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Jim Watkins Letter to the January 6 Committee

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Dear Friend,

Here is the letter I gave the January 6 committee. I only wish I had remembered the advice a friend of mine gave me. He said to quote Davie Crockett "You sirs can go to hell, as I'm going to Texas."

All of that stuff you thought was conspiracy nonsense seems to be coming true. Do your best to build up and edify our country. Pray for her.

Your friend,

June 5, 2022

One Hundred Seventeenth Congress Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol U.S. House of Representatives Washington, D.C. 20515

Chairman Thompson and Members of the Committee:

We went over accusing me of being responsible for mass shootings the last time I was here before the Committee on Homeland Security. Because of my earlier deposition, it is likely you are perhaps responsible for the fact that I had to defend myself in Texas court over such accusations. The judge decided that I was not responsible, and the case was dismissed.

I need to remind you of that since you listed these mass shootings in your subpoena again. I am here with similar seemingly slanderous and disparaging comments on a subpoena. I am not your kick-me boy. You indulge in fantasies about me, perhaps, but the fact is I am not a villain and refuse to play one for your show trials.

You, sir are hiding behind your congressional privilege. As a Congressman, it is well known that you have protection from any recourse I may have against the average ordinary citizen that slanders or defames me.

I have noticed how friendly, honest, straightforward, and kind your constituents are. When I walk down the streets of the 2nd Congressional District, they are always so eager to come to me and shake my hand. They are happy people, so unlike you. How on earth have you tricked them into representing them? 2nd chances, 3rd chances for narcotics charges in a country being overwhelmed with colonization at our borders and our ports is no way to help the people of this country. Sir! Fentanyl kills. Where is our homeland security?

As far as if I have ever had any correspondence with President Donald Trump: No, I have not. Neither with any of his family. I have attended two speeches given by President Trump. That is the closest I have ever been to him, which is perhaps fifty yards.

It’s incredulous that you expect me to come here by a subpoena to rat out the President of the United States and his family. I will not be your Grigori Rasputin. The Trump family is not the Romanovs. This is not Russia. You are a servant of the people, and we the people won’t allow Soviet-style behavior to reign over our nation.

The only thing scandalous about my behavior is that made up in the fake news about me and encouraged by your tweeting of your first subpoena to me. For that, you owe my family and friends an apology. You owe more than that, but you will I am sure hide behind your privilege.

I don’t know this family except for their public personas, which I do admire. They carry themselves as proud Americans should. Role models all of them for our own great nation.

Their public character is clear, and it shines bright like a brilliant coin made of precious metal. America sees them for the American jewels that they are. Why else would nearly 1% of the population of the United States of America find their way, three million of them, to peacefully listen to President Trump speak on January 6, 2021?

I have never made money from the blood of Americans. It’s clear that you are pushing the people to their breaking point. Encouraging divisiveness among the population that was just recently considered indivisible. You are either in a state of ignorance as to your moral and ethical obligations, or you are willfully using the power available from the high office you currently hold. Holding successive generations of the same office is noble. America, however, has no place for nobility.

It is clear now that several members of this committee will be unable to continue in your current position of power after the next congressional election. You should consider the possibility that in the remaining months you have left pushing forward a politburo-style government, is not the wisest of choices. It is unlikely that in the next six months you will be able to completely wrest control and seize victory over the American people.

The glaring facts show that the people’s house is overstepping its position in our American government. Approaching and in all reality by a projection of power the place of not only legislative but judicial and executive as well. You do have this power. You do not have the right to this power. History will not be kind, you can be certain of that.

I am not here to help you take down our country. Your attempts to silence the voice of liberty will not succeed. We, the people are deafened by this silence. The roar of it echoes from coast to coast. I am here respectfully because you compel me to be, and to answer questions to the best of my ability, but I won’t step on my integrity for you.


____________ James Watkins


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