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Jim Watkins on recent Board Attacks - Things Are Improving

Anonymous ## Administrator 10/06/22 (Thu) 06:25:11 0712c3 (9) No.17637237


Jim is basically encouraging and acknowledging the need to temporarily move to bunkers but to not forget about 8kun and Q-research. <--always home

there are a few others I check on on occasion but currently defaulting to endchan.

Trust yourself.

Seems the plan is to switch to a 2 factor authentication app installed on your phone for captcha or human verification.

This move will likely be met with pushback from the privacy and security conscious as it requires installing an off store .apk file onto your phone. I've actually wondered why Truth Social did not release an .apk for a back door install on android since google refuses to add to the store. Its a good exercise in tech ability and would allow for a good public fight with google. If I didn't trust Jim on some level I wouldn't have even tested it this .apk but I have downloaded it, scanned it, installed and tested it. Premise is straight forward, a random cyclical number acts as a passcode to allow a post on the boards. it changes every few seconds(minute?). Post 2 seemed to require a force restart of the app, but posts went through great. Should cut down on spam on the board tremendously.

- Thanks Jim


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