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Human trafficking sting in Kansas City region arrests dozens, rescues 14 missing kids

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Human trafficking sting in Kansas City region arrests dozens, rescues 14 missing kids

A Homeland Security Investigations-led operation into human trafficking in Kansas and Missouri arrested 82 suspects and rescued 31 victims of sexual exploitation, officials announced in a news release Thursday.

Of the total victims rescued, 14 were missing children with the youngest child being four years old, according to James Wright, deputy special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations in Kansas City. The other 17 victims were adults.

The operation, which included the Heartland Anti-Trafficking Rescue Taskforce from the region, took place June 17-26 in Wichita, Independence and Kansas City.

Those who were arrested face charges that include soliciting prostitution, commercial sex trafficking, sodomy, narcotics violations, felony assault on a police officer, sex offender registry violations and outstanding warrants.

Both the Kansas City and Wichita offices of Homeland Security Investigations worked with Wichita police, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, Kansas Highway Patrol, Health and Human Services, U.S. Marshal’s Service, Platte County Sheriff’s Office, Independence police, Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, Missouri Highway Patrol, Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office and Hutchinson police to conduct the operation

If you or someone you know is a victim of human trafficking, call 888-373-7888, Text 233733 or go to the National Human Trafficking Hotline website at

To report a crime, call 866-347-2423 (TTY for hearing impaired: 802-872-6196) or visit the ICE Tip Line.

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