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Subcommittee on Oversight Hearing: J6 Security Failures

Anonymous09/19/23 (Tue) 15:48:39805713 (3) No.19578145

Subcommittee on Oversight Hearing: J6 Security Failures


Anonymous 09/19/23 (Tue) 17:34:17 ecc119 (10) No.19578731

>Torres [January 6th Oversight Subcommittee]: The former president orchestrated a corrupt scheme to overturn the results of a free and fair election, and when that didn't work, he incited his supporters to violence…the former president bears full responsibility for bringing violence to the Capitol.


Anonymous 09/19/23 (Tue) 17:36:49 ecc119 (10) No.19578739

>Torres: The person responsible for directing the violence to the Capitol that day, in order to undermine a peaceful transfer of power, is the favorite to secure the republican nomination for president


Anonymous09/19/23 (Tue) 17:47:54ecc119 (10) No.19578784

>Sund: After I received approved to call in the National Guard, I then had to beg Pentagon officials to send us help. I was repeatedly denied assistance by the Army Lt. General Piatt, citing concerns over optics of the National Guard on Capitol Hill.


Anonymous 09/19/23 (Tue) 17:58:16 ecc119 (10) No.19578826

>Torres: There is absolutely no evidence of that. [antifa responsibility for the January 6th riot]


Anonymous 09/19/23 (Tue) 18:03:44 ecc119 (10) No.19578856

>Murphy: Do you know if there were any federal officers authorized by the Capitol Police to be operating on the Capitol grounds?


Anonymous 09/19/23 (Tue) 18:17:17 ecc119 (10) No.19578917

>Murphy: What happened on January 6th was unforgivable, but the conditions were set forth by the former Speaker, and two House Sergent at Arms, for the conditions for that to occur. Absolutely.


Anonymous 09/19/23 (Tue) 18:26:09 ecc119 (10) No.19578957

>Murphy: Do you think it's acceptable that the FBI still cannot identify the individual placing the pipe bombs?


Anonymous 09/19/23 (Tue) 18:41:16 ecc119 (10) No.19579031

>D'Esposito: Is it true that the National Guard was stationed nearby, and could have responded quickly had they been authorized by the Capitol Police Board?

>Sund: That is correct. They were within eyesight of the Capitol.


JP 3-28 3. Department of Defense Immediate Response and Emergency Authority


Anonymous 09/19/23 (Tue) 20:04:27 ecc119 (10) No.19579379

>Sund: The National Guard, who is only two miles from our headquarters, sat and waited for the evening crew to come in, while the Pentagon was still sending resources to protect general's homes. They sent me nobody to help my men and women.


Anonymous 09/19/23 (Tue) 20:20:40 e075b9 (4) No.19579470

>Sund: I spoke to Speaker Pelosi three time that evening [January 6th]; she went on national TV and said I never spoke to her.


Anonymous 09/19/23 (Tue) 20:27:34 e075b9 (4) No.19579496

>Torres holding up a picture of President Trump's inauguration, saying he is to blame for everything that happened on January 6th.


The Peaceful Transfer of Power


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