wednesday on social media.

>>15934303, >>15933876, >>15934235 Hearing Notes

>>15933867 Alessandra Serano (Cheif Legal Officer atOperation Underground Railroad). Tim Ballard. Q 1881

>>15934549 Ron Perlman leads Ted Cruz backlash with foul-mouthed tirade over Ketanji Brown Jackson questioning

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