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Biden Laptop Email Names Biz Partner Eric Schwerin

Anonymous 05/15/22 (Sun) 16:59:15 22d4b8 (33) No.16280883

Q Knows, [15.05.22 16:44] [ Photo ] This is one of the emails from the Hunter Biden laptop!! Hunter's handler/biz partner Eric Schwerin, the only person in their orbit with a 115+ IQ, handled everything for Hunter and paid Joe's bills. They even shared bank accounts with Joe. One big happy crime syndicate. Join➣ @QknowsTheTruth


New Unseen Emails: Does This Heated Exchange Suggest Hunter’s Deals Were Too Dirty For His Business Associate?

October 27, 2020 (2y ago)


Eric Schwerin


Why did Hunter Biden fall out with his business partner Eric Schwerin in late 2017?


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