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Honor Their Sacrifice

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

I lacked a caring family structure most of my life. I came from a somewhat broken home, and my grandfathers enlistment in the Air Force during the Korean war was largely kept secret. My own enlistment came as a shock and disappointment to many in my immediate family.

As a teen I acted out in rebellion of my personal situation, and set my self on a downhill path. I felt trapped. Part of my reason for enlisting was to escape to a different life. I served my 4 year enlistment as best I could and rose through the ranks to E-5 faster than most. The military was a good fit for me, but I decided to get out for reasons that are related to why I built this website, but thats whole other story.

I was an NCO at 21 years old. No kids, no wife, and not much to go back to when I ETS'ed. I served with men and women who had children and spouses. Both peers and superiors. Many of them I grew close with over the years. But I didnt truly understand the sacrifice that they were making.

Now that I am married with children of my own, and have learned what family truly means, I better understand the sacrifice. Not only the one the soldier makes in leaving his family behind, but the the sacrifice felt by the spouses, children, mothers and fathers of soldiers who voluntarily sacrifice themselves for their Country. Honor them. Tell them thank you. It means more to them than you might think.

Thank You Dan!


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-Welcome to the Deepend!


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