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Is It Wet Yet - Newsletter from Jim Watkins

Anonymous 01/28/22 (Fri) 20:06:00 b1d092 (3) No.15487213

Is It Wet Yet <> 6:00 PM (2 hours ago) to me Dear Friend, Our country is careening down the road toward ruin. We need many more people to get up, stand up, and say what must be said about it. The coming cultural revolution in America will not catch any of us off guard. We all see it coming. We either want it to happen or are to meek to speak out about it. Here is an example of how an ordinary citizen can go and be heard. Don't be the herd, be heard.

Sliced Americana has been on sale for a week, and thank you for all of the great responses. The sale price will continue on Kindle through the weekend. Here is an excerpt from the book. I hope you will enjoy the rest of the story. Danny put the brakes on with a snowplow then twirled to a stop. Turning to watch Cindy exit the lift. She was slender. Even with a down jacket and bibs, she appeared lovely and delicate. The pink jacket, black pants of the bibs and boots didn’t make her look any larger. "Dainty, dolled out, delightful, delicious." Danny worked through the letters thinking of words to describe his crush. Deceptive and devilish never came to mind as he continued to work his way through the Ds. "Diamonds! In the future, this girl will be worth her weight in them, but today she is a snow bunny." Danny was caught by surprise. He had been daydreaming and staring. Cindy was off the lift. She skied down the ramp like a pro. When she came to a stop in front of Danny, she fell. It was a gloriously clumsy wipe-out. She fell to the left. The fresh morning powder accepted her willingly. The only visible sign of her existence were the skis. Still / SLICED AMERICANA / 187 attached to boots, they crossed like helicopter blades. The blades jutting out of the snow. Cindy was submerged in the powder. In a remote area, this could be a life-threatening situation.

Keep your humor online, and don't lose your sense of focus. Things are going to be muddled up on purpose. We are Americans. Whether we agree or disagree is part of the day-to-day discourse of our Nation. Don't let yourselves be divided. Remain indivisible. Your friend, Jim Watkins

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