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Rep Jason Smith (Missouri)- Congress has hit an extreme low

Anonymous 10/29/21 (Fri) 03:39:23 0ce1e1 (17) No.14877277


Congressman Jason Smith- Congress has hit an extreme low Less than an hour before this hearing bill text drops. 1700 pages. Couldn't even print the bill prior to hearing. Introduced to create FAKE MOMENTUM Introduced to create new headlines.

Our constituents are facing multiple crises as a direct result of Congress -border crisis -inflation crisis -energy crisis CNN only 25% of Americans will benefit from this. Calls out the Virginia Youngkin and McAuliffe race as a possible motive.


Anonymous 10/28/21 (Thu) 19:38:25 17990e (17) No.14875021

Caught something. The House Rules Committee has been a house of horrors for the Dems. Found there's an 8 min. clip of Rep. Jason Smith, Missouri laying down TRUTH BOMBS. If you go to, click the House Rules Committee (it's the main pictured one right now). The when you have it scroll down a bit and find User Created Clips. The first clip is a beauty; "We know who our fact checker is". It's Republican Rep. Jason Smith of Missouri.

If an anon can bring that 8 min. clip to the board it will be noted as notable af. Also. c-span will take this clip down and remove it from their records soon.

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