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Joe Rogan interview with Dr. Peter McCullough

Anonymous 12/15/21 (Wed) 22:24:20 c4e5ec No.115722

Lots a buzz about this McCullough interview on Joe Rogan (full version),

Entire Joe Rogan interview with Dr. Peter McCullough cardiologist and epidemiologist, over 650+ pubs (Full 2:47:00) McCullough is interesting bc he's one of the doc's whose journey has evolved BIGLY during the last 2 years as he's found out more and more about what's really going on. There are quite a few docs who will discuss problems with 'vax rollouts' (etc), only a handful make the transition to talking about the real agenda. He's now one of them.


Anonymous 12/15/21 (Wed) 23:34:40 c4e5ec No.115726

whatever M says, Joe asks "But why?"

pushing, pushing.....


Tough questions. Lots of info but initial part is Rogan probing as to why treatments were suppressed, Dr M tries not to speculate, but does give insider info indicating that any effort by him or others to get hospitals/academia interested in ANYTHING except vaxxes. there is ZERO hospital protocol anywhere in the US for outpatient treatment.

Was it planned?

Eventually, Dr. M says:


Death certificates take SIX weeks to post.

How was the media getting "daily" death figures? [Impossible]

Best/easiest prophylactic:

povidine iodine (or peroxide) in nasal passage and gargle, every four hours. MUCH BETTER THAN MASKS. This ALONE makes a huge difference.

asymptomatic testing: 97% false positives.

No way people can get Covid TWICE. NEVER. if it looks like you are getting it twice, one of the times is a false positive. One time was probably FLU, since PCR doesn't discriminate.Natural immunity - confers REAL immunity, you can only be HARMED. They have adverse effects.



Supposedly, had 90% efficacy. But that was just a claim initially. First report (mar-aug 2021) sounded pretty good (60-90%), but he admits there were tons of confounds. But in sept 2021, vax efficacy "fell off the cliff." coz of Delta variant - doesn't seem work on it.

Obesity is a huge risk factor bc of the unique configuration of the spike protein - attaches to fat cells. [Rogan- why not discussed??]

Infections don't normally cause blood clotting - this does.

Dr M was told "you can't treat covid patients." Thousands of letters from colleagues. NOT A SINGLE INSTITUTION HAS INVITED HIM TO LECTURE.

Didier Raoult - had to set up a tent to treat patients with HCQ. Not wanted.

Monoclonal antibodies - great. All the studies show a 50% reduction in hospital admissions.

They are safe and effective. But WHERE ARE THEY?

What's the resistance to these? States play hide-and-go-seek with them.

MSM doesn't talk about them, doctors aren't talking about them. "This is the mass psychosis."

CDC and FDA sponsor the US vax program. THEY ARE STAKEHOLDERS.

We [must] never pressure people to take the vax. Violates Nuremberg. "will be held accountable"

(DEC 8 2021 interview)

at 50 deaths, vaxxing should stop. Didn't happen. Now we're at over 18,000 in VAERS (way under real number).

Who dies right after vaxxing? SENIORS.

85% of the time, there was no other possible cause. It's like COVID - spike protein is the cause in both cases.

CMS - Center for Medicare Services

Tom Renz suit against FDA

Joe - how do we know about underreporting?

Dr M - 4-5% is probably a fair number. [think this means VAERS number is 4-5% of real number - not sure]

S1 segment on spike

vaxxed individuals - have measurable S1 after vax for mebbe up to a month, it's dangerous.

For a large no of people, vax has caused serious problems or death.

Joe - why are most people "fine"?

"Body is remarkable yada-yada-yada..."

May be true - but what about MICRO

Dr M - what's the dif between those who got injured from vax and those who didn't?

More problematic:

- those w/a proclivity toward clotting

- myocarditis risk - 80% boys, 20% girls

- those who do physical activity, espec constant activity (soccer)

Prognosis on myocarditis - 13% have progressive heart failure normally. 86% go into hospital, this is serious myocarditis.


Dr M is giving a lot of good material but consistently DUCKS OUT on going the final mile on the "why" question and doesn't talk about vax mandates (so far).

But WHY DOESN'T HE BRING IT UP? Familiar pattern in docs that goes 80% of the way but don't take it all the way home: acknowledging that THEY ARE DELIBERATELY KILLING PEOPLE

Joe - Heart transplant story on girl that got jab, myocarditis, heart failure, transplant - and WAS THEN KILLED by the immuno-suppressant drugs required by transplant protoocols.

Dr M: Probably need a year to clear out the spike protein. if we start vaxxing EVERY SIX MONTHS, spike protein WILL NEVER LEAVE THE BODY. Dr M still says vaxxes seem to provide a "modest protection."


How to people MITIGATE the effects of the vax?

Tess Lawrie has a program on her website (?) to reduce thrombogenesis. He's leery bc he's afraid people will think they can just take something and it'll be ok, no problem. There's no moral hazard for not taking the vax but there IS a moral hazard for taking it. Instead, get treatment if you need it.

Fully vaxxed people can pass vaxxed to one another.Cites lots of examples. Info saying it's a pandemic of the unvaxxed - fake news (surprise, surprise). Monoclonal antibodies are great for preventing this.

Joe comes back asking why hard to get:

Must be in a high risk ETHNICITY to receive in many place.

Dr M: Patients in hospitals DO NOT (SUPPOSEDLY) QUALIFY FOR ANTIBODY MONOBODIES. WHY????? Neither can answer this.

[Hard to listen to after a while.....because while the study info is VERY GOOD, Dr M CANNOT ALLOW HIMSELF TO TALK ABOUT the "WHY".]

Dr M: By April 2021, there was NOBODY at the vax centers - when the word got out that people were dying from the vax, they stopped coming. Media suppresses ANYTHING that promotes "vax hesistancy."

Fluvoxamine - another effective drug.

Steve Kirsch will pay $2mil to anyone who will DEBATE the issue. Not takers.

Discussion of authoritarian aspect of promoting vax compliance -

govt is now assuming the role of a parent. NOT a conspiracy theory. Not allowed on YT - on Spotify instead.


This is a giant game of CHICKEN. Those who win have the truth.

[He's a little full of himself - a little annoying - but still has good info.]

We HAVE to start recognizing natural immunity. There's now a bill to recognize it. Not hard to establish stds. Dr M talks about them.


Joe - would it be better to catch it (and getting natural immunity) than getting the jab?

Dr M - May not supplant delta - it's LESS transmissible.

Some preprint says omicron is "not a transformer" - there is a LOT of mutation here, "virus made a lot of mistakes." [hmmm....mistakes, eh?]. It's LESS easy to transmit than DELTA. Is it milder? Depends on whether you get early treatment with Delta. If Omicron is milder, could be. But gets beat out by Delta for transmissibility (it's at "4" compared with Delta "10").


No development costs, no sales force

$33bil profits in one year.


What's going on is:

we have people in positions of authority like Sanjay Gupta came on Sesame Street to seduce kids into taking the vax. Did he show the WARNINGS assoc/w the vax?

This is malfeasance.

[Dr M is RAILING against what the govt and media are doing - but unless he addresses why they do it, he'll just have to keep RANTING.]

Dr M says: either the MDs KNOW or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN (talking about Sanjay Gupta, for example)

[Dr M says 'those with the truth win'. But gotta be THE WHOLE TRUTH. He keeps falling back into the "i don't understand why they are doing it" trap]

Joe - Censorship is rampant - what do u think about that?

Dr M - Has led to large numbers of death and disability.


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